The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 8 - Young Maid

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After Di Beiming slapped Yun Chujiu's chest, a pure white handkerchief appeared in his hand, seemingly out of the blue. He violently rubbed Yun Chujiu's dark and skinny wrist with it a few times before he touched her hand. He made it look like he was touching a pile of poop while he was doing all that.

There was a dumbfounded expression on the faces of An Feng and the other men in black. They were now beginning to wonder whether there were a few screws loose in their Supreme Lord's head. A few moments ago, he was sucking that dark-skinned girl's finger, but in the blink of an eye, he started to be disgusted by the fact that she was dirty. 

After a short while, Di Beiming furrowed his eyebrows. He seemed to be a little confused about something.

"An Feng, stay here and protect this dark-skinned thing in secret. As long as her life isn't in danger, you don't have to do anything."

Di Beiming simply tossed the handkerchief on the ground and instantly disappeared with the rest of the men in black. An Feng was left dumbfounded and alone in the place. 'Supreme Lord, what do you mean?

'You want me to stay in the Qingxuan Continent, which is in the middle of nowhere, to protect this dark-skinned girl?

'Don't you think that you're wasting my talent on a petty job?

'And what's the use of this dark-skinned girl? Why on earth would you want to protect her?

'Since you want to protect her, why did you smack her so hard that she fainted?

'Plus, I don't have to do anything as long as her life isn't in danger? What exactly did you mean by that?!!'

That was when a girl ran into the courtyard. and An Feng immediately hid.

"Young Mistress, Young Mistress! Are you okay?" the girl, a young maid, quickly called out when she saw Yun Chujiu lying on the ground.

Yun Chujiu opened her eyes in a daze. 'I'm not dead yet? That pretty boy didn't kill me?'

Yun Chujiu sized the young maid up. Her original persona had chased away all the maids in her residence so that she could secretly meet up with Bai Moyu. She only allowed Chun Yu—an obedient maid who also happened to be a scaredy-cat—stay.

The other reason her original persona let the maid stay was that her "Yu" sounded the same as the "Yu" in Bai Moyu's name. Seriously, that girl was obsessed with Bai Moyu!

Chun Yu was retrieving some hot water from the boiler room earlier. When she saw Yun Chujiu lying like a dead fish on the ground after she returned to the courtyard, she panicked immediately!

"I'm okay. Did you hear anything just now?" Yun Chujiu looked around. Her door was shattered, and they must have caused a huge ruckus just now, so why did no one come to check things out?

"No. Ah, Young Mistress! Why is the door shattered?" It was only then that Chun Yu realize that the door had been reduced to pieces. 

Yun Chujiu immediately thought that pretty boy had probably used some divine art to insulate the sounds that they had produced earlier. 'God, this pretty boy is so powerful that he's unfathomable! Just who the heck is he?'

"It's an old door. It probably broke due to years of wear and tear as well as disrepair. Just ask someone to install a new door," Yun Chujiu said nonchalantly.

Chun Yu gaped like a fish. A door would not shatter just because of disrepair, would it? But she had always been very frightened of Yun Chujiu's original persona, so she did not dare comment. After all, Yun Chujiu's original persona often took out her anger on Chun Yu when she was in a bad mood.

"Young Mistress, what's with the clothes you're wearing?" Chun Yu looked suspiciously at the clothes on the ground and then at the Snow Silk Brocade Shirt that Yun Chujiu was wearing.

Yun Chujiu was about to say something when she heard footsteps! 'Oh my, someone is here!'

Yun Chujiu nimbly grabbed the dirty clothes on the ground and put them on.

'Huh, where did this handkerchief come from?'

Yun Chujiu picked up the handkerchief and suddenly recalled the burning pain she felt when Di Beiming rubbed her wrist with it. Her eyes flashed dangerously, and she cursed Di Beiming over and over again (probably hundreds of times) in her heart. 'This pretty boy is a huge perv! He was totally fine with wrapping his mouth around MY finger and sucking MY blood, and he has the galls to pretend to be a germaphobe?!'

However, why did that pretty boy press her wrist? Was he checking if she was dead?

Yun Chujiu noticed that a weird-looking fish was embroidered at one of the handkerchief's corners. Her eyes darkened, and she put away the handkerchief.

It was proof of the pretty boy's crime. One day, when she became mighty and powerful, she would definitely torture the pretty boy a thousand times! She would make sure that he knelt down and submitted to her!


Just as Yun Chujiu's imagination ran wild, someone spoke respectfully outside the door, "Ninth Young Mistress, the head of the household has asked you to proceed to his study."

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