The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3535 Chapter 3535 the user you called was already dead

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The Jimo sect master thought that the little girl would be intimidated by his pressure and tremble, but who would have thought that the little girl would be fine!

He could only cough dryly. “Elder Zhuge has already told me what happened. Normally, trespassing into our Chaotian sect is a big crime, but seeing that you don’t have any malicious intent, I won’t pursue the matter with you.

“However, Tower Master Luochen has a high status. You Can’t make a single mistake. Otherwise, not only will our Chaotian sect punish you, but the nine pavilions will also not let you off lightly. Do you understand?”

Yun chujiu nodded and said obediently, “Don’t worry, Lord sect leader. I will do my best to serve Tower Master Luochen.”

The Jimo sect leader glanced at Hei Xinjiu and saw that she was obedient, his tone also softened, “Little girl, our Chaotian sect is a famous sect. If it weren’t for Tower Master Luochen’s noble status, we wouldn’t have made things so difficult for you. Don’t worry, after Tower Master Luochen leaves, I will make the decision to let you enter the Chaotian sect as an outer disciple.”

Yun chujiu cursed in her heart, PAH! Shameless! A famous sect! It was like being a whore and still putting up a memorial tablet!

“There is one more important thing. You know nothing about the Chaotian sect, so I will ask elder Zhuge to find someone to teach you about the relevant situation of the Chaotian sect, so that you won’t anger Tower Master Luochen,”the Jimo sect master added.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Yun chujiu naturally wouldn’t refuse. Besides, knowing oneself and one’s enemy would win every battle. Knowing more about the situation would help her find an opportunity to escape in the future, so she obediently agreed.

However, when Hei Xinjiu saw that elder Zhuge had found more than a dozen disciples to introduce the situation to her, she was dumbfounded!

Elder Zhuge said from the side, “Chaotian sect is divided into two peaks, the north and the south. Each peak has its own hall and eight gardens. Since you want to accompany Tower Master Luochen for a tour, you should know more about them. Let’s Start Now!”

And so, those people began to introduce the relevant situation as if they were stuffing ducks.

Hei Xinjiu thought that with her photographic memory, if it were anyone else, they would have a mental breakdown.please visit panda(-)

However, even though Hei Xinjiu had memorized everything, she still pretended to know a little so as not to attract any trouble.

Unexpectedly, elder Zhuge was very satisfied. After all, for a young girl who had just arrived, it was already pretty good for her to be able to remember almost everything.

Elder Zhuge brought her around Chaotian sect and finally passed the test.

After all this, the sky had already turned dark. Elder Zhuge found a courtyard for an inner sect disciple to live in and let Yun Chujiu live there.

Hei xinjiu washed up briefly and let out a long breath as she lay on the bed. The Bad Day was finally going to end!

At this moment, the voice transmission talisman started to vibrate. Hei Xinjiu took it out and saw that it was sent by di beiming. She could not help but twitch her lips. Didn’t he tell her to think of a way to survive first? Did he have a conscience?

Hei xinjiu sent her spiritual sense in. When she heard di Beiming’s words, she was so angry that she almost threw the voice transmission talisman out.

That was because di beiming only said two words: “Are you still alive?”

Hei xinjiu gritted her teeth in anger. Damn it! This damn gigolo sent the voice transmission talisman just to make sure that she was still breathing?

Hei xinjiu replied unhappily, “The user you are calling is dead!”

The guy thought that a certain someone would not reply to her, but the voice transmission talisman started to vibrate very quickly. A certain someone’s cold voice came from inside, “It’s good that you are not dead. Just wait!”

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