Traveling Through the Stars - Chapter 3073 blue star

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  Chapter 3073 Blue Star

  It’s hard to say, the Zhu family’s guards are recuperating now, and they don’t have any missions. Zhu’s family leader decided to give a small spaceship to let the children go to undeveloped planets to learn more.

  Experience outside is not necessary to fight, watching the battle can also gain experience.

  When Luo Bi got home and said something, Feng Ling simply didn't stop her.

  However, Huaran had to go with her when she was free, otherwise Luo Bi would not have to go, Feng Ling was not at ease at all, the tide of alien beasts receded, and the risk factor of undeveloped planets was still very high.

   As for the mission planet? Robbie chose Qingyao Xing.

   At this time, there are already hunting teams and mercenary groups on the Qingyao planet. They came so impatiently because they wanted to see how the resources on the undeveloped planet would be after the tide of alien beasts receded.

   It is impossible to go on a mission without elixir. Feng Ling gave Luo Bi two bottles of second-grade elixir in case of emergencies.

  Feng Ling packed a bag of nutritious snacks at home, and sent Luo Bi and a group of children aboard Zhu's small spaceship early the next morning.

  Hua Ran rushed over, Master Zhu and Feng Ling gave instructions, Wei Bunting and Zhu Xingzhi took the Orange Spoon and Xun Spoon, and they greeted each other and boarded the spaceship.

  The spaceship took off, a group of children were buzzing, and Zhu Xingbao only cared about eating.

  Zhu Xingrong said: "Give me a piece."

  Zhu Xingbao gave him a piece of barbecue jerky, Zhu Xingrong took a bite, and Zhu Xingbao asked, "Is it delicious?"

  Zhu Xingrong nodded: "It's delicious."

  The orange spoon held the spar and absorbed it happily. Seeing this, Hua Ran gave Yan Shao and Xun Shao a spoon and a spar. Low-grade spar, the energy is very low, but the spoon does not dislike it.

   "If there is a hunting team fighting with the mercenary group, Luo Bi, we will see how they fight." Zhu Xingsu explained: "For little Leiyan fighters of our age, watching the battle can also gain insight."

  The children were talking all over the place, and some of them ate the jerky instead of eating in the morning.

   "Aren't we going to fight alien beasts?" A child asked.

   "We can't beat it." Zhu Xingshao grinned: "The moomoo beast with a first-level combat power can fight."

   "Momoo animal meat also contains nutritional energy!" The child's eyes lit up.

  Zhu Xingshao didn't bother to say, it had to be able to catch up with the Moo Beast, and anyone who was easy to bully would bully them, so there was nothing wrong with them. Let’s not talk about the amazing ones, if a group of their children go, they will be paid for nothing.

  Zhu Xingsu touched the child's head, and said: "When my cousin grows up, he will be able to deal with powerful beasts. Let's not provoke them now, otherwise it will be useless for us to fight together."

  The child said: "Yes, cousin, let's just go around and not fight with strange beasts."

  After listening to a group of children, Robbie said, "Let's find a hunting dog that is easy to bully."

  Zhu Xingshao laughed loudly, leaned on a little cousin and said, "That's right, with luck, we might be able to find a pheasant, or a winged rabbit, so we don't have to fight."

  Everyone talked and laughed, Hua Ran asked the children to prepare the energy liquid and install the energy stone on the Xiaobi Feijian.

   Qingyao Xing has a high risk factor. I don't know when I can catch up with the strange beast, so I should prepare all the equipment and rest assured. All the children's homes have prepared energy liquid and energy stones, checked them, and continued talking, laughing and eating.

  When the spaceship arrived at Qingyao Star, Wei Bunting drove the spaceship and asked, "Where did you land?"

   "Not here." Luo Bi took a look and waved his hand: "Let's go to Xiaolu Mountain in Qingyaoxing."

  (end of this chapter)

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