The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3566 Chapter 3566 was robbed

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Hearing Hei Xinjiu’s words, a certain venerable’s face stiffened. He had once made up his mind to Never Take That rejuvenation pill again, but now it seemed that he had no other choice?

He remembered that he still had the antidote to the rejuvenation pill in his hands, and his heart calmed down a little. He nodded his head indiscernibly.

Yun Chujiu considered that the journey was long and she was afraid that there would be other changes along the way. Hence, she only changed the two of them into the appearance of twelve or thirteen years old.

To be on the safe side, the two of them took the Transfiguration Pill and changed their appearance.

When the Transfiguration Pill was mentioned, Hei Xinjiu asked a certain someone in puzzlement, “You said that I had taken the Transfiguration Pill. How did that Scum Lan Luochen recognize me?”

Di beiming glanced at her. “Your eyes, attitude, and way of doing things will give you away. Moreover, you were dressed differently from others at that time, so it will naturally arouse his suspicion.

“Not to mention that you used Lin Chuchu’s fake name. It would be weird if he didn’t recognize you!”

Hei Xinjiu touched her chin. It seemed that she had to be more careful in the future. Otherwise, wouldn’t the disguising pills be ineffective?

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m The guy looked at a certain god and said, “Prince Charming, I can at least fool a few people. With your iceberg-like temperament, it’s easier for you to be exposed.”

The certain God didn’t refute her. He closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Hei xinjiu tactfully didn’t say anything else. She held her chin and pondered about her next plan. The northern continent was very far from the southern continent, so there were too many variables on the road. She had to plan carefully.

The guy suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Prince Charming, we have to change to a flying spirit tool. Otherwise, we will be easily targeted by that Blue Dregs.”

A certain lord nodded. The two of them found a valley, changed to a new flying spirit tool, and deliberately went in another direction to continue their journey.

After a few days, they did not encounter any big waves. Just when Hei Xinjiu was slightly relieved, they unfortunately encountered… a robbery!please visit panda(-)

At that time, they passed by a valley that forbade flying, so they could only continue on foot. They didn’t expect to be blocked by a few people after walking for more than ten miles.

“Hand over the valuable things, or I’ll kill you all!”A bearded man said fiercely.

Yun chujiu looked at those people. Although their spiritual power was higher than hers, since they had fallen into the hands of bandits, their spiritual power wouldn’t be much higher. Therefore, this guy was instantly confident.

“You Mountain Bandits are too unprofessional. You should say that this mountain was opened by me, and this tree was planted by me. If you want to pass through here, leave some money to buy your lives!”Hei Xinjiu said with a smile.

Those mountain bandits were immediately dumbfounded. They thought that this little girl would be scared to the point of trembling when she saw them. After all, she was only at the first level of the spirit transformation realm, and that young man’s spiritual power was even lower, only at the eighth level of the spirit illusion realm.

“Stupid girl, stop talking nonsense and hand over the valuable things quickly. Otherwise, I’ll sell you to the furnace and Tripod Pavilion!”The bearded man said impatiently.

Hei Xinjiu curled her lips and said, “Get lost or Die! Choose one yourself!”

Seeing the stunned expressions of the bandits, this guy felt that his acting was 100% awesome!

After the bandits were stunned for a moment, they laughed out loud, “Big Brother, this stinky girl is simply too audacious. She actually dares to threaten us!”

“That’s right. These two little weaklings still dare to boast shamelessly and threaten us? They’re really courting death!”

“Big Brother, don’t waste your breath on them. Let’s capture them first!”


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