Urban Evil Doctor - Chapter 5483 Jade dish

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The young man's palm is extremely fast for ordinary people.

But in Lin Chen's eyes, it was like a turtle crawling.

Before his slap hit Lin Chen's head, Lin Chen slapped it in reverse.

Lin Chen's hand seemed to cross the space, and it was clearly two or three meters away from the young man, but it hit the young man on the head with a bang.

The young man flew upside down and hit Chen Feng and the others.

"Who are you?"

Chen Feng stretched out his hand to catch the young man, his expression frightened and angry.

Based on Lin Chen's palm alone, it is absolutely impossible for him to be a servant who just joined Cangyang Sect.

In other words, with such strength, becoming a servant of the Cangyang Sect must have some ulterior purpose.

"It doesn't matter who I am, just answer my question honestly! Forget it, it's better to be more direct. After you are beaten to the ground, it is much easier to search the memory directly."

Lin Chen pressed down with a palm from the air.

Chen Feng and the others felt as if a mountain had fallen from the sky and landed on them.

Caught off guard, some directly sprayed blood and fell to the ground, while some, like Chen Feng, behaved slightly better, but also knelt on their knees.


Lin Chen's figure disappeared in place.

After a while, Chen Feng and others were all lying on the ground like dead dogs, unable to get up.

"I understand, Xue Huan's consciousness is controlled by you, right? Where did you come from, the god-king powerhouse, to dare to attack me!

Do you know that what you are provoking now is not only me, not only our Chen family, but the entire Cangyang Sect. I advise you that it's best to-"

Seeing Xue Huan standing aside with a dull expression all the time, Chen Feng probably understood what was going on.

He was stern, staring at Lin Chen.

He was beaten to the ground by Lin Chen, but when he spoke, he still spoke in a condescending tone.

"Do you think I dare not do anything to you?" Lin Chen said coldly.

Chen Feng snorted coldly. Although he didn't answer, he did think so.

In his opinion, although Lin Chen made a move on him, he absolutely did not dare to really do anything to him.

After all, if that's the case, neither my ancestor nor the entire Cangyang Sect will let him go!

Lin Chen walked up to Chen Feng without saying a word, raised his right leg, and then stomped it down!


This kick not only crushed the bones of Chen Feng's upper body, but also a majestic force poured into his inner world, destroying the "stars" in his inner world one by one!

"You—you dare!"

Chen Feng was about to burst into tears, and roared angrily.

He wanted to counterattack, but Lin Chen's foot on him was like a mountain pressing on an ordinary person, and he couldn't shake it at all.

"Why don't I dare? You can let me bark like a dog and want my life, why can't I kill you?"

After almost destroying Chen Feng's inner world, Lin Chen kicked Chen Feng on the head, knocking him unconscious.

Lin Chen turned his head and looked at the young man who was beaten back by him just now.

The young man felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, trembling with fright: "Forgive me! Forgive me! I beg you, senior, to spare me. It's because I don't know Mount Tai!"

The others came to their senses and hurriedly begged for mercy.

At this moment, the pride and narcissism brought about by that noble status are all gone.

Their origins are destined to stand at a height that most people will never be able to reach in their entire lives.

Compared with those ascetics who climbed to the peak step by step by themselves, their combat power may not be much worse, but their mental perseverance is not the same.

"Have you forgotten what I just said?" Lin Chen said lightly.

The young man reacted, stuck out his tongue, raised his hands, like a dog: "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

Lin Chen sneered, asking him to kill this kind of guy felt like dirtying his hands.

He reached out and grabbed Chen Feng's head, and began to search his memory.

After a while, Lin Chen's face was full of surprise.

In Chen Feng's memory, he got the answer he wanted.

It was just this answer that surprised him!

The Taoyao he was looking for and the two elders Wu Huan was looking for actually overlapped.

The two elders of the Scarlet Eyed Golden Crow Clan were chased by Chen Shen that day, and when they were about to be arrested, someone came to their aid.

The person who came to help was Tao Yao.

In Chen Feng's memory image, he saw Taoyao appearing from a distance, and immediately saw Taoyao throwing a colorful jade plate, and then he felt dizzy.

He lasted less than a breath before passing out.

When he woke up, he saw Chen Shen's face was dark.

Only later did I know that the two Chi-eyed Golden Crow guys were rescued by a woman who suddenly appeared.

The woman who appeared suddenly was Tao Yao who was wanted now.

"Leaving aside why Taoyao wanted to help the Crimson-Eyed Golden Crow's people, the key point is that she actually has the ability to rescue them in front of Chen Shen?"

What surprised Lin Chen the most was undoubtedly this.

However, recall the scene in Chen Feng's memory again.

He guessed that Taoyao's ability to save people was most likely due to the treasure in the shape of a jade plate in her hand.

If she could really fight against Chen Shen and the others, she wouldn't immediately take them away after saving them.

"It seems that I still need to find out where Taoyao is now. But at least I can be sure that nothing happened to her!"

"However, since it's all right, why didn't the two elders of the Chi-eyed Golden Crow clan go back to join the clan immediately? What troubles did they encounter behind them?"

There are still some questions in Lin Chen's mind.

It's just that Chen Shen, not to mention Chen Feng, couldn't answer these questions.

For example, if Chen Shen knew where Taoyao and the others were, there would be no arrest warrants outside.

A few minutes later, Lin Chen and Xue Huan returned to the palace on the mountainside again.

He planned to go to Wu Huan, tell him what he knew, and see if he could guess where the two elders of the Scarlet-eyed Golden Crow Clan were now.

He already knew from Xue Huan where Wu Huan was sent to be a servant.

It is not difficult to find each other.

"Steward Xue, what is your business here?"

When approaching the gate of another palace, the guards at the gate did not let them go immediately, but stepped forward to stop Lin Chen and the two of them.

"Master Chen Feng asked me to come! As for the specifics, I can't tell you. As for the matters of the masters, we slaves only need to follow suit, and we shouldn't ask too many questions!"

Xue Huan looked at the other party with a blank expression and said.

"Haha! Naturally. But, I wonder if Steward Xue can show Master Chen Feng's token?"


While Xue Huan was dealing with the guards at the door, Lin Chen looked into the palace.

He saw a familiar figure walking by not far away.

It was actually Peng Beihu who had snatched the "Wuji Magical Amulet" from him earlier!

"Why is it this guy again! Is this guy and I too destined? No! Xue Huan said earlier that this is Elder Peng's palace. Elder Peng..."

For a moment, Lin Chen suddenly realized.

However, he didn't panic at all. As far as he knew, this Elder Peng, like Chen Shen, was not here right now.

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