Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me - Chapter 2862 Negotiate with Feng Xinglang

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"Oh, good." Fein immediately got up and followed out.

Watching Fein, who was taken away by Cong Gang, Feng Xinglang looked at his elder son Feng Linnuo.

"Smelly boy, Cong Gang said he was uncomfortable, so you let him take Fein away? Why don't you be tough with your Uncle Caterpillar?"

Feng Xinglang snorted, "I know that persimmon is picking softly and bullying his own father, right?"

"Daddy, Uncle Caterpillar is really uncomfortable. And you, just to show off in front of my uncle! I think Fein has won the Nobel Prize. You make him look special, right?"

Feng Linnuo had a little bit of a nail on the head.

Perhaps the uncle Feng Lixin's body is indeed not as good as before in the past two years, but it is not necessary for Fein to be overkill.

"Heh, the dead bug just pulled so hard, it looks like it's sick?"

Feng Xinglang certainly didn't believe that Cong Gang was really sick.

"That's another important thing to find Fein!"

Feng Linnuo still trusted Cong Gang very much.

"All right, when my father becomes ill one day, I am afraid that he is not qualified to call your Fein!"

Feng Xinglang grunted, with a sense of anger.

"Daddy, you are my biological father, you can't compare it!"

Feng Linnuo stepped forward to take her father's shoulders, "Besides, even the skin care products my mom and night use are made by Fein himself, which is not enough to show Fein's filial piety to you!"

"Fin's kid is really filial; that your kid is bluffing with his parents every day! Want to be a rebellious son?"

Feng Xinglang was quite satisfied with Fein: he was humble, meek, filial and respectful. The key point is that his medical skills are really against the sky!

Last time I got my wife a customized skin care product. Yuan Duoduo and Mo Ranran were so envious that they wanted to come to grab it directly.

Anyway, Mo Ranran was the first to get the moon near the water, so he ran to use Fein's personally customized cosmetics for Lin Xueluo.

"Where do you dare! Just kindly remind you: Don't use Fein as a donkey. Let's not talk about the oversized thing, just say where to come back. Didn't you and Mommy arrange him well?"

Feng Linnuo really felt sorry for Fein, and when he came to Shencheng, he became a slave.

"Isn't that impossible to dodge?"

Feng Xinglang snorted, "It was your uncle who begged your mother last time. Can your mother refuse?"

"Then what Chen Ju, did your old man arrange it?" Feng Linnuo revealed.

"Chen Ju is a partner in the pro-daddy's shopping mall... and it is also an opportunity for Fein to make money!"

Feng Xinglang was talking nonsense with his eldest son.

"Okay, stop talking to your kid, come on Xiaoqi, let my grandpa hug you!"

When he saw his newborn granddaughter, Feng Xinglang immediately opened his eyes and smiled:

Then he sighed again: "It's really like the boy Feng Fifteen! Alas, my house is really late for delivery!"


It was about seven o'clock in the evening that Fein was sent back to the top maternal and child care center by Weikang.


Feng Linnuo immediately greeted him and hugged Fein.

Fein was so embarrassed, his face instantly turned into a red apple with shame

"Fin, is my Uncle Caterpillar all right?" Feng Linnuo asked anxiously.

"It's okay. Mr. Songtai's body has always been excellent!"

Fein subconsciously kept a little distance from Feng Linnuo; however, he didn't think that Feng Linnuo had been around his waist, and didn't care about the strange eyes of others at all.

In fact, the people in the room had already regarded Fein as the closest person to Feng Linnuo.

They are no strangers to such small movements.

"Then what is my Uncle Caterpillar looking for?" Feng Linnuo asked again.

Fein glanced at Feng Xinglang subconsciously, "It was for him to check his body."

Fein blinked at Feng Linnuo and motioned to Feng Linnuo to ask again.

Feng Linnuo immediately knew not to ask any more. Just ask alone for a while.

"Fin, is your Uncle Caterpillar's body okay?"

Lin Xueluo asked the last sentence uneasy.

"It's okay. Mr. Songtai's health is fine." Finn smiled warmly.

"Then...what did that dead bug ask you for? He wants to be a demon again?"

Feng Xinglang frowned and asked, "Sooner or later, that fellow Cong Gang will kill him!"

"Dad, Mom, you can go back. Xiaonuo and Xiaomi are also tired, and it's time to go back to sleep. I will take care of the child with the child in the evening!"

Feng fifteen was a little distressed for his father-in-law who had not heard from him for a few nights.

Lin Wan's stomach hurts intermittently for two or three days, and Feng Xinglang's father also stayed anxious for two or three days.

"Dad, you and mom, take the three children home. I stayed with Fein to take care of Wanwan and Xiao Qiqi!"

Feng Linnuo wanted to leave his father, so that he could ask Fein alone.

"Okay, okay."

Lin Wan immediately became happy, "Brother Fein, you stay with me, I am most relieved!"

"Then I don't worry about it! I warn you to seal Lin Wan, so you don't think too much about my Fein!"

