The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3579 Chapter 3579: di Beiming Peeking

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Hei Xinjiu took out the heaven and earth furnace and warmed it up. Then, she instructed di beiming to put the herbs into the furnace according to her instructions.

Di beiming quickly and accurately put the herbs into the furnace, but his eyes were constantly focused on Yun chujiu.

Hei xinjiu naturally felt di beiming peeking at her. She was suspicious but also a little proud. The gigolo was peeking at her. Did he think that she looked better?

Finally, the unique fragrance of the pills came from the heaven and Earth Furnace. Hei Xinjiu was delighted. It worked!

Di beiming’s expression became more and more nervous. He looked at Yun chujiu more and more frequently. Hei Xinjiu could not hold back her curiosity, she looked at di beiming and asked, “Prince Charming, do you think that I look better and better? Otherwise, why do you keep Peeking at me?”

Di beiming did not refute her as usual. Instead, he hummed in agreement.

Hei Xinjiu felt that something was wrong. What was wrong with this gigolo?

Finally, the pill refinement was completed. After the lid of the pill furnace was opened, di beiming quickly put the pills into his storage ring.

Hei Xinjiu looked at him as if he was guarding against thieves. She could not help but laugh. was he afraid that she would steal them? !

Di beiming looked at Yun Chujiu a few more times and only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she was as usual.

The nine-core grass was also known as the nine-revolutions revival grass. He knew that Yun Chujiu was an otherworldly soul and was afraid that the original soul of this body had not dispersed yet. If she smelled the scent of the nine-revolutions revival grass.., it was very likely that she would fight with Yun Chujiu for the right to use the body.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m However, this was not what di beiming was most worried about because the probability of the original soul of this body not dissipating was very, very small.please visit panda(-)

He was more worried about the fact that Yun Chujiu’s body also had a seal. The nine-core grass had a weak effect of activating the seal. He was afraid that something unusual would happen after Yun chujiu activated the seal.

He was also worried about the consequences of Yun chujiu activating the seal and what harm it would cause her.

There were only a few reasons why she was sealed. Either it was to suppress her old illness, or to hide her whereabouts to avoid powerful enemies, or she was seriously injured at that time. If it was the last reason, it would be fine, but he was afraid that it was the first two reasons.

Moreover, deep in his heart, there was still some fear that he had not noticed. If little jiu activated the seal, would she forget him?

Yun chujiu knew nothing about this. This fellow urged di beiming to quickly consume the medicinal pill to recuperate and try to recover his strength as soon as possible. Then, he controlled the flying spirit tool to fly towards the battlefield.

At this moment, the four countries’Alliance army had just taken down the winged fire country. The monarchs of the three countries of the Willow Earth country had personally come to the battlefield. The three of them secretly reached a consensus that the next step was to annex the East Phoenix Country.

The three of them agreed that tonight’s celebratory feast would be a good time to shed all pretense of cordiality. At that time, they would capture all the generals of the East Phoenix Country and force them to surrender.

At night, the large tent that the willow country had specially built was brightly lit, and they toasted each other. It was very lively.

Prime Minister Sima appeared perfunctory on the surface, but in his heart, he was very worried. He felt that tonight might be the time to shed all pretense of cordiality. Although he had already made the arrangements according to His Majesty’s words, he was still uncertain in his heart.., would this attract a wolf to drive a tiger away?

Just as prime minister Sima’s heart was beating wildly.., emperor Zhaoyi of the Willow Country said with a fake smile, “Prime Minister Sima, is your country’s female emperor still in seclusion? It’s not that my words are a little harsh, but this time, she didn’t even show her face at the four kingdoms’celebratory banquet. It’s really a little disloyal!”

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