This Star Wants To Retire - Chapter 654 "Manslaughter" released

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In mid-May, "Charlotte Troubles" was officially completed.

Luo Mo's "The Wandering Earth" has at least two months to shoot.

The post-production, cost and time-consuming of the two films are also very different.

After all the post-production work of "Charlotte Troubles" is completed, it can be submitted for review, and then it will be released in early August and will be released in the summer.

As the summer vacation is getting closer and closer, the series of publicity work for "Manslaughter" will also be followed up.

For the loyal audiences of [The Theater of the Mist], they have long been looking forward to the release of this movie.

And as far as the current situation is concerned, Blue Star's "Manslaughter" has too many advantages over Earth.

On Earth, "Manslaughter" is Xiao Yang's transformational masterpiece.

Before that, even if he had starred in many movies, most of them were comedies, such as the supporting role in "Detective Chinatown", and "The Lover", which is only memorable.

Because of this, many netizens questioned at that time: "Do you dare to believe that the singer of "Little Apple" is going to play a suspense film?"

Moreover, "Manslaughter" is a remake, and the previous versions have a good reputation, so there are more people who question it.

On the other hand, on the Blue Star side, the advantage is simply too great.

Wang Rong has already proven himself to be an excellent actor, not just a good comedian, in "I'm Not the God of Medicine".

At the same time, there is the audience base established by [Mist Theater], as well as Luo Mo's heaven-defying box office appeal.

The most important thing is that Blue Star does not have the original version, so "Manslaughter" is not a remake.

The audience doesn't know anything about the direction of the plot, and it won't be like on the earth. As long as you have seen the original version, you can guess it roughly.

Under the blessing of various factors, the [Want to Watch Index] of "Manslaughter" has always ranked first in the major ticketing apps.

Looking at the entire Internet, many people also hold an optimistic attitude towards the film.

Luo Mo has shown his suspense skills in the [Mist Theater].

So, no one thinks "Manslaughter" will be a bad movie.

Even many people think that Luo Mo may directly refresh the box office record of domestic suspense films.

At present, the box office record of Bluestar Huaxia's suspense film is a film called "The Eye of the Heart".

The film was released last year and eventually grossed 1.13 billion at the box office.

The male protagonist of the film is blind, but he is blind and not blind.

His assistant became his eyes, full of CP feeling.

In the category of suspense films, which is a niche category in the eyes of everyone, it is a real win to win a box office of more than 1 billion!

But Luo Mo is very clear that suspense films are not a niche at all.

The domestic audience is actually increasing year by year!

As we all know, Luo Mo once released "ruthless words" at the meeting of the audit department, threatening that he wanted 8 billion for 3 movies.

Today, only a small target of 1 billion is left.

"Manslaughter" was created by the original crew in "I am not the God of Medicine". Luo Mo is now in full swing, and he is the first tens of billions box office director in China. Therefore, no one will ridicule without thinking.

8 billion, it will definitely be completed.

Now, let's see how many billions have been exceeded!



Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, more than a month passed.

This period was a happy time for Ding Xiaoyu.

Although the filming task of "The Wandering Earth" is very heavy, every day she is so tired that she can fall asleep as soon as she touches the bed, but she is always smiling in her dreams.

Living with her master always made her feel at ease.

It's a pity that happy times are always short-lived. "The Wandering Earth" is already coming to an end. According to the shooting plan, the shooting will be completed in another 20 days. Even if there is any trouble here, it will be shot for a month at most.

And the day when "Manslaughter" is released is getting closer and closer.

The film is scheduled to be released on June 30, and the official blogs of the four online dramas in [Mist Theater] are also actively promoting it.

On weekdays, they don't dare to post on Weibo, because they are afraid that netizens will collect debts.

"When will 'White Night 2' come out?"

""Forensic Qin Ming" can be a series, and the second season will be released soon!"

"I will endure the rest. For example, "The Hidden Corner" can be considered a normal end. "The White Night" must give me the second part!"

"Get out now, I don't want to wait until I die without seeing "White Night 2", and I want my grandson to burn a tablet computer for me, and I don't know if there is an underground network."

Everyone is willing to go to the theater to watch "Manslaughter", but this does not prevent us from scolding you.

