The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3589 Chapter 3589: Where Did you get a son?

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Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two were so angry that their noses almost went crooked!

Wasn’t this called coercion? How else were you going to force them? !

Emperor Zhao Yi laughed coldly. “Although I don’t know how you managed to get the people of the Jun Tiantian Kingdom to submit to you, if you really do harm to the three of us, you will never be able to get rid of the name of treachery, and your position as emperor will not be stable.”

Yun Chujiu looked at him sarcastically, “Is that a pig’s brain on your neck? History books have always been written by the victors. Do you think that I will let people write the truth?

When that time comes, the history books will only record that the three of you have gone mad and died. What does it have to do with me? !”

Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two were clearly shocked by Empress Jiu’s shamelessness!

People could be shameless to this extent, but they were also convinced! ! She had turned her scheme into a conspiracy, what else could they do other than submit? !

After Empress Jiu made Empress Zhao Yi and the other two sign a “Contract to sell their bodies”, she smiled and invited them to attend her coronation ceremony.

Although Empress Zhao Yi and the other two were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood, they had no intention of resisting at this point in time because they couldn’t beat her even if they fought, and they couldn’t beat her even if they played with her mind, so they could only accept the current situation.

Female Emperor 9 had always been lazy and had given up on her name. Hence, she directly changed the name of the Jun Heaven Kingdom to the East Phoenix Kingdom. This fellow was also known as the Peerless Female Emperor, whose beauty could topple a country and bring down a city. She was also known as the Empress of beauty for short.

Female Emperor 9 left everything to Prime Minister Sima while she herself went to Boulder City and got people to tear down all the boulders.

Everyone was dumbfounded by Her Majesty’s Crazy Behavior. Why Did Her Majesty need these boulders for no reason? Was it to build a house?

Hei Xinjiu didn’t care what they were thinking. She happily put the huge stones into her storage ring.please visit panda(-)

Just as she was about to go somewhere else.., prime Minister Sima sent her a voice transmission talisman. “Your Majesty, the Hateful Palace has gathered all the first-class countries to hold a spiritual stone convention. They said that they will reward the winners of the competition with several spiritual stone veins under their control.”

Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes. She knew that this was definitely a conspiracy, and it was most likely aimed at her.

However, this was also good. The battle with the Lihen Palace was going to happen sooner or later. She might as well take this opportunity to hook up with other first-grade countries and then deal with the Lihen Palace together.

The reason why this fellow was so confident was that di beiming’s spiritual power had almost recovered. Although it could not be compared to the terrifying spiritual power after using a secret technique, it was definitely a top existence in the southern continent of the towering sky continent!

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om However, before she participated in the Spirit Stone Convention, she still needed to do one more thing, and that was to closely monitor the imperial advisors sent by the Lihen Palace to prevent them from causing trouble.

Everything was ready, and the date of the spirit stone convention was about to arrive.

Thus, Yun Chujiu led a group of people and rushed to the Lihen Palace.

On the way, Xue Wuji sat there foolishly laughing. Yun chujiu asked curiously, “Brother Wuji, what good thing have you thought of? Why are you smiling foolishly?”

“I’m thinking of my precious son!”Xue Wuji replied casually

Hei Xinjiu was dazed. “Son? Brother Wuji, when did you have a son? Why didn’t I Know About It?”

It was then that Xue Wuji realized that he had let the cat out of the bag. he replied dryly, “I’m just teasing you! I don’t even have a wife. How can I have a son? !”

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