This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 34 Why have we met before?

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Outside Sword Luo King City, a stream of light flew from a distance, and then appeared in the sky.

A flash of sword light revealed two figures.

It was Lu Qingshan and Xia Daoyun.

The soaring and invisible Lu Qingshan is condescending, overlooking the familiar city not far away.

The scenes that he experienced in Sword Luo King City more than 20 years ago kept reappearing in his mind.

"When you came to the abyss, that's where you found the method to save your natal sword?" Xia Daoyun asked.

"Well," Lu Qingshan nodded, no longer thinking about the past, turned his head and introduced to Xia Daoyun: "When I went to the Black Armor Domain, I passed the Burning Moon Domain first, and found that the Burning Moon Domain was in the process of preparing for battle, and I also learned that the Chi Zun Zun, Zhan Zun, and Ming Zun have all left the royal city, and went to the various king realms to mobilize troops and mobilize the various clans.

The current situation of Sword Luo King City is somewhat similar to that of Futu King City back then. "

"This is the best mobile phone opportunity."

"I see." Xia Daoyun narrowed his eyes slightly to look at the majestic royal city in the distance, and nodded slightly, with a cold and stern air.

"You wait for me here, I'll be back soon."

The next moment, Xia Daoyun stood up with the sword, and the sword light went straight to Jianluo King City.

Lu Qingshan was not pretentious either, he used Fuyao to hide his figure and waited silently on the spot.

He hadn't recovered from his injuries and had no combat power, so forcing him to go with Xia Daoyun could only hold her back, waiting here was obviously the best choice.


Jianluo Wangcheng, Yujiantai.

The magic soldiers of the soldiers and demons who used to hang in the center of the Sword Control Platform for an unknown number of years have disappeared, and were refined by Lu Qingshan into the natal sword.

However, the six monuments of warfare, engraved with the lifelong insights of the ancestor Mangcang's combat techniques, still stand quietly on the periphery of the Yujiantai.

"These should be the monuments of Mangcang's battle techniques engraved with the supreme swordsmanship that Qingshan said."

The violent sword light stopped over Sword Luo King City

Xia Daoyun appeared, looking coldly at the six crystal clear monuments standing below.

The good place recommended by Lu Qingshan is the Yujiantai located in Jianluowang City.

"This kind of treasure should be taken back to Jianzong and stood up." Xia Daoyun said to himself.

Immediately, she stretched out her foot and stomped slightly in the void.

Ripples suddenly rose, and a majestic force followed the ripples, through the void, and directly reached the land of Sword Luo King City below.


As this majestic force flowed to the ground, the Yujiantai trembled violently.

The next moment, the ground of Yujiantai was torn into huge gaps.

Immediately afterwards, the six ancient stone tablets burst out from the cracked gap.

The huge surface of the stele is covered with various texture patterns.

These patterns of lines are the imagery of the Mangcang Demon Lord's tactics, and only those who are talented enough can learn from them.

It is conceivable that if these six steles can be brought back to Jianzong, it will definitely be of great benefit to the inheritance of Jianzong.

In addition, the ancient stone tablet is a heritage left by the ancestors of the soldiers and demons. Although after so many years, only sixteen people have learned from it even with the Qing Ge who is the incarnation of Lu Qingshan, but no matter what, they are all It is a symbol of the soldiers and demons, and a sacred thing that cannot be desecrated.

Xia Daoyun's behavior of digging the stele at this moment, in simple terms, can be equivalent to the behavior of digging the ancestral grave of the soldiers and demons.

The devilish anger aroused by this, even if it can't be compared with Lu Qingshan's behavior of overthrowing the Futu King City, is definitely not much different.

Kill two birds with one stone.

So when Lu Qingshan made a suggestion, Xia Daoyun accepted the suggestion without hesitation, and determined the six Mangcang Battle Method Tablets as the goal of the trip.

Xia Daoyun's movements were very fast, almost the next moment when she made a move, the six war monuments were already floating in the air, suspended around her body, and she put them all into the mustard seeds.


