The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3554 Chapter 3554 flew away again

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The bead was flying everywhere in Chaotian sect. Since it was small, it could easily fit through any gap. In addition, it was already dark, so they couldn’t catch it even after a long time.

Tower Master Luochen nodded slightly when he saw the Jimo sect master. “Sect Master Jimo, I found the bead in the courtyard just now. I felt that something was wrong, so I asked my men to help catch it. Please forgive me for trespassing.”

“Tower master, I should be the one thanking you. This bead is no small matter. We should work together to capture it and send it back to the forbidden area.”

Although Tower Master Luochen had some doubts in his heart, he thought that Tower Master Luochen had been visiting the north peak during the day and had no time to enter the forbidden area, so the doubt in his heart was dispelled.

Tower Master Luochen nodded, and a net-like object appeared in his palm. “This is the spirit trapping net. Everyone work together to drive that bead into the ambush circle, and then I will use this spirit trapping net to catch it.”

Tower Master Luochen was overjoyed, and he quickly arranged for people to consciously drive the bead in the direction of Tower Master Luochen.

After a long time of effort, the bead was finally driven to the vicinity of Tower Master Luochen. Tower Master Luochen threw the bead in his hand and the spirit trapping net trapped it firmly inside.

Tower Master Luochen put the spirit trapping net back into his hand and looked at the bead inside the spirit trapping net. Although he wished he could take it away, he could only say under the watchful eyes of everyone,

pA(nD)A no ve1 “Master Jimo, since we have already trapped this bead, why don’t we enter the forbidden area immediately to prevent it from escaping.”

Tower Master Jimo was afraid that Tower Master Luochen would withdraw the spirit-trapping net and the bead would escape again, so he hurriedly nodded and said, “Okay, okay, let’s not delay. We will head to the forbidden area immediately.”

Thus, Tower Master Luochen held the bead that was trapped in the spirit-trapping net in his hand and followed tower master Jimo to the forbidden area.please visit panda(-)

When everyone passed by the Spirit Beast Garden, the originally peaceful bead suddenly glowed brightly. Tower Master Luochen was blinded by the dazzling light and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, the spirit net in his hand had already broken a big hole, and that bead had already disappeared.

Everyone was instantly dumbfounded!

The light just now was too dazzling. Everyone subconsciously closed their eyes in that instant, so no one knew what had happened just now.

The Jimo sect master jumped anxiously, “Quick! Quick! Quickly find it! We must not let that bead enter the human world, or there will be a disaster!”

Everyone suddenly became busy. Some disciples even lay on the ground and searched carefully, but that bead was only the size of a longan, and the sky was dark. Where could they find it? !

The Jimo sect master kept sighing, elder Zhuge suddenly said, “Sect master, I remember that although the bead can hide its aura in the dark, it won’t be able to hide its aura once the sun comes out. We can definitely find it by then.”

Upon hearing this, the Jimo sect master’s expression eased up a little. As long as the sect protecting formation was not removed, the bead would not be able to leave Chaotian sect. They would definitely be able to find it after daybreak.

Thinking of this, the leader of the Jimo sect sent people to continue searching for the bead, and politely told Tower Master Luochen to go back and rest. Only then did he summon the north and South Peak Masters and the elders to the meeting hall to discuss this matter.

Everyone discussed and discussed, someone said, “Leader, I think this matter has something to do with Tower Master Luochen. Otherwise, why would he suddenly come to our Chaotian sect? And that bead flew out from his courtyard in the beginning.”

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