This Star Wants To Retire - Chapter 655 The dead is Luo Mo again

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This star really wants to retire. Chapter 655 of the main text is the dead man again. In the movie hall, the movie is playing normally.

And will everything be as Xiao Wei guessed?

Can this member of the audit department really see through the film's routine with his "informed knowledge"?

The next minute, the movie gave the answer.

I saw La Yun, the female police chief, appear on the scene.

The casting criteria for this role are that the aura must be strong, and the aura and coercion must be sufficient when working.

There are not many such middle-aged actresses in Lanxing Huaxia.

On Earth, this role is played by Chen Chong.

Chen Chong is an actress who has won a lot of awards, and because she acted with Zun Long in the movie "The Last Emperor", she is also well known internationally.

She is also a female director who has won the Golden Horse Award. She won the award for the film "Heavenly Bath" directed by her.

It is worth mentioning that the heroine of the film, the most talked about event now, is doing her hair.

Luo Mo put a lot of effort into casting the female director La Yun.

In the end, Luo Chun was entrusted to do the matchmaking, and an actress named Feng Jing was invited who had won the Best Actress Award for her literary films.

Feng Jing's superb performance made Luo Mo amaze him several times on the set.

At this moment, Xiao Wei had an ominous premonition just after the broadcast about the female director La Yun.

The aura of this character is too strong, and it looks very fierce.

If she is an incompetent character, she shouldn't be acting like this.

Sure enough, she solved the case easily.

"I have been a police officer for more than 20 years, and I have never encountered a scene that leaves no trace." La Yun said.

"This case is not about the time of committing the crime at all, but the space for committing the crime."

When she interrogates criminals, she is half hidden in darkness.

"Fingerprint identification will come out soon, you can't let it go." She leaned forward slightly, revealing her expressionless face.

The aura was so strong that Xiao Wei felt that he was being interrogated by her!

After solving the case, the subordinates began to flatter La Yun.

La Yun said lightly: "After carefully studying a thousand cases, you will find that there are no bizarre cases in this world at all."

"Good guy, this echoes the words of the previous male protagonist Li Weijie!" Xiao Wei said in his heart.

"Could these two be rivals..." Xiao Wei said in his heart.

In this episode, his girlfriend looked at him frequently.

This made Xiao Wei, who was talking eloquently before, suffer a bit of face damage.

"Ahem, Luo Mo is a bit more powerful! I don't play cards according to common sense, haha, haha." Xiao Wei laughed softly.

In the film, the subordinate is asking how La Yun found the evidence.

But who would have thought that the evidence was actually fake.

"Is the evidence false?" the subordinate asked.

La Yun glanced at him lightly, and said calmly, "Is it still important?"

"As the chief of the police station, you don't tell the evidence, or even falsify it?" Xiao Wei was shocked.

"Ah this..." He felt more and more that this woman was not easy to mess with.

When La Yun turned around, two large orange-red characters began to appear on the screen.

- "Manslaughter"!



At this moment, the audience in the theater still doesn't know what the plot is going to be like.

I saw that Li Weijie had a red flower in his mouth after returning home, and started to please his wife in the kitchen, and then began to want to make out.

The wife was awkward: "What are you doing, in broad daylight..."

——The feeling of wanting to refuse but also welcoming after the performance.

"Dad, what are you doing?" The camera cuts to the little daughter who came over.

The girl has big eyes and a Nezha head, which is very cute.

Her eyes were pure, but full of doubts.

- "The Big Family Awkward Scene".

Li Weijie asked her if she was hungry and bought her a cake.

It can be seen from this that although Li Weijie seems to be a middle-aged man who seems incompetent and cowardly and has not made much money, he attaches great importance to his family.

Before dinner, Li Weijie asked, "How much will we pay for Uncle En's funeral?"

"Are you still going to give me money?"

"We are from China, so we are particular about it..." The husband and wife exchanged.

The eldest daughter also came home at this time.

Li Weijie asked, "Why did you come back so late?"

"Why do you care about me." The adolescent eldest daughter said directly.

Before dinner, the eldest daughter began to ask her mother if she signed it?

Mother Ayu handed the paper to Li Weijie.

The eldest daughter said on the side: "Summer camp, each class has only two places, and the teacher said that only the best students are eligible to go."

Li Weijie immediately smiled and praised: "My daughter is so promising."

"Bring a pen—!" Li Weijie said loudly with a smile.

Before writing, his wife reminded: "Six thousand plants in three days."

"It's still easy to do business in the school, and you have to be qualified to be the boss." Li Weijie said.

The eldest daughter Pingping became unhappy all of a sudden: "Stingy, illiterate, don't understand anything!"

