The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3515 Chapter 3515“You are my bird now.”

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Hei Xinjiu sat in the bastard’s shell, holding her chin and thinking of a countermeasure. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she smiled sinisterly.

These damn B * stards dared to capture her, so she would let them taste the sleeping powder immediately.

Wisps of smoke spread out from the crack in the bastard’s shell. A bird that was responsible for guarding the bastard’s shell could not help but feel sleepy. After a while, it finally collapsed in the nest.

Hei xinjiu listened carefully and saw that there was no movement. Then, she slowly poked her head out from the inside of the bastard’s shell. When she found that there was still nothing unusual, she crawled out from the inside of the bastard’s shell.

She immediately found the demonic bird lying on the ground next to her. This guy would not stop until he made a temporary contract with that demonic bird.

She had to admit that the bird was bold enough and had enough confidence in her spiritual sense. If the spiritual sense of the demonic beast was strong enough, it could completely devour the person who established the temporary contract.

pA(nD)A no ve1 The demonic bird was still asleep. Yun chujiu did not wake it up but continued to look around.

She was surprised to find that this nest was on a cliff. She carefully approached the edge of the cliff and found that the entire cliff was filled with huge holes. It must be the nests of those demonic birds.

Damn it, why were the nests of these demonic birds like beehives? They were all built together. It was too difficult to escape!

This fellow suddenly had a thought. Something wasn’t right. She had circled this desert many times before and hadn’t discovered this cliff!

Logically speaking, she wasn’t blind to see such a large cliff that reached into the clouds. How could she not have noticed it? Could it be that these cliffs suddenly appeared? Or could it be that she had already left that area?

Just as she was puzzled, she heard some movement from the cave nearby. She was so frightened that she hurriedly stuffed an antidote to the sleeping bird and hid inside the big bastard’s shell.

Almost as soon as Yun Chujiu hid inside the big bastard’s shell, a demon bird flew into the nest. When it saw the sleeping demonic bird, it pecked the bird with its beak in dissatisfaction.please visit panda(-)

The demonic bird woke up from the pain and looked at it with a confused look. Then, it lay on the ground again.

That was because a clear voice came from its spiritual sense. “Big Hairy, you are my bird now. Do what I tell you to do. Otherwise, I will hurt your spiritual sense and turn you into a stupid bird!”

Big Hairy, who had just come out of the oven, almost cried out loud!

Wasn’t it just sleeping in a Daze? How did it turn into some Bullsh * t Big Hairy? It was contracted by someone just like that?

Oh My God!

Could it be so cruel!

It didn’t even know what that damned Brat looked like, yet it became her bird?

The other demonic bird saw big hairy’s dazed look and cried out in dissatisfaction, “What are you standing there for? Is there any movement inside this bastard’s Shell?”

Big hairy shook his head in a daze and stuttered, “No, there’s no movement.”

The other demonic bird looked at him suspiciously and warned, “Let me tell you, if you dare to secretly eat it all for yourself, we won’t let you off!”

Big Hairy’s heart was like a beeping dog! Eat What? Eat It All for yourself! It had already become that smelly girl’s bird. It was already good enough that she didn’t eat it!

Wu Wu, it is simply too unlucky! If I knew this, it should not have volunteered to guard this son of a bitch!

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