The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3591 Chapter 3591: The Little Bun who gave birth to a string of children

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Hei xinjiu pinched a certain someone’s chin and said slyly, “I’ve calculated with my fingers that today is a good day with no shame, so let’s have sex!”

A certain someone:”…”

A certain someone calmed his beating heart and said, “Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid that forcefully having sex because you didn’t come to Kwai Shui is not good for your body?”

Hei xinjiu, who was desperately stripping a certain someone’s clothes, paused. Yes, would it be bad for her body if she really had sex with him?

However, when this guy thought of Xue Wuji’s son who was running all over the place, and then looked at the peerless face that he had pounced on, he immediately had the upper hand. No matter what, he had to strip him first!

A certain someone did not expect that Hei Xinjiu would still strip him after he said those words. His face could not help but change slightly. Before he could push away Hei Xinjiu who was pressing on his body, hei xinjiu had already made the first move and forcibly restrained his spiritual power.

This B * Stard laughed a few times before he said proudly, “Beauty, just obey me today! Even if you have broken through the seven emotions and six desires, you can just seal it casually. After all, you are very familiar with this technique!”

A certain someone:”…”

“Little Jiu, don’t mess around. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”Di beiming’s expression turned cold as he warned her.

Hei Xinjiu didn’t care about him! In front of her, a certain someone was just a paper tiger. She wasn’t afraid at all!

This guy untied a certain someone’s belt and held it in his hand. He even shamelessly winked at a certain someone.

A certain someone was embarrassed and angry. However, his spiritual power was restrained, so he couldn’t break free from Hei Xinjiu’s grip.

Hei Xinjiu threw the demon belt in her hand away and said with a smile, “Beauty, it’s getting late. Let’s hurry up and give birth to a monkey!”

A certain someone’s face suddenly turned red. The heat of his body covered the pain caused by the cold poison. His tone was no longer as indifferent as before. He said with some embarrassment and annoyance, “Stop Right Now! or else…”please visit panda(-)

“Or else what? Beauty, don’t struggle fearlessly. Let’s work hard and give birth to a string of little buns. That Black Chicken’s head will be angered to death!”Hei Xinjiu said with great ambition.

The Venerable one was so angry that he was speechless!

A string of little buns? Did you think it was candied haws? !

Hei Xinjiu’s little heart was beating violently. She was about to see the pretty boy… This was what she had been longing for all day. She had the heart but not the guts to watch… Ah!

The guy’s hand trembled slightly as he tried to untie the venerable one’s clothes. Just as her hand touched the venerable one’s clothes, several bolts of lightning struck the flying spiritual artifact one after another.

Hei Xinjiu was dazed for a moment, then she was so angry that she was twitching!

“Damn it! It must be Wu Yun who attacked me again! Why did he come at this time? He is trying to ruin my plan. Today, I must tear this D * mn Wang Ba Yun into pieces!”

While speaking, Hei Xinjiu untied a certain body’s spiritual energy and rushed out of the cabin.

At this moment, Xue Wuji and an Feng were dumbfounded. How did this flying spiritual tool get struck by lightning?

However, when they saw HEI xinjiu, they immediately understood that the heavenly lightning was here to strike this guy!

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 Yun chujiu let an Feng Open the cabin door and flew out on the chopping board.

Xue Wuji knew that Yun Chujiu was a pervert, so he let an Feng land the flying spiritual tool on the ground to prevent it from being accidentally injured by the heavenly lightning.

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