Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1604 - 1604 Princess Po Suolo, Blood Livestock, Black Dungeon Riot

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1604 Princess Po Suolo, Blood Livestock, Black Dungeon Riot

Sword qi shuttled across the realm with unmatched sharpness.

Not even a Gilded Immortal could withstand such sword qi.

Soon, countless Black Black Mosquitoes were slashed and killed, bursting into clouds of blood mist.

More than ten thousand Black Black Mosquitoes were killed by a single shot of sword qi, including many Gilded Immortal.

The one who started the massacre stood firm on his spot.

“What a terrifying attack!”

“He’s at least in the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm!”

“Who is he exactly?”

Some of the Black Black Mosquitoes managed to hold their bloodlust back as fear took over them.

Chu Kuangren stood in the air and said, “I understand your bloodthirstiness since all of you are just some filthy Black Black Mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I’m not going to stand here and let you suck my blood. Smashing all of you to death is not that difficult for me.”

“Who are you? What are you doing here?!” one of the Black Black Mosquitoes asked.

“I heard you captured some people from the Ashura Tribe. Tell me where they are.”

“Do you think we’ll tell you?”

Chu Kuangren’s figure flashed and appeared in front of that Black Mosquito. A mini black hole formed in the center of his palm, and a tremendous distortion force exploded, crushing the Black Mosquito’s bones piece by piece.

Blood spurted and flesh burst out as his body was crushed.

“I have limited patience. Tell me where they are.”

“I will never tell you!”


The Black Mosquito exploded on the spot.

“There are so many of you. I refuse to believe all of you have a similar unyielding spirit.”

With a single thought, the Spacetime Sealing Technique was cast, and the space was sealed.

Under his ruthless interrogation, one of them finally talked.

“They’re all locked in the Dark Prison!” said the horrified Black Mosquito.

“Bring me there.”

“There’s a powerful Blood Wing Black Black Mosquito on guard there. You alone cannot save them.”

“That’s none of your business.”

The Black Mosquito agreed and led Chu Kuangren to the Dark Prison.

After he left, the Black Black Mosquitoes that survived sighed a breath of relief.

“He’s so scary! Who exactly was that? I have never heard of the Ashura Tribe having such a monster!”

“I think he’s not from the Ashura Tribe. The Ashura men are not as handsome as him. He must be an outsider.”

“This won’t end well. We must inform the Black Mosquito King.”

The Black Mosquito Kings were the managers of Blood Mosquito Island, and there were a total of four of them, similar to their Ashura counterparts. They were all Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals as well.

Just when the Black Black Mosquitoes planned to leave, a fist-sized black vortex appeared above their heads, and a terrifying suction force erupted. All the Black Black Mosquitoes were sucked into nothingness.

“What is this?!”

“Black hole! It’s a black hole!”

“Why would there be a black hole here?!”

“It must be that guy! He never planned to let us live!”

Countless Black Black Mosquitoes fled in panic, but the black hole was too powerful. The suction force blanketed the entire area, and the Black Black Mosquitoes who were not even Gilded Immortals could not fight it.

After a while, they were all sucked into eternal death.

The black hole was, in fact, the divine ability of the Black Hole Celestial Demon Immortal Physique, Great Black Hole Disintegration.

Now that Chu Kuangren was an Arch Gilded Immortal, the black hole’s power was powerful enough to destroy half of the galaxy, let alone a bunch of Black Mosquitoes.

Inside the Dark Prison, a bunch of Ashura tribesmen was being held captive like how human held livestock on farms.

The Dark Prison was actually a feeding ground for the Black Mosquitoes.

“Princess, are you alright?” a man in broken armor asked a beautiful girl in glamorous robes.

Despite being in a terrible situation and wretched state, the girl’s delicate facial features carried a sliver of dignified aura.

She waved and said, “I’m fine. I won’t die yet.”

“Princess? You’re the princess?”

Some of the Ashura tribesmen were shocked to learn of the girl’s identity. They all knelt on the ground and bowed to her.

The girl immediately said, “Please, get up. All of you shouldn’t be doing this in a situation like this. Let’s just think of a way to escape.”

The girl was Po Suolo, the daughter of King Po Yazhi.

She was on an outing to experience the life of her people when she was caught by the Blood Wing Black Mosquitoes as food.

If she knew it would be that dangerous, she would have brought a couple of experts on the trip.

She regretted her decision already. She thought it would be safe being in her own territory, but she underestimated the cunningness of the Black Mosquitoes.

“We are yours to command.”

“I just scanned this place and noticed that the Dark Prison uses restriction seals to keep us here. I’ve learned a technique from a book before, and I think I can break it. When I break the restriction seals, General Tu will lead the way and bring everyone out here. I have already sent a hidden message to my father. They are on their way to save us,” Po Suolo said.

“Great!” General Tu nodded.

With that, Po Suolo started to pay attention to the patrolling guards and took note of the time they used to finish a shift. After she identified the window, she started to break the restriction seals.

Soon, the restriction seals were broken, and the cell was opened.

The Ashura tribesmen escaped, but it also startled the prison guards.

“Hey! The prisoners are escaping! Stop them!”

“Go to hell!”

“Yeah! Damn you, Mosquito. Die!”

The people of the Ashura Tribe were all warriors regardless of age.

They were tortured when they were held captive, and now that they had regained their freedom, they vent their anger and grief on the prison guards.

The prison guards were soon killed by the wrath of the Ashura.


General Tu paved the way and led his people out of the Dark Prison.

The group pressed forward indomitably, and Po Suolo opened up all the restriction seals along the way.

Their prison break soon started a riot in the Dark Prison.

The Ashuras were released with endless wrath and ferocity.

“These damn Mosquitoes, I’ll teach them a lesson!”

“They are dead!”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“We will level this Dark Prison to the ground!”

The prison break escalated into a prison riot, and the prison guards were all killed by the rioters.

“Look, there’s the exit!” General Tu was delighted when he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

All the Ashura tribesmen were happy as well. They all charged toward the exit, but when they finally escaped the prison, the scene before their eyes threw them into despair.

A massive army of Black Mosquitoes surrounded them, and the leading Black Mosquitoes were Arch Gilded Immortals.

The joy of regaining their freedom was crushed mercilessly and replaced by endless despair.

“No…” Po Suolo collapsed on the ground feebly with a hopeless expression.

“You’re all just blood livestock. Don’t you know what this place is? Why would you think you could escape?” the leading Black Mosquito mocked them.

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