The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3595 Chapter 3595: A Little Wu Yun

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Thinking of this, Wu Yun put the Little Wu Yun into his storage ring and walked out of the cabin. He looked out of the observation window and found that there was indeed a little Wu Yun floating stealthily not far from the flying spiritual artifact, it was the Bastard Yun that had struck her during the day.

Hei Xinjiu curled her lips, opened the observation window, and said with a smile, “My dear Little Yun Yun, did you miss me? Why Are You Back?”

Wu Yun saw Hei Xinjiu’s smile and could not help but tremble. Damn little pervert!

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om It was not missing her. It wanted to summon back the cloud wings that the little pervert had cut off.

Every dark cloud was made of a cloud core and a number of cloud wings. The more cloud wings there were, the higher the grade of the Dark Cloud. These cloud wings were all painstakingly cultivated by it. If they were snatched away by the little pervert just like that..! Wouldn’t it suffer a great loss? !

Just as Wu Yun was thinking about it.., the little pervert continued, “Xiao Yun Yun, I think the little dark cloud that I cut off from your body is pretty good as a quilt and blanket. Are you here to deliver some goods to my door again? “Wait for me. I’ll go out and chop some more!”

Hearing Hei Xinjiu’s words, Wu Yun immediately drifted away like a dog. Moreover, it was the kind that would never turn back! It was afraid that if it ran too slowly, not only would it not be able to get back the cloud wings from before, but it might even have to get more cloud wings from this little pervert.

Hei Xinjiu watched as the cloud wings quickly turned into Xiao Hei’s black dot. Wu Yun pursed his lips. This idiot still wants to fight with me? ! I Can’t torture it to death!

However, since Wu Yun cared so much about Xiao Hei, it must be a good thing. She had to study it carefully.

After returning to her cabin, she took out little Wu Yun from her storage ring and fiddled with it. In the end, she gritted her teeth and pricked her index finger with a needle in pain, dripping blood on Little Wu Yun.

The fellow stared at Little Wu Yun. She thought that there would be some miracle, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Little Wu Yun was still lying weakly on the bed. No matter how hei xinjiu pinched her, there was no reaction at all.

Hei Xinjiu was instantly discouraged!

It seemed that although little Wu Yun might be a treasure, it was useless to her. It was a waste of effort!please visit panda(-)

The guy yawned and fell asleep on Little Wu Yun.

What the guy didn’t know was that not long after she fell asleep, countless purple dots rushed into the cabin from all directions, all rushing into Little Wu Yun’s body..

The next morning, Hei Xinjiu opened her eyes and stretched her back. Then, she saw a little Wu Yun floating above her head. To be exact, it was a little Wu Yun that was slightly purple in color.

When Little Wu Yun saw Yun chujiu looking at it, it even trembled cheerfully and floated around Hei Xinjiu happily..

Hei Xinjiu:”…”

The wool that was plucked had turned into a spirit. How did it break? !

While Hei Xinjiu was still in a daze, she felt a faint trace of joy in her spiritual sense. It was clearly Wu Yun’s emotion.

Did this mean that she had taken in a little Wu Yun?

The guy was stunned for a while before he jumped up and said to Wu Yun, “Little Wu Yun, let’s go and show off with Master!”

The guy opened the cabins, and with a little dark cloud above his head, he shouted arrogantly, “Prince Charming, brother Wu Ji, Little Madman, come out quickly! I want to show you something good!”

Di beiming and the other two were attracted by the guy’s shout, and then they looked at the little dark cloud flying above Hei Xinjiu with their mouths agape..

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