Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years) - Chapter 1191 Destiny Great Yuan Zun

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Han Jue continued to travel in the field of basic rules. Han Liang's ideology was a special basic rule.

The so-called special basic rules are the rules that are developed prominently in the basic rules, and there are also rule elements in the non-blank field.

To jump out of the blank field, Han Jue thought of a way.

Maybe the blank field is really everything, there is no outside at all, but the blank field can be expanded, and he can also create the outside, so as to jump out of the blank field, as long as you master all the basic rules!

After Han Jue had a direction, he became more determined.

As for reality, he is not worried at all. His three dojos have clones, and clones go to the original time and space, and countless wills are scattered in every corner. Now it is impossible for the ninth chaos to slaughter hidden disciples when he breaks through. Happening.

He concentrates on comprehension.

Han Liang followed his grandfather curiously, and he didn't dare to disturb him. Gradually, he seemed to be able to see the fast-paced light around him.

It seems to be absorbed!

Leaving the temple, a Taoist creator looked up angrily, only to see a white-haired man floating in the void.

There are three golems suspended behind the white-haired man. Looking closely, they are somewhat similar to the three major demon gods, but somewhat different.

He is the white-haired man Han Jue and Ninth Chaos predicted.

The master has disappeared for tens of billions of years, and the endless era has become extremely rich. Every tens of millions of years, many geniuses can emerge. How the white-haired man has risen, the creators of Tao are not clear, when they realize this person's When it is threatening, it is too late.

In just 10 billion years, this white-haired man became the creator of the Tao and called himself the Great Source of Destiny.

Destiny Great Yuan Zun was a gentle person before proving the Dao, which is not what he looked like. After proving the Dao, he set his sights on the three major Hongmeng Demon Gods, trying to absorb them and improve his aptitude. In the end, he turned into this appearance. At first glance, he looked like a demon. The creator of Dao is so majestic.

"You are really stupid, you can't imagine that there is another world hidden above the temple, right?"

Desperate Great Source looked down at the creators of Taoism and smiled contemptuously.

I have experienced a fierce battle just now, and all the creators of the Tao are not the opponents of the Great Yuan Zun.

After the fusion of the three Hongmeng Demon Gods, the strength of Destiny Great Yuan Zun is simply too strong.

The ninth Chaos said solemnly: "I advise you to turn back, you devoured Han Huang, and the Lord will not let you go."

Han Tuo, Han Ling, Li Yao and other Hidden Sect creators all looked at the Great Yuan Zun with killing intent. They hadn't felt this powerlessness for a long time.

"Master? I haven't seen him since I was born. Does he really exist?"

Destiny Great Source Venerable hummed, he waved his hand, and a purple air layer appeared above the detached temple, dividing the entire blank field into two.

The Yin-Yang Immaculate Destiny God cast a spell, and the terrifying mana exploded, but it was unable to shake the purple aura.

Other Taoist creators took action one after another, and the purple air layer appeared in countless halos, like the sea under a heavy rain, but no matter how they attacked, they couldn't break the purple air layer.

Destiny Dayuan Zun raised his head, stretched out his hand to tear open the space, and stepped in.

The space-time crack shrinks!

Destiny Dayuan Zun appeared in a big world, the sky is blue, the earth is rolling, like the mortal world, the landscape is beautiful and picturesque, but it makes him frown when it falls in his eyes.

"Why can't I feel the atmosphere of rules?"

Destiny Dayuan Zun was surprised, he thought that this higher realm would hide great opportunities.

He has been searching for this world for tens of billions of years, but he does not want to return without success.

He began to search the world.

Soon, he landed in front of a stone statue, which was exactly what Han Jue looked like.

Destiny Dayuan Zun frowned and reached out to touch the stone statue.

In an instant, a phantom appeared, which was Han Jue's will.

Destiny Great Yuan Zun did not retreat, but asked, "Who are you?"

Han Jue smiled and asked, "What do you think?"

"In the blank realm, the only person who surpasses the creator of the Tao is the legendary master, is that you?"


"very good!"

Destiny Dayuan Zun smiled. He raised his hand and grabbed Han Jue, but his hand went straight through Han Jue's will and fluttered in the air.

Han Jue still smiled at him.

Destiny Great Yuan Zun twisted his right hand and pinched a curse mark in his palm to hit Han Jue, but it still passed through without causing any impact.

"It seems that the master really lives up to its reputation." Destiny Dayuan Zun snorted.

He did not retreat, still staring at Han Jue.

Han Jue smiled and said, "You want to absorb my power?"

Destiny Dayuan Venerable said: "Yes, fulfill me, this blank field is immutable, I need to change it, and the blank field you guide is not much different from the past, your merit is to make the Dao realm more, but This does not affect the essence of the blank field, I understand the rules of the blank field and understand how to change the blank field, I am doing great creation."

Han Jue asked, "How do you want to change?"

Destiny Taiyuan said: "I want to create a finite world. The infinite world seems to be full of hope, but it is meaningless. It is a mistake to practice in order to explore the unknown. A world without practice is the real world of bliss, and all living beings are equal. , sentient beings cannot kill each other, cannot oppress each other, sentient beings can do whatever they want, there is no limit, there is no life and death, and there is no pain.”

Han Jue shook his head and said, "Then why did you devour the three great primordial demon gods?"

"Because there must be sacrifice on this road, I must make my aptitude surpass the Demon God of Hongmeng, surpass the creator of the Tao, as long as I absorb you again, I can break through again, complete me, then I will resurrect you, resurrect the Demon God of Hongmeng, resurrect Those who were killed by me."

Destiny Great Source Venerable said seriously, with a hint of madness in his tone.

Han Jue stared at him carefully.

Desperate Great Yuan Zun looked at him calmly.

after awhile.

Han Jue suddenly said, "Are you afraid of death?"

Desperate Dayuan Zun was stunned for a while, UU reading frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

Han Jue smiled and said, "You are not a living being, you are only born from a living being, right, I should call you the blank field."

Hearing this, Destiny Great Yuan Zun suddenly retreated, this was the first time he panicked.

He stared at Han Jue.

Han Jue said: "You are worried that the final world will swallow up the blank field, which is to swallow you, so you were born, but your power is limited by the basic rules, you can only be reincarnated with your will, taking advantage of the tens of billions of years that I disappeared, you found an opportunity."

Destiny Dayuan Zun looked gloomy and said: "You were born in the blank realm, but you want to attack the blank realm, do you really think you are right?"

"You are already invincible, you already have the supreme power, why do you want to take it to the next level?"

Han Jue said with a smile: "I am, like you, I am afraid of death, I am afraid that this blank field will attack me, just like the previous Hongmeng Demon God and the Ninth Chaos, although I am getting stronger, the blank field is also getting stronger, All beings are just pawns in your eyes, aren't they?"

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