Dig your ancestral grave in front of your face.

Can this be tolerated?

What can be tolerated and what cannot be tolerated.

Not to mention the violent demons, even the king of the rat would be furious.

Therefore, in just an instant, dozens of black shadows exuding powerful fluctuations rushed out from all parts of Sword Luo King City.

"you dare!"

"Bold and lunatic, you actually snatched the sacred monument of our family, you are looking for death!" those ghosts shouted angrily, and their voices spread across the sky.

At the head is a top Demon Lord, with a pair of red eyes that are extremely evil, and there is endless anger and violence surging in them.

This top Demon Lord soared into the sky and arrived at the fastest.

He was facing Xia Daoyun from afar, and the devil boy who was originally full of anger shrank unconsciously the moment he saw Xia Daoyun's appearance clearly, and then a trace of hidden deep fear circulated.

"It's you, Xia Daoyun!"

A sharp voice resounded over Sword Luo King City.

Back then outside Yumen Pass, Xia Daoyun borrowed the sword energy left by Li Qiubai in the world from thousands of miles away, and used it to defeat Chi Zun head-on.

That scene of sword qi spanning 30,000 miles shocked both humans and demons, left an indelible impression on the demon cultivators of the Burning Moon Realm, and made Xia Daoyun's face firmly imprinted by the demon masters of the soldiers and demons It was in his mind, so he immediately recognized Xia Daoyun's identity.

"How did you appear here? How dare you appear here?!"

"It turned out to be promoted to the Sword Fairyland." Moying stared at Xia Daoyun carefully, and the devilish energy around him fluctuated violently, because at this time he discovered that Xia Daoyun's cultivation was no longer in the Tribulation Realm twenty years ago.

"Just by looking at it, you don't seem to be in a good condition right now. How dare you break into my Sword Luo King City?" The Demon Venerable raised his head to the sky and shouted.

As the top powerhouse of the demon clan, his eyesight is naturally outstanding, and he can see at a glance the unhealed injuries left on Xia Daoyun's body in the previous battle with Luo Hu's incarnation.

"Exactly, since you don't know what to do and seek your own death, I will kill you here and remove a big obstacle for our family to Ping Yumen Pass!"

When Xia Daoyun heard this, a faint smile appeared on his jade-white face.

It's just that there is a cold chill in the smile.

A moment later, with Niu Er in hand, vast sword energy swept out overwhelmingly.

"It seems that you haven't figured out the situation yet."

She can beat Chi Zun at the eighth level, although she borrowed the power of Chang'an Sword Immortal, but today she is a Sword Immortal, and the ghost in front of her is not a figure like the three Zun, how can she have the courage to shout in front of her?

The top Demon Venerable was not afraid of the surging sword energy, and said calmly: "If it is in other places, I really want to avoid you Xia Daoyun, but in Wangcheng, how can I be afraid of you?"

The demonic aura gushed out from the eyes of the top Demon Venerable, and immediately stomped his foot, and immediately a thick demonic aura rose up like a tornado from the Sword Luo King City below, enveloping him.

Then, his momentum skyrocketed by three points.

In the center of Sword Luo King City, there is a very strange plant growing, the whole body is blood red, the leaves are huge, shaped like a cattail fan, and it exudes a strange fragrance.

In its huge blood-red leaves, there are two strange flowers, each of which is as big as a millstone. That top Demon Venerable.

This is the magic plant protecting the city of Sword Luo King, a powerful magic plant that even the three can't name it, but it is generally called King Sacrifice.

Although Jianluo Wangcheng is not as powerful as Yumenguan, its foundation cannot be underestimated, and now it is showing part of its power.

Receiving the blessing of King Sacrifice's power, the top demon venerable slammed into the sky with fierce flames, and swung his right palm violently. The monstrous demon energy turned into a gigantic demon dragon of thousands of feet and rushed out with its teeth and claws, facing the endless sword rushing towards the face Qi, want to kill Xia Daoyun.


A loud bang resounded over Sword Luo King City.

Countless swords flowed out, evaporating all the devilish energy permeating the dragon's body.

