The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3588 Chapter 3588 was another low-grade spirit stone

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Xue Wuji’s mind went blank. He could only feel the coolness and softness on his lips.

By the time he could think straight, he was already pinned to the ground. The woman’s cold eyes stared at him. “What? You have the heart but not the guts?”

“Shut up!”Xue Wuji’s phoenix eyes were filled with madness. If he could hold it in now, he would be worse than a beast!

However, this fellow clearly knew that it was inappropriate to do such a thing in front of his son, so he carried the woman horizontally to the warehouse next to him..

After a night of seduction, Xue Wuji fell asleep with satisfaction.

When this fellow woke up, he found that he was no longer in the small courtyard. Instead, he was in a valley with a low-grade spirit stone beside him.

pAnDa (nov)e1​ Damn it, that heartless woman. was this his compensation for sleeping with him? !

Xue Wuji looked at the two low-grade spiritual stones in his palm. His expression kept changing, but in the end, he still carefully put the two spiritual stones into his storage ring.

There were a few times when Yun Chujiu asked him about it, he wanted to tell her everything, but when he thought about how weak he was, he still endured it.

F * ck, if that Expressionless Man and little sister Jiu knew that he was used as a child-bearing tool by that unfaithful woman, he would not be able to face anyone in the future!

Therefore, he could not tell her about it. He would only tell her about it when he reached the level of spiritual fusion one day.


The next day, the four countries formed an alliance once again and officially started a war with the Jun Tiantian Kingdom.

Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two thought that the Juntian kingdom was a large country with a strong army and that this war would definitely take a long time. Who would have thought that things would go so smoothly? There were a few cities that did not even use a single soldier, the people guarding the cities immediately surrendered!please visit panda(-)

Although Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two did not understand, they thought that it was probably because the Juntian Kingdom felt that the Juntian Kingdom’s power was gone, so they surrendered on their own. After all, a wise man submits to circumstances!

In less than two months, the allied forces of the four countries had already occupied the Jun Tian Kingdom, and it could be said that they were moving at lightning speed.

Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two were eager to take the Jun Tian kingdom for themselves. After all, the spirit qi and resources of a first-grade country were much stronger than those of a second-grade country.

Even so, the three of them still maintained their superficial friendliness, because they still had a common goal, and that was to destroy the East Phoenix Kingdom!

Thus, the three of them agreed that the Jun Heaven Kingdom would be jointly managed by the three of them first. They would then redivide the territory after the East Phoenix Kingdom was destroyed.

Unfortunately, before the three of them could make things difficult for Empress Jiu, they were trapped in the capital city of the Jun Heaven Kingdom!

The Jun Heaven Kingdom, from the officials of all sizes to the commoners, unanimously supported Empress Jiu to take over the Jun Heaven Kingdom. The troops of the Jun Heaven Kingdom that were originally under Empress Jiu were all taken under her command.

Prime Minister Sima’s respect for their Majesty was overwhelming! Oh God, how did their Majesty do it?

Why did the people of the Jun Tian Kingdom agree with their majesty so much? Could it be because their majesty was good-looking?

How could he know that the people of the Jun Tian kingdom were so obedient because their children were all subordinates of a certain King!

Furthermore, a certain king still had the evidence of the children signing their names and pledging their loyalty, so their parents naturally had no choice but to submit!

Furthermore, who did not do what the emperor did? Empress Jiu gave them very generous treatment, so they naturally submitted to Empress Jiu.

Empress Jiu did not make things difficult for Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two. She gathered the three of them into the throne room and asked casually, “The three of you can either submit or die. Choose for yourself. I Won’t force you.”

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