The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3569 Chapter 3569 was completely dead (asking for a monthly pass)

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While everyone was hesitating, a hawk-nosed man said viciously, “Pavilion Master’s orders can not be disobeyed. As for Pavilion Master Yin, just treat it as sacrificing for our nine pavilions! Pavilion master has ordered that if the women want to live, the men shall be killed without exception! Go!”

The one who spoke was Vice Pavilion Master Meng. He had originally wanted to replace him. Now was such a good opportunity, so he naturally would not let it go.

The guards of the nine pavilions immediately ignored the life and death of the Hall Master who was held hostage by Yun Chujiu. They immediately narrowed the encirclement and attacked di beiming with their spiritual power like a tidal wave.

Hei Xinjiu’s head buzzed. She did not have time to think and directly used the hall master as a meat shield in front of di beiming. Then, she asked the little bastard to summon the big bastard to protect di beiming inside.

She hurriedly raised her spiritual energy shield and released da hua, “Ten-thousand-year-old single pig, I can only rely on you now!”

Da Hua instantly turned black. Her huge body didn’t pounce on the people from the nine pavilions. Instead, she stood in front of di beiming and Yun Chujiu, blocking the continuous spiritual energy attacks for them.

Fortunately, Tower Master Luochen had ordered to capture Yun chujiu alive, so those people didn’t attack Yun chujiu with all their strength. Otherwise, both Yun chujiu and di beiming would have been dead long ago.

Hei Xinjiu hurriedly summoned five puppets and the Silly Cuties. This guy cursed in his heart. It was forbidden to fly here. Otherwise, she would have asked the shadow skimming giant winged bird to come out and help. What Bad Luck!

The people of the nine pavilions were really shocked by da Hua, the puppets, and the Silly Cuties. What the Hell were these things? !

At first, they did not take it to heart and suffered a little loss. However, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great. First, the Silly Cuties were injured one after another, and then the big turtle shell protecting di beiming was split into two halves..

Vice Hall master Meng sneered, “Little Girl, although you have some skills, you are not our match at all. Hall master does not want to take your life, so you should obediently surrender to avoid suffering!”please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu ignored him and let the silly girls protect di beiming. Then, she threw the talismans and chili noodles in her hands at the people of the nine pavilions as if they were free.

The people from the nine pavilions were caught off guard at the beginning. They choked until tears flowed down their faces. Many people were injured by the talismans.

But very soon, the people from the nine pavilions used their spiritual energy to break her chili noodles. Although Hei Xinjiu had many talismans, their quality was not high. Therefore, they were of limited use to the people from the nine pavilions, the people from the nine pavilions once again narrowed the encirclement.

The veins on di beiming’s forehead were bulging, but he did not have enough strength left. There was a gap between the use of secret arts. He could not help at all now. It was really detestable!

pAnDa (nov)e1​ The injuries of the Dumb Meng Meng were getting more and more serious. Moreover, the Nirvana fire of Xiao Heiniao had already been used up. The spiritual power of the Nightmare Beast had also been exhausted. Many of Xiao Mogu’s mycelium had also been broken..

Hei Xinjiu had no choice but to put away Meng Yanshou. She gritted her teeth and was about to use the kitchen knife to force her neck to make way for those people when the five puppets turned to look at her. Hei Xinjiu’s heart inexplicably trembled, what were they going to do?

Puppet No. 1, Puppet No. 2, and Puppet No. 3 suddenly rushed into the crowd in front of them, and then a loud explosion sounded..

Puppet No. 4 and Puppet No. 5 carried Yun Chujiu and di beiming and rushed out of the crowd in the chaos.

Hei Xinjiu’s spiritual sense was stifled. She knew that puppet No. 1, Puppet No. 2, and Puppet No. 3 were all dead! They were completely dead! They used self-destruction to fight for her chance to live..

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