Feng Linnuo took Fein to his side; Fein blushed again.

Feng Xinglang felt relieved that Fein stayed here to take care of his daughter Lin Wan.

But Lin Xueluo couldn't worry about her daughter, "Xinglang, you take Da Nuo, Fein, and three children back to rest! Fein has been tired for a day, let him rest. There will be medical staff here in the evening. I'm here!"

"Don't... I want Brother Fein to accompany him tonight!"

Lin Wan really didn't think much about Fein. She just wanted to keep Fein, so as to whisper to him.

For example, if you tighten yourself or something!

She was too embarrassed to say these words to other medical staff; she was only embarrassed to say to Fein.

"I'm a mother now, and I call myself late and late! Don't be ashamed!"

Under Lin Xueluo's arrangement, Feng Xinglang, Danuo and Fein were finally allowed to return to Feng's home to rest with their three children.

"Ke Mumu wants to stay and take care of Mommy and sister late night..."

Xiao Mumu said sensibly.

"Be good, Mumu, let's see your late mom and sister tomorrow!"

Lin Xueluo could not help but hugged Xiao Mumu to her husband Feng Xinglang's arms.

In the huge RV, Feng Xinglang looked at Fein.

"Fin, you went all afternoon... Is that caterpillar's body really okay?"

Feng Xinglang asked quietly, "Is it a terminal illness? Don't worry, I can hold it. At most, buy him more firecrackers to celebrate!"

"That will save you money!"

Fein smiled warmly, "Mr. Songtai is in good health."

"Daddy, I think that if Uncle Caterpillar really got a terminal illness, you would be blushing while setting off firecrackers, right?"

Feng Linnuo chuckled, "But my Uncle Caterpillar's body, you should be fine if you die!"

What a filial son!

"You are so filial to your uncle Caterpillar, go and be his son!"

Feng Xinglang snorted coldly.

"The key is that Uncle Caterpillar is not as handsome as you!"

Feng Linnuo first slapped a rainbow fart, and then confided, "If my mother really marries my uncle Caterpillar, I will definitely not be able to give birth to such a handsome son!"

Finn hid his face and laughed out of embarrassment.

Seriously, he really likes the easy way of getting along with Feng Xinglang and Feng Linnuo.

On the surface, it looks like a rattling move.

But in fact, it is the appearance of the father's kindness and the filial piety.

Feng Xinglang Feng Linnuo for his eldest son, that is a man who can bend, stretch, bear humiliation and bear weight!

"Uncle Feng, are you worried about being late lately? Add some honey when drinking milk before going to bed at night."

Fein saw Feng Xinglang's bloodshot eyes and slightly peeled lips.

"I was irritated by my three rebellious sons!"

Feng Xinglang snorted, "It's better for you to follow Feng Fifteen, and be sensible and filial! Suddenly, it happened that I hurt those three wolves for nothing!"

Feng Xinglang's words are very obvious: he has accepted Fein as his other'daughter-in-law'. Although this daughter-in-law is a man, this does not affect Fein's excellence and competence!

"Uncle Feng, you are a blessed person! You will be happy and warm for the rest of your life."

In fact, Fein had something to say, and Feng Xinglang couldn't guess it yet.

He also wanted to know what moth Cong Gang wanted to toss with Fein, but Fein was so tight.

Therefore, Feng Xinglang wanted to make a shock: Let the eldest son create time to be alone with Fein, let the eldest son use Fein's words first, and then follow the eldest son's words by himself.

It's much simpler!


Sure enough, as soon as he returned to Feng's house, Feng Linnuo took Fein to his room.

"Quickly, what did my uncle caterpillar do while pulling you? You stayed with him all afternoon."

Fein was a little embarrassed and pursed his pale lips: "Mr. Ke Songtai won't let me say it!"

"Fin, are you still hiding with me? Be careful I kill you!"

Feng Linnuo was a detective, and Fein immediately lay softly in his arms.

"Good, good... I say I say!"

Fein smiled slightly, "Someone will call you uncle soon!"


Feng Linnuo thought about this title for a while, "The late child called me the uncle...Huh? Could it be...Could it be that Cong An'an is pregnant?"

Fein made a hissing gesture, "Yes. Cong An'an is pregnant! It has been three months, and he is still a man!"

"My God... I always thought that the little bug was a silly goose, but I didn't think he would have trouble! Even Cong An Anye can handle it!!"

Feng Linnuo is really happy for his brother, "My father and mother will be crazy if they know about it!"

"No, you don't have to tell your father... I promised your Uncle Caterpillar to keep it secret. And..."

Fein hesitated to speak but stopped.

"And what?" Feng Linnuo asked tightly.

"And... and Cong An'an still needs your father to negotiate!" Fein spit out.

"Cong Anan wants to negotiate with my father? What to negotiate? The equity of GK Ventures? Or money and fixed assets?" Feng Linnuo said in confusion, "The key point is that Cong Anan is not a material woman!"

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