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Yang Huayue believes that the media is right, and her relationship with Tao Zhiwei is not like a couple, but more like a lover who is invisible. Tao Zhiwei is too busy. He dedicates his time to work, leaving her with pitiful time.

Yang Huayue dared not expect Tao Zhiwei to greet his girlfriend every day like an ordinary man-he always thinks of her existence when he always needs her, calling or texting her is like teasing her pet; she doesn’t Dare to count on him as the rich boyfriend of certain actresses that day, occasionally come to the crew to visit the class, or make a surprise-last year on her birthday, he transferred 500,000 to her to let her buy a birthday gift; she did not expect Tao Zhiwei said some sweet words, he didn't seem to know what romance was.

Yang Huayue is very insecure, and Tao Zhiwei's detached feeling makes her feel that their love is optional for him. She is absolutely not as important as his company's business. As for her position in his heart, she thought, probably There is no status. She returned to Xinghe Film and Television, and had nothing to do with Tao Zhiwei. She was purely for Tao Zhiyao and Yu Zhan. She wanted to be closer to everyone.

Not long ago, Paparazzi photographed her hotel in the Middle East because she found that she and Tao Zhiwei had not seen her for a long time. She missed him and wanted to give him a surprise. She flew to the Middle East and suddenly appeared in front of him.

Unexpectedly, Tao Zhiwei saw her with no joy, only surprise. When the paparazzi's flash light was on, his face suddenly sank, blaming her that she should not come running on her own.

Yang Huayue was very sad. She finally found out that she and Tao Zhiwei were in a relationship. She was always accommodating him and paying for it blindly, but he did not consider it for her.

She didn't quarrel with Tao Zhiwei. She left her baggage silently the next day, hurried back to China, and rushed back and forth every day. She was ill. It was only the first two days. Fortunately, she is now on a vacation between the two companies. Receive important work.

Yang Huayue was not sure whether Liu Yan invited Tao Zhiwei to this wedding, but she came alone anyway. After her trip to the Middle East, she unilaterally refrained from Tao Zhiwei, and Tao Zhiwei froze her... Their WeChat chat record date is still last month.

Shen Mozhen and Tao Zhiwei were still chatting on twitter. Yang Huayue couldn’t plug in the words, Chu and Yu were together in pairs, and she couldn’t help being a light bulb, so she grabbed a snack on the table , Went to the corner to eat slowly, waiting for the new couple and Liu Yan to come over from the church.

At this time, she saw an obese old man with sneaky dress, expression and behavior. He came in from the bush, exactly where she was standing. Obviously here is only a few steps away from the garden entrance. Why is he Not going the right way?

"Who are you?" Yang Huayue asked cautiously.

The other party turned a deaf ear and looked around, as if looking for someone.

"Hey, who the **** are you?" Yang Huayue intuitively felt that this person didn't look like a guest. He was wearing a dark blue suit, much like the hospital's sick suit. He wore a black trench coat outside. He was fatter and didn't fit well , The sleeves are tight. Who can come here, who is not gorgeously dressed and personable? Even the male waiters who traveled between them all wore white shirts and black trousers. Look closely, this man's clothes are still a bit dirty, his hair is messy, looks like a tramp.

The news that homeless people and beggars rub others' wedding banquets is not uncommon. Is this the same for this person? But the whole hotel was booked by Peter, how did he come in?

Just in case, Yang Huayue blocked his way. The other party suddenly stared at her fiercely, "Go away, don't get in the way."

As soon as his words fell, the crowd started to make a noise, and the new couple had already arrived at the garden entrance. This person's expression also became more distorted.

Tao Zhiwei arrived at the hotel just right. He got out of the car and the newcomer and his team got out. He gave the gift he prepared to Zhang Pei and Peter face to face. Several people talked and laughed and walked in the direction of the garden.

Suddenly a flash of light flashed in front of Yang Huayue's eyes. She was shocked to see this man holding a knife in his right hand, and the blade was exposed.

He held the knife and rushed to the mother and daughter Zhang Pei who had just come in. Liu Yan held Zhang Pei in a very intimate manner.

"Be careful," Yang Huayue yelled. Her body reacted faster than her brain. She pulled the "vagrants" from behind. When she couldn't help, she used her body to stop him.

Liu Yan's mother's great event, she will never allow anyone to destroy it!

After strenuous and hard work, he was about to succeed, but was destroyed by a stinky girl at this moment! Liu Chengyu was badly angry, raised his sword, and stabbed Yang Huayue first.

Tao Zhiwei, who had always been aloof and disinterested, showed a great change in his face. He rushed up first and kicked Liu Chengyu.

Liu Chengyu fell to the lawn with his five feet, and the knife was thrown away a few meters away.

Everything happened too quickly.

Zhang Pei only recognized this time, the other party was Liu Chengyu.

"Quick alarm!"

"What about security? Where does security go?! Who let this person in?"

"I was almost killed with a knife! It was terrible."


The guests stepped forward and surrounded Liu Chengyu, preventing him from running away.

Liu Chengyu was lying on the ground, motionless, and escaping from the psychiatric hospital had consumed most of his physical strength. He followed the food delivery car into the hotel, stole the waiter's coat and put it on, the whole process was smooth.

He looked at faces that were strange or familiar, and suddenly burst out laughing, "Liu Yan is a monster, she is a monster! You all cheated, she is not a person, a ghost, she cheated my wife, cheated Yu Zhan, lied to all of you! Now, my wife has become a monster, and I want to show them the original form, I am walking for the sky," he laughed hysterically, screaming, his face twisted, his eyes mad.

Many of the onlookers took a step back in fear, worrying that he would suddenly stand up and attack people like crazy dogs.

Everyone realized that he was Liu Yan's biological father, Zhang Pei's ex-wife.

"I heard that he is mentally ill, and it seems that he is ill."

"Looking at him like this, it feels very pitiful, why should I get to this point?"

"Yeah, I really don't understand why I should fight against my own daughter. I have never seen a father who would use a knife against his daughter."


The named Liu Yan and Zhang Pei, UU reading were not disturbed by his "crazy words", they stood with Yang Huayue, Yang Huayue held Liu Yan's hand and found that her fingertips were very Cold.

Yu Zhan and Tao Zhiwei, together with several security forces, subdued Liu Chengyu and sent him back to the psychiatric hospital. This time, he probably would never get out. Yu Zhan returned to apologize to everyone, "Sorry, the little episode affects everyone's interest, and the wedding continues as usual."

Everyone laughed as if the thing just now was an illusion, and they didn't even care. The blessed and the toasted, the wedding scene was back to lively, everyone laughed Yan Yan.

Tao Zhiwei also took the initiative to move towards Yang Huayue...

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