"Pingping, why are you talking to Dad?" Mother Ayu reprimanded softly.

"Many elite students from aristocratic schools go there and make many friends." The eldest daughter said flatly.

"How old are you, you just want to make friends!" Li Weijie, the old father, said immediately.

He looked at his wife Ayu: "Has he made a boyfriend?"

This is the thinking mode of the old cabbage farmer.

"I'm so **** off by you guys, it's okay, I'm not going!" Ping Ping got up, went upstairs and went back to his room: "My classmates all know that I have two stingy parents!"

She didn't even eat any food.

At night, after the family fell asleep, Li Weijie gently pushed open the door of his daughter's room. With a loving and gentle smile on his face, he glanced at his sleeping daughter, and put the signed paper on the table.

This stingy and poor father finally agreed to pay and let his daughter go to summer camp to fulfill his wish.

The screen switched, and the picture of the summer camp began to appear.

The audience in the movie hall never thought that Luo Mo would actually be in the middle of it, playing the role of a student going to the summer camp.

"Ah! Luo Mo himself participated in the role!" Xiao Wei's girlfriend immediately became excited.

When taking pictures in the temple, the student played by Luo Mo was secretly photographing Pingping.

I saw that his eyes were slightly drooping and his eyes were half-squinted, and it wasn't her face that he slapped, but her **** that were more swollen than those of her peers.

I have to say, Luo Mo is amazing.

When he was very thin before, he appeared on the stage of the party. Even if he was thin, he could still show great charm with his seven-point handsomeness.

Now, he looks like a very rich second generation, and he is still handsome, but he can also rely on his acting skills to make his temperament tend to be wretched and hide a lot of bad thoughts.

At the bonfire party, he also handed Pingping a drink.

When Ping Ping was drinking, he kept peeking.

"Ah? There must be something wrong with the contents of this cup!" Xiao Wei's girlfriend couldn't help but whispered.

He is obviously rich and handsome, but he still has to spend so much money!

On his terms, if he was serious about chasing girls, what kind of girl would he fail to catch?

Actually playing with drugs! ?

"This character is really disgusting." His girlfriend frowned, "But is there really such a person in the world?"

She didn't understand.

The answer is naturally yes.

A former top lottery brother on earth: "I'm familiar with this!"

He is a man who has been dubbed "Heavenly God" by Korean media, and many women fall for him.

The screen switched and returned to Li Weijie's side.

I saw that Uncle Song introduced him to the business and asked him to contract the network lines of the new police station.

In the store, Sang Kun, the former bad policeman, is asking someone to sign a letter of understanding.

Police Chief La Yun's son poked someone else's eyes. Sang Kun seemed to be mediating, but in fact he just gave him some of the money, and the rest went into his own pocket.

While Li Weijie was going to the toilet, he went to tell the victim's grandfather that when he went to the hospital for an injury assessment, the police would have to file a case, and then they would have to go through the procedure for compensation.

After Sang Kun came back, when he heard that the other party did not sign, he was immediately furious.

"Who said that?" he shouted.

"It's said in the movie." The victim's grandfather fled, leaving Li Weijie sitting there eating broad beans, frightened and restless.

Sang Kun stared at his back and walked over aggressively.

"Eat, eat some broad beans?" Li Weijie smiled to please.

Sang Kun shot the broad beans flying, glared at him with a smile, and said, "Is that what the movie says?"

"Ah!!?" ​​He shouted again, his voice very loud.

Then, he said to him in Thai, "Just wait and see!"

The line of hatred is buried here.

The screen switched again and came to the other side.

I saw a man running for mayor, thanking the guests.

After instructing his subordinates to help take care of the guests, he went upstairs and entered the room.

In the room, Police Chief La Yun was wiping his son's wound.

And the one who played her son was Luo Mo.

Obviously, Su Cha, a bad student played by Luo Mo, has a mother who is the chief of the police station and his father who is running for mayor.

The man named Dupon went up and slapped his son in the face.

"What are you doing!?" La Yun said immediately.

"He almost blinded other people's eyes. If I hadn't used my connections, the school would have expelled him!"

In addition, Dupont is also afraid that these events will affect his candidacy for mayor.

"Calm down, I have already given the other party 100,000 yuan, and they have signed a letter of understanding, it's all right." La Yun said.

As the director, it seems that in her eyes, this is just a trivial matter, and she has an outrageous doting on her son.

He was only sixteen years old, and he bought him a car and indulged him in various ways.

So that Su Cha became more and more rebellious, and directly pushed his father Du Peng, who was in the way, with his shoulders, then went downstairs and drove away.

