The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3517 Chapter 3517, Blue Tail

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Big hairy saw that the light on Yun Chujiu’s body flashed and instantly increased by two levels. He immediately believed her words by 50% .

When he thought about how this little girl had easily established a temporary contract with him, it could be seen that her spiritual sense was very powerful. How could her spiritual power only be at the eighth level of the Spirit Illusion Realm?

Therefore, big hairy immediately imagined Hei Xinjiu as a formidable character who pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger.

When big hairy thought of this, his arrogant expression immediately disappeared. He said with some flattery, “Little fairy, since you are so powerful, why didn’t you counterattack us before?”

Yun chujiu curled her lips. “I just used you to get out of the desert. Otherwise, I would have killed all of you with one finger, you little rookies!”

Big hairy suddenly understood. So that was how it was. No wonder she did not resist!

Just as big hairy was thinking, he heard the sound of wings flapping outside. Before he could react, he saw a certain jiu, who had been bragging, slip into the son of a B * Tch’s shell. She even used her spiritual sense to say,

“Don’t say the wrong thing. If you let it slip, we will all die!”

Big Hairy:”…”

What happened to the unworldly expert? What happened to pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger?

Damn it, it turned out that he was lying to it!

Big Hairy felt a deep malice. Not only was he muddled by the temporary contract, but he was also fooled by that smelly girl just now. He almost thought that she was really some powerful Almighty!

That’s right, how powerful could a little girl be? ! He had really lost his mind!please visit panda(-)

Just as big hairy was cursing in his heart, the demonic bird flew in again and looked around suspiciously, then he said, “Why is there a human’s aura here? Did you steal the human inside the bastard’s Shell?”

Big hairy said unhappily, “Eat what? ! That Bastard’s shell is incomparably hard, how can I eat it? Besides, if I eat it, how can my mouth not have blood? !”

When the demonic bird heard that, it felt that it made sense, then, it said, “The leader said that we have to give this son of a bitch’s shell to our king tomorrow morning. Our king is more powerful than us, so he will definitely be able to break this son of a bitch’s shell. “Tonight, you have to guard it well and not slack off to sleep. Do You Hear Me?”

Big Hairy was shocked and quickly said, “Blue Tail, is what you said true? That’s not good, right? If our King can’t break this son of a bitch’s shell, won’t he blame us?”

“Why would the king blame us? ! This is our goodwill. The king will definitely have a way to eat the humans inside.”

Although big hairy was extremely anxious, he did not dare to say anything more. He was afraid of being suspected by blue tail, so he could only say, “Alright, since that’s the case, don’t worry. I will definitely guard this bastard’s shell well.”

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Blue tail nodded and flew out of the nest.

Big hairy walked to the side of the bastard’s shell and said anxiously, “Just now, blue-tail said that the leader wants to offer you to the king. The king is three levels higher than us. Maybe he can get you out of there. Think of something quickly!”

Hei xinjiu almost burst out laughing when she heard the name blue-tail. She sympathized with that demonic bird called blue-tail. What kind of sin did it commit in its previous life that it was given the name of an appendix in this life.

Big hairy naturally did not know what she was laughing about. He said snappily, “You still have the mood to laugh? Hurry up and think of something!”

Yun Chujiu sat inside the bastard’s shell and blinked her eyes. “Where is your King’s Nest?”

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