The terrifying fluctuations spread, and the top Demon Venerable shook his body, feeling a tingling pain on his skin, but he was already weaker than the downwind.

Xia Daoyun is a good first-time sword fairy, and she is indeed injured, but she is Xia Daoyun.

Xia Daoyun with a sword of Frost and Cold.

So, how could she lose?


This time, before the top Demon Venerable got over his breath, Xia Daoyun had already plundered, the law domain spread out, the sword energy swept across, and the sword light raged, directly making the demon energy sink into a swamp and making it impossible to move an inch.

The bull's ear in her hand carried a majestic and domineering sword intent, covering the top Demon Lord.

Seeing Xia Daoyun attacking with such a domineering posture, the top Demon Venerable didn't seem to take him seriously at all, and the anger in his heart became even worse.

"Stop looking down on people!"

He grabbed it with his big hand, and the billowing demonic energy gathered in his hand to form a huge black magic knife, which slashed down angrily, and slashed at Xia Daoyun.


At this moment, a statue of Luoshen appeared behind Xia Daoyun.

Astonishing power diffused from the dharma image, directly piercing through the void, and shattering the magic knife formed by gathering the magic energy.

And Xia Daoyun's body had already reached the top of the top Demon Venerable, and the extremely unreasonable and domineering sword fell down.

The top Demon Venerable roared, his eyes flashed fiercely, mixed with jealousy, his palms suddenly changed into a strange seal, there was a billowing demon energy coming from Sword Luo King City at an astonishing speed, turning into a jet-black demon India stood in front of him.


The bull's-ear sword and the magic seal shook heavily, and the earth-shattering fluctuations impacted everywhere, distorting the space.

The magic seal in front of the top Demon Venerable shattered, followed by **** sword marks on his divine demon body, his figure was blown away by thousands of feet, and the demon energy surrounding his body also faded a bit .

Obviously, Xia Daoyun once again had the absolute upper hand in this reckless fight.

However, with the support of King Mozhi Jiji, the moat of Sword Luo King City, the demonic energy that had been reduced from the top Demon Lord quickly became stronger again, and the wound healed at an astonishing speed.

"Haha, Xia Daoyun, you are indeed too strong, but you want to kill me in Jianluowangcheng, it's a whimsical idea!" The top Demon Venerable naturally understood his own advantages, and sneered wildly without any scruples.

"All of you, help me to kill the enemy together!" At this moment, the other dozens of ghosts had also arrived, and the top Demon Lord was even more confident.

Xia Daoyun glanced coldly at these powerful demon cultivators, stepped forward, and took the initiative to attack.

This is the second battle she has experienced since she was promoted to Sword Immortal.

Luo Hu's incarnation is too weird, suppressing her everywhere, leaving her powerless, but the demon cultivators in front of her are not as powerful as Luo Hu's incarnation, and they are suitable for proving her own combat power.

At this moment, the way of the sword and the art of the sword are fused into one, and the power is endless.

These phantoms are powerful enough and have the blessing of the king, but facing Xia Daoyun today, they are still not enough to look at, and they are completely suppressed.


Niu'er pierced the sky, a high-ranking Demon Venerable screamed, and the body of the **** and demon was torn apart, unable to bear Niu'er's dominance at all.

Worse than him was another high-ranking Demon Lord, not to mention his physical body, even Yuanshen exploded along with it, destroying both body and spirit on the spot.

That was a high-ranking Demon Lord, who just fell away.

"Xia Daoyun, Hugh is going crazy!" The leading top-level Demon Venerable was bold and bold, and took the initiative to undertake the largest part of the frontal offensive, but he still couldn't change anything.

After beheading four or five Demon Lords one after another, the earth-shattering Xia Daoyun rose up with the sword, no longer interested in fighting, and plundered into the distance.

Facing this scene, for a while, the Demon Lords of Sword Luo City didn't know what to do.


In Sword Luo King City, they were all suppressed so miserably, if they left the King City without the blessing of King Sacrifice, wouldn't they be even more opponents?

