The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3571 Chapter 3571 was awkward

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Di beiming pursed his lips and did not reply. He had warned her before that Lan Luochen was not easy to get along with. Now, she finally believed him.

Yun chujiu cursed for a while and then said, “Those people will definitely not let this go. Let’s hurry up and leave this place!”

Yun Chujiu summoned puppet No. 4 and let it carry di beiming and follow behind her.

When the sky was getting brighter, she saw the entrance of the valley from afar. Yun chujiu could not help but feel happy. As long as she was out of the valley, she could use her flying spirit tool.

Moreover, she could also summon the shadow-skimming giant-winged bird. Although the spiritual power of these demonic birds was not as high as that of the people from the nine pavilions, they could still act as a hindrance in the air.

The smile on Yun Chujiu’s face soon disappeared because many people from the nine pavilions suddenly appeared at the entrance of the valley. At a glance, there were hundreds of them.

Yun chujiu was about to return to the valley when Vice Hall master Meng caught up with her with hundreds of people. Yun Chujiu’s eyes flashed with determination as she placed the large kitchen knife on her neck, she said coldly, “Let us out immediately, or I will commit suicide.”

Di beiming glanced at her. He knew this fellow too well! He knew that she was trying to scare him, so he did not say anything.

p-n0ve1、com The people of the nine pavilions did not know this fellow’s character. They thought that she was really going to commit suicide, so they immediately became numb!

The pavilion master had specially emphasized that they had to protect this little girl’s life. It was best that she did not suffer any injuries. What should they do now?

Deputy Pavilion master Meng had no choice but to take out tower master Luochen’s voice transmission talisman. However, he realized that the voice transmission talisman could not be sent out. He was so anxious that he gritted his teeth. This was going to kill him!

He thought for a moment. Xing Yu had always been by the tower master’s side. Coincidentally, when he arrived, Xing Yu had given him her voice transmission talisman, saying that he could contact her if there was an urgent matter.please visit panda(-)

Thus, Deputy Hall master Meng gave Xing Yu a voice transmission talisman and briefly explained what had happened.

Very soon.., xing Yu’s voice transmission talisman began to tremble. “Deputy Hall master Meng, there is no way to use the talisman where the tower master is. Before he left, he had instructed that if that Lin Chuchu is really stubborn, there is no need to care about her life or death. We can just kill her together.”

Although Deputy Hall master Meng was a little suspicious after hearing Xing Yu’s words, he thought that although Xing Yu was a maid, her position in the nine pavilions was extraordinary. Since she said so, it should be the hall master’s intention.

Speaking of which, that little girl’s looks were average, and her origin was unknown. Killing her was not a big deal.

Thinking of this.., deputy Hall master Meng sneered at Yun Chujiu. “Our Hall master said that if you’re sensible, we’ll spare your life. Since you’re so stubborn, we’ll just kill you. If you kill yourself, it will save us a lot of trouble!”

Yun Chujiu:”…”

F * ck, this is awkward! She thought that she could use suicide as a threat. After a long time, people were waiting for her to die!

It was useless to say anything now. This guy would not really kill himself. The only thing he could count on now was the great void mirror, but there was still no movement.

Deputy Hall master Meng did not have the patience to stare at Yun Chujiu. With a wave of his hand, everyone charged towards di beiming and Yun Chujiu.

Yun chujiu had no choice but to release da Hua and the dumb-witted children. After a few hours of rest, the dumb-witted children had already recovered a little. They used all their strength to resist the endless spiritual attacks.

However, this was just like the small candle and the Sun. A weak force could not be compared to the strength of nearly a thousand people from the nine pavilions. In the blink of an eye, the dumb-witted children were heavily injured..

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