The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3558 Chapter 3558 scared her to death

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Hei Xinjiu was dumbfounded!

She had so many secrets on her that she couldn’t even remember them clearly. If she was searched, wouldn’t it be terrible? !

The items were easy to deal with. She could just let the wool ball enter the great void Mystic Realm. However, those dumb Cuties couldn’t enter the great void mirror due to the limitation of their spiritual power.

Moreover, even if she let those dumb Cuties disguise themselves as ordinary demonic beasts, it was inevitable that Chaotian sect would find her in the future.

Moreover, other things were easy to deal with. She still had a Phoenix Egg! That Thing would definitely attract disaster!

p-n0ve1、com Ah, that’s not right. She still had hundreds of giant winged birds in her spiritual beast bag! There were still so many remnant souls! It would be even more difficult to explain when the time came!

Hei Xinjiu broke out in a cold sweat. At that moment, the knocking on the door became even more intense, and her tone became impatient.

Hei Xinjiu was so anxious that she gritted her teeth. She knew that it was not easy to get a bargain. Moreover, she was not the one who wanted to get a bargain. It was that damn broken bead that entered her mouth by itself!

What should she do now?

Just as this fellow was about to bang his head against the wall.., xiao Heiniao, who was inside the spirit beast bag, said, “Master, curly hair said that you can rest assured and let that person come in and search his body. When he searches the spirit beast bag, he will weave a dream for him. I guarantee that there won’t be any problems.”

Hei Xinjiu was immediately delighted. That’s right, she still had curly hair!

This fellow immediately transferred all the valuable things in his storage ring into the great void mystic realm, leaving behind only some unimportant things.

At this moment, the courtyard door was forcefully opened, and elder Zhuge barged in with his men.

Elder Zhuge asked unhappily, “Lin Chuchu, why didn’t you open the door?”please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu yawned. “I haven’t slept well these two nights. I was catching up on my sleep, and I thought I was dreaming when I heard the commotion! Elder Zhuge, is there something you need from me?

“Oh right, Tower Master Luochen said that he wouldn’t be touring for the next two days, so I didn’t go to the guest house. I’m not slacking off!”

Elder Zhuge Glared at her. What nonsense. Right now, he wasn’t in the mood to care about whether tower master Luochen went sightseeing or not. All he wanted to do now was to find that bead.

“Alright, stop talking nonsense! I guess you’ve heard that our Chaotian sect has lost a very important thing. Now that the entire sect is being searched, you can’t be an exception. Come and search me.”Elder Zhuge said impatiently.

Yun chujiu nodded obediently. “Alright, you can check! I don’t have much money anyway, so I’m not afraid of revealing my wealth.”

Elder Zhuge Glared at her. To be honest, he felt that this Lin Chujiu didn’t have the time or ability to commit a crime. This search was just a formality.

Elder Zhuge immediately took Yun Chujiu’s storage ring. When he used his spiritual sense to probe inside, the corner of his eyes twitched violently. After checking so many storage rings, this was the first time he had seen something like this!

Apart from a few sets of clothes and some pitiful spirit stones, the rest of the storage rings of this little girl were all food!

Moreover, elder Zhuge saw that some of the bowls and plates were very familiar. When he took a closer look, he saw that there was a mark of Chaotian sect on them!

Elder Zhuge:”…”

Elder Zhuge withdrew his spiritual sense, and the disciples who had entered the room to search also indicated that they didn’t find anything. Elder Zhuge nodded his head and left with his people.

Hei xinjiu touched her nose. She had thought that they would search the spirit beast bag, but after a long time of false alarm, it had really scared her to death!

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