The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 1518 - The Vegetarian Giant Aquatic Dragon  

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Chapter 1518: Chapter 1518: The Vegetarian Giant Aquatic Dragon

Nangong Luoyue asked Yun Chujiu in a low voice, “Little Jiu, what, what should we do? Why don’t we run away quickly!”

Yun chujiu didn’t say anything. This fellow’s eyes were staring straight at the place next to the aquatic dragon.

Next to the aquatic dragon was a set of white bones. Obviously, it was the owner of the cave abode. Next to the white bones was a huge pile of spirit tools. Yes, it was really a huge pile of spirit tools! With a dazzling light, Yun Chujiu’s eyes instantly became starry. Damn it, this pile of spirit tools was enough for her to wreak havoc for a long time. She had to get her hands on them!

However, how was she going to deal with this damn flood dragon? Although she did not know what kind of creature it was, it seemed that it would not be lower than level 27. The seven of US combined might not be its match.

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes as she stared at the flood dragon. The flood dragon did not put Yun Chujiu and the others in its eyes at all. It actually closed its eyes and seemed to be asleep.

Yun Chujiu’s heart moved. Something was not right. This cave was sealed. How did this flood dragon survive?

Could it be an illusion?

It should not be an illusion. Although that black bead did not have any other abilities, it would usually remind me when I fell into an illusion. Everything in front of me should be real. Then, what was going on with this flood dragon?

Just as Yun Chujiu was racking her brains, xiao Hong said with her spiritual sense, “Master, we spiritual beasts can sleep when we don’t have food or water. Have you forgotten that I stayed in that cave for a long time? I usually sleep.”

Yun chujiu suddenly understood. It seemed that this flood dragon had been in a dormant state all this time. They only woke it up when they came in. However, it had been hungry for such a long time, yet it did not take the initiative to attack them. It was really strange. Could This flood dragon be a vegetarian? Perhaps the shallots grass and moonlight moss at the door not only had hallucinogenic effects, but they could also ensure that the flood dragon would not starve to death? After all, those two spirit herbs grew extremely fast.

Yun Chujiu decided to test it out. If worst came to worst, she would just run away!

Yun chujiu took a few steps forward. “Hey, Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon! This is the first time I’ve seen such a powerful and domineering demonic beast with a divine personality like you. Are You Hungry?”

Nangong Luoyue and the others wished they could sew Yun Chujiu’s mouth shut! Do you owe us? This giant aquatic dragon didn’t want to eat us. Now that you asked, it would definitely get up and swallow us!

Unexpectedly, the giant aquatic dragon lazily opened its eyes and glanced at Yun Chujiu. It didn’t do anything.

“Lord Giant Aquatic Dragon, do you like to eat vegetables? I have cabbage, radishes, and spiritual potatoes here. Would you like to try them?”Yun Chujiu said and threw a few cabbage, radishes, and the like over.

Nangong Luoyue and the others felt that Yun chujiu was most likely crazy!

This fellow even made them torture themselves to stay awake. They saw that she had fallen into an illusion! Did you think that the person in front of you was a rabbit? And you even fed cabbage and radishes!

Also, why did you put so many cabbage and radishes in your storage ring?

Just as Nangong Luoyue and the others were cursing in their hearts, something happened that made them even more confused!

The giant flood dragon had actually changed from its previous lazy appearance. With a few gulps, it ate all the cabbages, radishes, and spiritual potatoes that Yun chujiu had thrown over.

Nangong Luoyue and the others rubbed their eyes. Then, they gritted their teeth and tore at their wounds. They were in so much pain that tears almost fell down. It seemed that this was not an illusion. This flood dragon was actually a vegetarian?

Yun chujiu saw that the flood dragon was gobbling down its food, so she quickly threw a lot of cabbages over. “Lord Flood Dragon, I still have a lot of cabbages here. Please take your time and eat slowly. I guarantee that you will be full.”

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