The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3544 Chapter 3544 was also a good place to enjoy the scenery

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Elder Zhuge wanted to give a few more instructions, but Hei Xinjiu had already waved her claws and walked toward the guest house.

Seeing this, elder Zhuge had no choice but to swallow his words. He prayed to the Gods and Buddhas in his heart that nothing should happen to him!

Hei xinjiu gnawed on the meat buns as she walked. It was a quiet morning in Chaotian sect, so it was a good place to enjoy the scenery.

She made several turns and arrived at the entrance of the guest house. Just as she was about to enter, she was stopped by the guards.

Hei Xinjiu didn’t panic. She simply explained her purpose for coming, and then a guard went in to report.

After a while, the guard came out and said to hei xinjiu, “Miss Xing Yu said that you should wait here for now.”

Hei Xinjiu couldn’t wait to see Tower Master Luochen, so she nodded and went to the open space beside the guest house. She took out a recliner and basked in the sun leisurely.

In the guest courtyard, Xing Yu sent away the guard who came in to report, and revealed a sneer. Although the tower master was most likely using Lin Chuchu as a cover, she just didn’t like that Lin Chuchu, although she couldn’t deal with her openly, the tower master wouldn’t say anything even if she used a little trick.

Xing Yu walked into the bedroom, and Tower Master Luochen had already woken up. Although he didn’t like to be too close to others, he still allowed maids to do things like helping to pass clothes and face scarves.

These jobs that were closest to Tower Master Luochen were naturally Xing Yu’s privileges. The other maids didn’t dare to compete with her.

After Xing Yu served Tower Master Luochen to clean his face, she began to ask the other maids to prepare breakfast. These meals were brought from the nine pavilions, and they didn’t even bother to eat Chaotian sect’s food.please visit panda(-)

Xing Yu saw the breakfast and thought of Yesterday’s incident at noon. She couldn’t help but hate hei xinjiu more and more. If it wasn’t for that slut, tower master wouldn’t have condescended to eat those low-quality meals in the cafeteria!

Tower Master Luochen ate his breakfast elegantly, but his eyes looked out of the door. His spiritual power was superb. Although he was in the bedroom, he still heard the conversation between Xing Yu and the guard.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Although he couldn’t bear it, he didn’t want to bring more trouble to Yun Chujiu, so he could only pretend that he didn’t know anything.

He was absent-minded during the meal. Although he wanted to go out and see her right away, he deliberately delayed for a while and then asked coldly, “Why isn’t Lin Chuchu here yet?”

Xing Yu, who was at the side, had a flash of calculation in her eyes. She said gently, “Maybe she hasn’t woken up yet. I’ll send someone to call her.”.

However, this Lin Chuchu was really too much. Since she was arranged to be your guide, she should do her duty. It was really unappreciative of her to ask someone to invite her

Tower master Luochen said calmly, “She’s just a chess piece. Don’t be so calculative. Send someone to call her here. She’s going to visit Chaotian sect today.”

Xing Yu was in a good mood when she heard tower master Luochen’s words. She said with a smile, “Yes, Tower Master.”

Xing Yu walked out of the courtyard with a smug look. She thought she would see Lin Chuchu walking around anxiously outside, but she didn’t expect that little girl to sit on the recliner, munching on melon seeds and humming a tune. She felt very uncomfortable.

Xing Yu snorted coldly and walked to Hei Xinjiu. She said fiercely, “Follow me in a while. You should think about what you should say or not. Otherwise, you won’t get a good result.”

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