The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3584 Chapter 3584 this father and I are very similar

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An Feng’s first reaction was to raise his foot and chase after her. However, even though the woman was carrying a person, her speed was extremely fast, and she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

An Feng searched the entire valley, but he was unable to find Xue Wuji. He could only wait at the entrance of the valley. Since the woman did not kill Xue Wuji on the spot, it meant that she did not want Xue Wuji’s life, could it be for the sake of rape?

On the other side, Xue Wuji was carried on the woman’s shoulder. Soon, the woman activated a talisman and the two disappeared from where they were. This was also the reason why an Feng could not find them.

Xue Wuji did not feel fear or anger because he was imprisoned by the woman. Instead, he greedily smelled the woman’s scent. Otherwise, if he had tried his best to resist, he would have been able to break free.

It was as if a colorful flower had bloomed in his heart. He had finally met this damnable woman again! This unfaithful woman who refused to admit her debt when she lifted up her skirt! This woman who only paid him a low-grade spirit stone to sell her body!

A white light flashed. When he opened his eyes again, Xue Wuji had already arrived in an exquisite courtyard.

Before he had the time to settle the score with the woman, he heard a soft and childish voice, “Mother, you’re back? Did you capture father?”

Xue Wuji was dumbfounded when he saw the little boy running out of the house!

Even a fool could tell that the little boy was his child! Because he looked like a miniature version of Xue Wuji!

The little boy was about three or four years old. He looked at Xue Wuji curiously with his big black eyes and reached out his chubby little hand to touch Xue Wuji’s face, he clapped his little hand and said, “Mother, this father looks like Rui Er!”

Xue Wuji’s heart sank. What did he mean by this father? Could it be that this kid had other fathers? This unfaithful girl had other men?

Thinking of this, Xue Wuji’s face suddenly turned gloomy like ice. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Kid, do you have other fathers?”

The little boy blinked his eyes, tilting his little head, he said, “Yes, mother has found many fathers for Rui Er! However, those fathers don’t look like Rui Er like you. Rui Er still likes you the most, so you can sleep with mother!”please visit panda(-)

Xue Wuji:”…”

What did he mean by he could sleep with his mother?

Wait, could it be that this kid meant that those wild men before had never slept with this unfaithful woman?

When Xue Wuji thought of this, his expression eased up a little. However, when he thought of how this damnable woman actually made his son acknowledge someone else as his father, he was instantly infuriated once again!

Just as he was about to settle the score with that woman, that woman untied his confinement, but she did not untie his spiritual power confinement. Then, she casually said, “Rui er, I’ll leave him to you. Just don’t play with him to death. Mother will go and cultivate.”

Xue Wuji:”…”

What did she mean by don’t play him to death? What did she think of Him? As a toy? This damn woman!

p-n0ve1、com That woman did not care about what he thought. She went into the room to cultivate without turning back, leaving Xue Wuji staring at the miniature version of himself.

At this moment, this fellow suddenly thought of an extremely important question. Where did this kid come from? Could it be the product of the first time he and that unfaithful woman did it?

Xue Wuji recalled that the unfaithful woman said that she wanted to borrow something from him. Could it be that she wanted to borrow something from him? Wasn’t he just a tool for that unfaithful woman to give birth to a child?

When Xue Wuji thought of this, he immediately felt that the little thing in front of him was not pleasing to the eye!

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