On the other hand, the young couple Li Weijie and Ayu also found that Pingping seemed to be a little wrong since he came back from the summer camp.

But when I asked her why, she didn't say anything.

Li Weijie told Ayu that he was going to Luotong, and there was a problem with the network equipment of the hotel, and he was going to solve it.

On this day, after school, the eldest daughter lowered her head and walked home alone.

Sucha, who was driving, rolled down the window and said with a smile, "Sawadika!"

He ignored him flatly and continued to walk forward with his head down.

Sucha got out of the car and chased after her, grabbing her: "Don't tell me when you leave?"

"How do you know my address?" Pingping seemed to be afraid of him.

Sucha stretched out her hand to touch her face, and said with a hilarious smile, "My mother is the police chief, it's not easy to check you?"

"Don't touch me!" Pingping resisted.

"Don't touch you?" Su Cha grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and then pressed forward hard, leaning her neck forward, her face close to hers, she stared at her with teeth bared, and said with a smile, "That medicine is really powerful. , you don't remember at all, do you?"

"Then I'll give you a wake-up call." He took out his mobile phone with a smile, and leaned on his back again.

"Do you remember? This is you." Su Cha smiled and held up her phone.

Seriously, in the version on Earth, playing the mediocre girl, her acting skills were criticized by many people, and it was far less powerful than the little actor who played the little girl.

In the Blue Star version of "Manslaughter", Luo Mo did not find Ding Xiaoyu to play, but he also found a new actor with good acting skills.

The handling in this scene has also changed.

Looking at the video, she was in a drowsiness and unconscious, but the buttons of her clothes were unbuttoned one by one. She trembled instantly, sweating on the tip of her nose and forehead, and she didn't dare to look at her phone.

However, Su Cha held her head down and forced her to continue watching.

"It's so perverted, you act well." Xiao Wei's girlfriend couldn't help but sigh while watching the movie.

The more handsome he looks, the more perverted he looks when combined with these plots.

It was only at this time that Pingping reacted from the panic. He wanted to grab the phone, and he also prayed: "Delete it, please delete it."

"I don't even want to touch my hair, what's that called begging?" Su Cha put her hand on the back of her neck and gently stroked her skin.

Pingping wanted to hide very much, but she begged others, which made her tremble all over.

"Last time was boring. You were like a **** dead person, and you didn't feel anything." Su Cha pinched the flesh on the back of her neck and said with a smile, "This time it's going to be a little more exciting."

"At ten o'clock in the evening, we will meet at your warehouse."

Even if Xiao Wei had read countless films and had a lot of knowledge, he couldn't help but let out a cry in his heart: "Fuck!"

Are you playing such a big game?

Not only do I want you to serve me again, but also in your warehouse.

Pingping was afraid and resisted, but Sucha said that he would post the video online.

At this moment, Li Weijie, who was already in an out-of-town hotel, began to overhaul the equipment.

His wife, Ayu, found something was wrong with Pingping.

But no matter how she asked, Pingping just didn't say anything.

Li Weijie planned to go to the boxing, anyway, there was nothing to do at night.

He went to the ATM to withdraw money and bought a discounted ticket at the door.

Note that this seemingly meaningless lens for withdrawing money is actually quite useful!

Exciting boxing match, UU reading punch to the flesh!

On the other side, Ping Ping, with a sensual figure, was really waiting for Su Cha at the door of the warehouse.

The two walked into the dark warehouse, but their mother, Ayu, was also inside.

Su Cha didn't panic at all, instead she smiled and said to Ping Ping, "Do you think I'm joking with you?"

"I don't care whose child you are, if you dare to touch my daughter again, I will fight with you." Ayu said.

Sucha actually showed the mother a video and said, "Do you still know your daughter? She has a mole here, hahaha."

Ayu also began to **** the phone.

"I can give it to you, then you can replace her?" Su Cha said, looking at A Yu, who still had charm.

As soon as these words came out, Xiao Wei couldn't help but let out another cry in his heart: "Fuck."

Isn't this a classic routine in island countries?

Madam, you don't want your daughter's video to be posted online, right?

In the warehouse, the three began to fight together.

Pingping picked up the shovel, originally intended to smash the phone, but accidentally hit Sucha's head.

After Sucha fell to the ground, she smashed her phone like a vent.

In the boxing match, one person has fallen to the ground.

On the warehouse side, Su Cha also fell to the ground, bloodied.

A-Yu went to try it out, but she couldn't feel Su Cha's breath after reaching out her hand!

As mentioned earlier, on the eve of the release of "Manslaughter", the most popular entry was: [Who was killed by mistake].

Luo Mo: "Hey, it's me!"


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