The True Nature of the Ghost Doctor: The Ugly Girl Will Go Against the Sky - Chapter 2115 Can't stop here

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Mrs. Ji sighed, "You don't know if you weren't there. Before everyone helped clean up the corpse, someone secretly took a lot of things. The women in Longfei Palace mentioned it, but no one admitted it. So I guess, this is It's not as simple as just searching for a painting at a time, but also want to find other things, after all, they have to live."

That is to say, in this search, many people will be slapped in the face, and the women in the Feilong Palace will also offend many people.

Everyone looks up and sees you, and everyone will have a hard time in the future.

Mrs. Bai also said: "If it is really searched, this street is probably going to be in turmoil."

"Yes, that won't work."

Mrs. Ji pondered for a while, and didn't know what to think, "I'll go back when I go."

After saying that, he ran out.

Everyone didn't know what Mrs. Ji was doing. Anyway, it didn't take long for two women with pale faces to come to the door. One of them said, "Mrs. Ji asked me to search the door. I wonder if I can go in?"

"Yes, Mrs. Pang."

Mrs. Bai recognized the people, both of them were Pang Fengyu's wife and concubine. She stood up and gave a kind smile: "Please do a search."


The two Mrs. Pang nodded to them and walked in.

After coming in, one of the younger ones stood still, presumably responsible for watching Duanmu Yawang and others not let them have the opportunity to move around and cheating, and the other older one, who was upstairs in each room, went to search.

After about a quarter of an hour, the older Mrs. Pang came down and shook her head, "No."

The young Mrs. Pang nodded and said to the others present, "Everyone, I'm sorry, I will search everyone's body next."


Mrs. Bai was a little surprised. "It shouldn't be necessary. This season, everyone is not wearing thick clothes. It is definitely impossible to hide a painting..."


Before Madam Bai could finish speaking, Madam Fang stood up and spread her arms cooperatively.

Mrs. Bai couldn't say what she said next, and stood up helplessly holding the child.

"Thank you for your cooperation."

Pang Fengyu's concubine nodded to them and began to search.

She first searched Mrs. Fang and Mrs. Bai, and then looked at Duanmu Yawang and the others.

Duanmu Yawang and Ye Nongying Xiaobailu raised their hands and let her search in cooperation.

The last one is Yin Huiyin.

Yin Huiyin was wearing a black, very long cloak, and the inside of the cloak was also dark. When he arrived, Pang Fengyu's concubine said, "Sir, please take off the cloak."

Duanmu Yawang pursed her lips tightly, "He doesn't have it on him, and it's not convenient for him to take off his cloak."


Pang Fengyu's concubine's eyes flashed sharply, "According to Mrs. Ji, everyone in her room is bright and upright. If they are bright and upright, why don't they dare to take them off? Could it be that Bright and Upright is a fake? You actually stole it..."


Yin Huiyin interrupted Pang Fengyu's concubine's words and took off the cloak.

This take off, revealing a snow-white slender skeleton.


Ye Nongying was stunned for a moment, Pang Fengyu's concubine, his wife, and Madam Bai were all stunned, and then quickly screamed, "Ah!"

"Ghost, ghost!" Pang Fengyu's two women ran out.

Duanmu Yawang kept his face calm, and immediately put on the cloak for Yin Huiyin again.


The child in Mrs. Bai's arms was probably also frightened by the screams and cried.

Mrs. Bai hugged the child and continued to comfort her, but her face was all white and her lips were trembling, "Yin, Mr. Yin, he..."

"Sorry for scaring everyone." Yin Huiyin put back her cloak and apologized lightly.

Mrs. Bai twitched her lips and was unable to speak for a while.

Little Bailu pouted and hugged Yin Huiyin's leg, "Uncle Yin is so good, what's there to be afraid of."


The track dog also came to Yin Huiyin's side and gently rubbed his head against his leg.

Mrs. Bai pulled her lips, and it took a while before she spoke: "Yes, yes."

But from the face, it can still be seen that she has not fully accepted it.

Duanmuya looked at Mrs. Fang and looked at her, only to see that Mrs. Fang's face was not too surprised, and she wondered if she had adapted.

Feeling Duanmu Yawang's eyes, Mrs. Fang asked, "Do you want the prescription for Mr. Fang?"



Mrs. Fang didn't ask any more questions, she wiped her mouth, stood up, and said, "I'll go out for a while."

After speaking, he strode away.

In the house, only Duanmu Yawang, Zong Dog, Madam Bai and the child were left.

Mrs. Bai was holding the child with a bewildered look on her face.

She stood for a few seconds and said hastily, "I, I'll go out too."

After speaking, he left with the child in his arms.

Looking at the back of Madam Bai leaving, Ye Nongying, who did not speak from beginning to end, looked at Yin Huiyin, "Mr. Yin, are you... Are you okay?"


Yin Huiyin's voice was as usual, and she asked warmly, "Miss Ye wasn't frightened, right?"

"What is this little thing?"

Ye Nongying waved her hand and wanted to say something, but she didn't say anything after all, remembering that before eating the golden fruit, she asked about Yin Huiyin's faceless face all day long, and Duanmu Yawang joked that she was afraid that she would be frightened if she saw it.

She thought it was a joke.

However, it was unexpectedly true.

Although, she was not frightened, after all, they have been together for so long, and it can even be said that they have had a relationship with each other. She knows what kind of person Yin Huiyin is, and she will not be afraid of his eyes.

But still shocked.

She had guessed countless reasons for Yin Huiyin's shamelessness, but she never expected it to be so outrageous.

Shocked and sad.

She couldn't show her face all day long, and everyone who thought about it for a few days was scared away, Yin Huiyin... how sad.

What a righteous, gentle and strong person he is obviously.

Ye Nongying had a lot of thoughts, and after thinking about it, he couldn't help but ask: "Why... Mr. Yin is still alive when he is like this?"

"Because he's not an ordinary person."

Duanmu Yawang replied simply, "He has divine consciousness."

"So that's the case." Ye Nongying knew that Little White Deer was not easy, plus the removal of the medical system, all kinds of spiritual water, immortal dew, etc., he was very receptive to many things, "So, you can think of a way to give him more weight. Body shaping?"



Ye Nongying nodded. She didn't ask any more questions about Yin Huiyin.

She looked outside and suddenly said, "Let's go tonight, we won't say hello to Mrs. Ji and the others."


The little white deer was very surprised, and was about to ask why, when Duanmu Yawang nodded, "Okay."

Ye Nongying raised her eyebrows, "Don't you think my decision is sudden?"

"No," Duanmu Yawang shook his head, "it's because we are no longer fit to stay here."

The little white deer hugged Yin Huiyin and muttered, "Because of Uncle Yin?"

"No." Duanmuya flicked his forehead, "Nong Ying and I just got back together when Mrs. Fang came back. She didn't hear anything from her before. I always think it's a bit too coincidental."

"There is one more point." Yin Huiyin rubbed the little white deer's forehead, which was hurt by Duanmu Yawang's flick, "Obviously so many people took things from the Feilong Palace, but the people in the Feilong Palace didn't care, and we have been taking the painting for several days. , and no one found out that Mrs. Fang lost her words when she came back and had to search the whole street. I don’t think this is a coincidence, but this painting is probably more important than we thought.”

This place, more and more secrets, must not be kept.

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