And I have to say, these loyal audiences are really powerful.

"Manslaughter" has not been officially released yet, but the pre-sale amount has already exceeded 100 million in the afternoon of the 29th!

Judging from the current movie environment, it is not uncommon for the box office to break 100 million on the first day, but it is still very, very scary that the box office of the pre-sale directly exceeds 100 million!

The gold content here is completely different.

Not to mention, the major theater chains in China have finally learned to be smart now.

In other words, after Luo Mo repeatedly created miracles, they became more and more willing to bet on Luo Mo.

"The subject of suspense is very small, and it is not worth giving too much film volume."

"What? You said it was filmed by Luo Mo, the original cast of "The God of Medicine"?"

"Add! Add me!"

This makes the first-day filming rate of "Manslaughter" as high as 32.9%!

This is also Luo Mo's film with the highest ranking on the first day of all the films so far.

When opening Weibo, the number one entry in the current search is: [Who was killed by mistake].

Since this movie is called "Manslaughter", part of the content can be seen from the title.

However, everyone is still stuck in the routine of suspense films.

I think the content will be that someone was killed by mistake, and then the male protagonist solves the case.

No way, Luo Mo's trailer has no spoilers at all, and he doesn't know what he's talking about.

As everyone knows, this movie is not about the male protagonist solving the case at all.

It's that if the male protagonist brings his family together... a perfect crime, hide the sky and cross the sea!

It is precisely because of this that Zhong Lin, the team leader of the audit department, was extremely entangled when he audited it.

Blue Star Huaxia, so far, there is no movie that has performed [Perfect Crime].

There is no successful case of concealing the sky and crossing the sea!

Fortunately, the filming location of this movie was Siam, and Luo Mo gave Team Leader Zhong a step down.

Gee! This man is so kind.

Please put [Luo Mo, gentle] on the public screen.



On June 30, explosion fever.

I don’t know if it’s due to global warming or because of other reasons. This July has not yet arrived, and the highest temperature in many parts of the country has already exceeded 40 degrees.

Before the rainy season, everyone complained that it rained every day.

Now that it's not raining, everyone is hot and stunned, and I'm thinking in my heart why can't it rain to cool down?

So, on such a hot day, are you sure not to do some cool indoor activities?

Do you think it's good to blow the air conditioner in the theater, then watch a movie to kill people, and feel cool?

Today, a viewer with a very special identity bought two movie tickets for the afternoon show of "Manslaughter" and was going to watch the movie at the Cintiq Cinema.

His name is Xiao Wei, he is a little puffy, and he is a subordinate of the team leader Zhong Lin and a member of the audit department.

Taking advantage of the vacation, he bought two tickets and planned to go to the cinema with his girlfriend to watch Luo Mo's new film.

Xiao Wei has a lot of power in the review department, so he rarely goes to the cinema to watch movies, because he can have a sneak peek, watch the movie before it is released, and even block the production team and let them go back and rebuild.

But Luo Mo's films are different.

For his works, only the team leader Zhong Lin is responsible for it.


Want to see it?

Then go to the cinema and buy tickets!

After lining up to enter the venue, during the commercial broadcast, his girlfriend asked Xiao Wei, "Do you think Luo Mo will star in this movie?"

"I don't know." Xiao Wei was helpless.

"Ask you about Luo Mo, you really don't know anything, and you don't know anything!" His girlfriend complained.

"Then he's a special case, if it's someone else, I..."

"Okay, okay!" his girlfriend interrupted impatiently.

On weekdays, Xiaowei talked about things she was not interested in, showing off her privileges.

Now, she, who has never been chasing stars, is only interested in Luo Mo, and he can't let go.

Seeing Xiao Wei, his girlfriend was also a little aggrieved and distressed. After thinking about it, she felt that there was no need to be so angry with him, so she leaned on him slightly, and the man immediately smiled again.

There is nothing to admit, Xiao Wei was chasing after his girlfriend, just because he was greedy, for no other reason.

When the time came, the lights in the theater dimmed, and "Manslaughter" officially began.

At the beginning of the movie, the male protagonist Li Weijie sat in Uncle Song's shop, chatting while watching the movie.

A part of the character design is shown here, and that is Li Weijie's crazy obsession with movies.

