Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1606 - 1606 The Four Great Mosquito Kings, The Four Great Ashura Kings, How Were They So Confident?

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1606 The Four Great Mosquito Kings, The Four Great Ashura Kings, How Were They So Confident?

On Blood Mosquito Island, Chu Kuangren alone was facing the siege of several Black Mosquito Arch Gilded Immortals.

Soon, a ball of red flame erupted in his hand, and an extremely terrifying karmic flame energy that an Arch Gilded Immortal would be highly afraid of spread outward.

“This is the Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame!”

“How could he possibly possess the Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame?!”

The Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame was listed in the Divine Flame List, and its Karmic Flame energy would get more powerful when one’s cultivation improved.

The Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame that Chu Kuangren had just cast contained the Red Karmic Flame Lotus energy, which was even more powerful than an ordinary one!

Wherever the crimson flame burned, the void distorted. No one could survive the flame, not even the Blood Wing Blood Mosquitoe Gilded Immortals.

Burned by the flame, countless mosquitoes lit up and turned into ashes, releasing the rancid burning smell into the air!

Chu Kuangren frown. “Sure enough, the smell of grilled mosquitoes is not very pleasant.”

Then, he waved his sleeve to retract the Karmic Flame energy.

At that sight, several Arch Gilded Immortals seized the opportunity to attack him by releasing all kinds of powerful Immortal Techniques.

“Be careful!”

Po Suolo’s pretty face sank, and she could not help but exclaim.

However, Chu Kuangren ignored what she said. The Green Lotus Mark on his forehead released a faint Immortal Spark, and an annihilating might gushed out like never before!

The Chaos Green Lotus gained huge energy after absorbing the Red Karmic Flame Lotus, which helped Chu Kuangren to release much more powerful energy in turn.

Soon, the surging Immortal Spark, which was contained within the green Immortal Spark, exploded and spread out in the shape of a fan!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Immortal Techniques cast by the Arch Gilded Immortals collided with the Green Lotus destruction energy, causing explosions to erupt in the void!

The Green Lotus destruction energy was an extremely terrifying power.

It beat all Immortal Techniques in the universe, and even the Embodier Technique was far inferior to it.

Moreover, the fundamentals of the energy were above all Daos.

Soon, the destruction light wiped out all the Arch Gilded Immortal Techniques and eventually enveloped a few of the Black Mosquito Arch Gilded Immortals.

“What energy is this?”

“B*stard. What has he done? What the hell is this?!”

They felt the unprecedented aura of death from the Green Lotus destruction energy.

Even an Arch Gilded Immortal panicked at that moment.

Shortly after, mists of blood exploded in the void. The Black Mosquito Arch Gilded Immortals were dead!

All the Ashura tribesmen were dumbfounded for quite a while.

Those were Arch Gilded Immortals, and they were all killed just like that?!

Who was the young man in white?!

Everyone had a lot of questions.

“Thank you for your help, Daoist Brother.” Po Suolo approached Chu Kuangren and said with a fist salute.


Chu Kuangren glanced at her but did not pursue the way she called him.

Po Suolo should have addressed him as her master instead. After all, he was now the Blood Ocean Ruler!

“Daoist Brother, this is a Dark Prison, and we shouldn’t stay here for long. Let’s leave as soon as we can,” said Po Suolo.

Chu Kuangren looked into the distance and said calmly, “It’s too late. They’re already here”


As if she had suddenly thought of something, Po Suolo’s expression changed.

Further away, several incomparably terrifying auras dashed over rapidly. The violent Arch Gilded Intent that contained the presence of blood covered the entire Dark Prison.

Many Ashura tribesmen trembled upon sensing the Arch Gilded intent.

“Such an aura… I-It’s the Mosquito King!” Po Suolo said with a pale face.

The Mosquito King was a nightmare to many Ashura because he brought disasters and was synonymous with unfortunate!

Only the Ashura Kings could fight against him because the rest of the Ashura Tribes were not his match no matter how powerful and brave their generals were.

“The Mosquito King is here. You’re doomed, lad!”

“The Mosquito King will never let you go for killing so many elites. You’ll be dead!”

The rest of the Blood Wing Black Mosquitoes were extremely excited. It was as if they had met a savior, and they even clamored at Chu Kuangren.

“What’s this noise?”

As Chu Kuangren put up a sword hand sign, countless sword qi spread from him and killed some clamoring mosquitoes.

“You’re courting death for killing my tribe!”

A roar sounded.

Soon, a figure glided across the air with a bloodthirsty and brutal Arch Gilded intent enveloping the universe.

He was a brawny man that looked to be in his thirties and wore a blood-colored royal robe. His brows were long and narrow, looking vicious and treacherous.

Besides him, several bursts of incomparably powerful auras erupted from other directions of Blood Mosquito Island.

All the Mosquito Kings arrived one by one.

They stared at Chu Kuangren with a gaze that revealed the same eagerness as other mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the mosquitoes were astonished.

“My goodness. The Four Great Mosquito Kings are here.”

“What a scene. The Four Great Mosquito Kings have come because of a Trinity Flower-realm Arch Gilded.”

The Ashura Tribe, who were hopeful, once again fell into despair because of Chu Kuangren’s emergence.

With the Four Great Mosquito Kings coming, they were in danger unless the Four Great Ashura Kings were also here.

“Such a luring scent. Is he an innate living being?”

“It is unlikely that an innate living being was born in the Blood Ocean. His aura seems to be that of a human tribe.”

The Four Great Mosquito Kings were engaged in a discussion while looking at Chu Kuangren.

Although their cultivation had reached the Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, they were attracted by Chu Kuangren upon seeing him.

They even suspected that Chu Kuangren was an innate living being who was born adhering to the Heaven and Earth Dao. If not, why did he possess such a luring blood aura?

They felt that if they could devour Chu Kuangren, they would most likely gain the same achievement as their father, Master Mosquito.

“I don’t care if you are human or Ashura, and I want the Supreme Blood on your body!”

A Mosquito King said coldly.

Chu Kuangren shook his head. “You’re merely a mosquito even though you are the king of mosquitoes.”

“Hmph. Cut the cr*p and go to hell.”

The Four Great Mosquito Kings could hardly hold back and wanted to rush up to suck Chu Kuangren’s blood.

However, at that moment, several extremely terrifying auras erupted and soared between heaven and earth.

The powerful ferocious qi and murderous intent almost formed into a substance.

“The Ashura King has come!”

In the distance, Po Yazhi glided across the air with the other three Ashura Kings.

As the Four Great Ashura Kings arrived together, a horrifying aura swept across heaven and earth.

At that, the expression of the four mosquito kings changed slightly.

“Does the Ashura Tribe want to start a war?”

“How are they so confident?”

Over the years, Blood Mosquito Island and Ashura Tribe seldom had large-scale wars even though they were at odds with each other.

That was because both parties were unsure that they could wipe out the other party.

Once they started a war, they would fight with each other to the death, and that was why no one dared to take the risk.

It was the first time the Four Great Ashura Kings came together to Blood Mosquito Island.

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