Do not chase?

Xia Daoyun just broke into the king's city alone, took away their sacred objects, then pushed the enemy sideways, and swaggered away.

How will they explain to the three gods then?

However, just when they hesitated because of the hesitation in their hearts, Xia Daoyun's figure had turned into a black spot and disappeared into the sky.

The escape speed of a sword cultivator is the best among the six cultivators, let alone she is still a sword fairy!


Sword Luowang City, Mingyue Mansion.

In the dark secret room, demonic energy billowed.

Ying Mingyue got up and pushed open the door that had not been opened for a long time.

"Miss." There was already a maid waiting outside the secret room.

"Did something happen?"

Ever since Qing Ge disappeared with the Suppressing Demon Sword 20 years ago, Ying Mingyue, Qing Ge's fiancée, has not had an easy life.

Before Qing Ge disappeared, everyone was jealous of her good luck, and finding a son-in-law at random turned out to be so extraordinary. Her future wife will surely be able to rise to the top because of her husband.

But no one expected that such a big event would happen within three days of joy.

The three gods were furious, and sent countless men to dig three feet into the ground, but they still couldn't find any trace of Qing Ge. After more than half a year, everyone basically agreed that Qing Ge really disappeared forever and would never reappear.

As a result, Ying Mingyue, who had a bright future, became a widow who had never been married.

Both the human race and the demon race have the bad nature of adding insult to injury. Those who were once jealous of Ying Mingyue began to gloat, and even gossip behind their backs.

There has been a lot of gossip over the years.

Out of sight, out of sight, Ying Mingyue, deeply troubled by rumors and gossip, finally chose to stay behind closed doors and practice in closed doors in Mingyue Mansion, keeping her ears from hearing things outside the window.

Twenty years is just a moment for practice. Ying Mingyue was still too early to end her retreat, but the battle above the royal city alarmed everyone in the royal city, including her who was in retreat.

"Miss, it's the sword fairy of the human race. The sword fairy of the human race has come to our royal city..." The maid's voice tremblingly reported the situation of the outside world to Ying Mingyue, with a deep heart.

"Human Sword Immortal?!" Apparently, Ying Mingyue didn't expect this to happen, and couldn't help but exclaimed, "Have you killed us in the royal city?"

"It is said that the Human Race Sword Immortal forcibly took away six Mang Cang Battle Statues, and all the Demon Lords tried to stop her, but in the end, she killed several of them, and fled towards the east in a swaggering manner." The maid used a Reported with an unbelievable but unbelievable expression.

"The Stele of Mang Cang's Battle Technique was forcibly taken away?!"

Everything the maid said today was beyond Ying Mingyue's imagination.

The monument of warfare that stood in the royal city for an unknown number of years was snatched away by a human monk...

Thinking of the Battle Technique Monument, the memory that she had been trying to forget quietly resurfaced in her mind.

Ying Mingyue was stunned for a while, and finally sighed unconsciously.

Where the **** are you now? still alive?

She raised her head and subconsciously looked in the direction where the human sword fairy had said the maid had left.

But nothing was seen.


"Everything is going well, but the three should have received the news, we have to leave quickly." Xia Daoyun who returned with the tablet of warfare was very calm, as if he didn't take this brilliant record to heart.

Lu Qingshan glanced in the direction of Sword Luo King City again, then looked away, nodded and said: "Then let's go."

Xia Daoyun immediately took out the Jiuyou Kanyu map given by Lu Qingshan without hesitation, and waved it lightly.

The next moment, the scroll unfolded, and a withered yellow river gushed out of the scroll, and the vast river water rolled up the two bodies. UU Reading continued to move forward, flowing into a void, and disappeared .


Sword Luowang City, Mingyue Mansion.

Ying Mingyue withdrew her gaze and stopped thinking about it.

Such a big matter is obviously not something she should take care of, nor is she able to take care of it.

That being the case, let’s continue practicing.

So she turned and walked to the dark room again.


Why have we met before?

Do not.

There will not even be a meeting.

Some people are just passers-by after all.

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