The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 3 - I Can’t Control My Hand

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"This outfit of yours is pretty nice. My clothes happen to be dirty, so I'll bite the bullet and wear yours. I'm a kind person, so I only need your robe!" In a flash, Yun Chujiu took off the man's clothes.

It was strange, but the wound at the back of Yun Chujiu's head had miraculously recovered. There were still bloodstains and soil on her clothes, though. Hence, she took off her clothes and wore the man's attire instead. "It's a little big but whatever. It's better than wearing dirty clothes."

The next second, however... lo and behold, his clothes actually shrank automatically! It was basically the right fit for her now!

Yun Chujiu was pleasantly surprised, and she happily said, "Wow! Who knew that this pretty boy's clothes would be such a treasure?"

Yun Chujiu thought about it for a moment and decided to wear her dirty robe over her new clothes. One should never show off their wealth, and she was worried that other people would have their eyes on the clothes.

"Huh? This pretty boy is holding something?" Yun Chujiu realized that the man was clutching something tightly with his right hand.

Why would Yun Chujiu let go of such an opportunity that could bring her a fortune? With great difficulty and great force, she was finally able to pry the man's hand off the item. She could not help but curse him internally. 'You're a dead man, you know? Why would you have so much strength?!'

Then, she saw the item, and she could not help but be a "little" disappointed. It was just an ugly fruit.

She brought it close to her nose to smell it. It was a little fragrant, but she could not help pursing her lips. "It's obviously not a valuable fruit. Quality spirit fruits are supposed to have a strange and strong fragrance."

Nevertheless, since Yun Chujiu happened to be a little thirsty, she started to munch on the fruit. She was done eating it after a few seconds.

She casually tossed the core of the fruit on the ground and was about to leave when her gaze coincidentally fell on the man's exquisite facial features. She did not know what possessed her, but she caressed his face.

It felt pretty good to the touch!

...Heavens above, what the heck was she doing?!

While Yun Chujiu was a tremendously shameless person, she blushed all of a sudden and muttered, "I… I'm not trying to cop a feel. I… I can't control my hand. Yeah, I'm just a person who can't control my hand!

"Hey, pretty boy, thank you so much for your clothes. I'm just a young girl, and I don't have much strength, so I won't be digging a hole to bury you. I'm sure that some monsters will come and take care of your body soon. Well, I won't be seeing you again, then!"

Yun Chujiu finished speaking in a panic and practically left by scrambling away. 

Half an hour later, numerous black dots appeared in the sky and several men in black landed on the ground. Once they did, they were dumbfounded to discover the man on the ground.

Just as they were beginning to feel super confused, the man on the ground opened his eyes abruptly.

If Yun Chujiu had seen him right then, she definitely would not have thought of him as a pretty boy. The reason was that right after the man opened his eyes, he emanated an extremely grim and murderous aura. He looked like he was the God of Death whose mere presence could make a person tremble!

His gaze fell upon the men in black, and the leader of the men reacted quickly. He turned with a loud whoosh and knelt down on the ground.

The rest of the men in black immediately snapped out of their dazes and followed suit. They turned and knelt down.

If one was to look carefully at them, one would notice that they were shivering a little because they were thinking, 'My gosh, who in the world would have the audacity to… commit the R-word against the supreme lord?!'

The supreme lord had rejected so many women who came from prestigious families and elites from various sects. They never thought that he would be robbed of his virginity in the Qingxuan Continent, which was not even a prominent place!

The supreme lord was a serious germaphobe, and he would not even allow other people to come within three feet of him. But now, he had… he had been given the R-word treatment on some desolate mountain in the Qingxuan Continent?!

Just what kind of woman was she?! How could she have such suicidal guts?!

Their supreme lord gritted his teeth in exasperation, but he was also in a daze for a while before he moved in a flash and disappeared.

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