He's not the type who just looks at it, he's the type who will study, and even learn some knowledge and techniques from classic films.

The TV in the store is just showing a movie right now.

Li Weijie introduced to them: "Hey, this is the technique in the movie."

"It's just camera editing and sound effects. It's all deceptive to look at the excitement."

What he is introducing is actually a [montage] on Earth.

It's just that in Blue Star, it's not called this name.

Li Weijie's follow-up methods of concealing the sky and crossing the sea also used a lot of montage methods.

During their chat, policeman Sang Kun, who was sitting beside him and was communicating with others, suddenly slapped the table and shouted a few times, signaling them to shut up.

The sudden outburst shocked many audience members in the theater.

"Why is this man like this?"

"What a great authority!"

"Damn, why are you shouting so loudly!"

The male protagonist, Li Weijie, began to ask Uncle Song why Sang Kun, the **** of plague, has been hanging around so much recently.

Uncle Song began to tell about a case, but this Sang Kun, who said he was investigating, was actually ripping things off.

This case was taken over by the police chief, La Yun.

Li Weijie couldn't help but start stinking and said: "If I can become a policeman, I will solve this case for him in minutes."

Uncle Song seemed to have long been used to his appearance and was too lazy to pay attention to him.

Li Weijie said: "Uncle Song, if you have watched more than a thousand movies, you will find that there is nothing bizarre in this world at all."

"I'm very sorry about these police officers..." Li Weijie kept saying, not noticing that the policeman Sang Kun had walked behind him.

As soon as Sang Kun patted him on the shoulder, he persuaded.

It seemed that this man seemed extremely weak and incompetent.

"Blow it again, be careful I'll charge you the tax!" Sang Kun shouted to Li Weijie, spittle splashing all over his face.

Then, Sang Kun glanced at Uncle Song, obviously he didn't pay, but he seemed extremely arrogant. He directly shouted "Bookkeeping" and walked away. Uncle Song had to pay a smile.

This episode is telling the audience that this border town of Siam is actually extremely chaotic and dark.

Xiao Wei looked at the big screen in the movie hall, and his attention was still on the previous line: If you have watched more than a thousand movies, you will find that there is nothing bizarre in this world.

"Didn't I just watch more than a thousand?" Xiao Wei couldn't help but whispered to his girlfriend.

Because of his position, he doesn't watch too many movies.

In fact, this line is creating Li Weijie's character.

He is a rational person.

I know that the so-called bizarre events are all created by various means.

This also sets the stage for the sequel.

But the movies that Xiao has not reviewed have no logic in them, and the bad movies that are full of slots account for a huge proportion.

However, this does not affect his sense of substitution!

"It turns out that this is telling a story about people like me!" Xiao Wei began to pretend.

His girlfriend rolled his eyes at him and couldn't help but whisper: "Then you are so powerful, can you guess the follow-up for me?"

Xiao Wei smiled. Men, when watching suspense movies, many like to show their courage, rationality, good logic, and wisdom in front of women.

I reviewed so many films, can I understand?

He said in a very low voice: "Look, at the beginning, the ordinary police in this small town were arrogant, but incompetent."

"At the same time, he looks down on Li Weijie."

"Then, the case was sensational, and the police chief La Yun was personally responsible for it."

"Then, of course, the follow-up is Li Weijie assisting La Yun in solving the case and hitting this Sang Kun in the face."

"The big ones are helpless, the little ones come to help, understand?"

In his opinion, Luo Mo is a very good storyteller, a rare good screenwriter and a good director in China.

In many details, Luo Mo must be able to do a good job and make this movie look good.

But the routine of eight achievements is such a routine.

Old wine in new bottles is good, isn't it?

Xiao Wei even started to make bold guesses: "Although I don't know who the deceased is yet, isn't the title of the film called "Manslaughter"."

"Who kills whom by mistake can be the most exciting and unexpected?"

"I guess, maybe someone really wanted to kill someone, but it didn't succeed. The deceased killed himself by mistake!"

Gee! genius!

Not to mention, his girlfriend was really fooled by him.

After speaking, Xiao Wei smiled confidently, as if he was saying to his girlfriend, "I know all the routines, and I can do it too."


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