Weird Regulator - Chapter 425 : Huangquan ghosts, take this to pass people

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Luo Xian's skirt was swaying at her ankles, her swan-like snow-white neck was tightly restrained, and her life was shaky.

There was unwillingness and grievance in those eyes, she tried her best to move the wrist wearing black gloves with her fingers, but she became weaker and weaker.

The will that was squeezed to the extreme forced her to close her eyes, and the moment she stopped struggling, Luo Xian began to let go of her thoughts.

The colorful box stored in the back of her mind was opened by her invisibly, and a force took root in her brain and burst into the sky.

The Nightmare Sin is a unique sin parasitic in Luo Xian's mind, embodied in a colorful box like Pandora.

Opening this box is the way to open the Nightmare Means.

Luo Xian's greatest life-saving ability is to fuse the real world with the nightmare world, relying on the dream seeds planted in the souls of the rest of the living, so as to achieve a kind of ability of immortality, immortality and transcendence.

Just as she came to the scene through Zhu Xiaoning's thoughts before, once she merged the dual worlds, she would have great dominance.

It can be said that Luo Xianqiang is strong. In a sense, as long as there are other living people, she has the ability to be half human and half ghost.

Following the same method, Luo Xian knew that she would not be able to get a bargain in Li's hands, so she opened the dream box and detonated the dream seed immediately.

Since Zhu Xiaoning's dream seed had been detonated before, this time the light that burst out of her head pointed to the nearest Xu Nan.

However, at this time, she saw Li Yi's cold and ruthless eyes through the boundary between dream and reality.

There was a hint of sneer and contempt in his eyes, and a sense of oppression that pierced through hope suddenly came, Luo Xian had to have an idea:

Her nightmare crime is not worth mentioning in front of Li Yi!

As expected, she found that her dream seed detonating power was rapidly shrinking, and she madly retreated from Xu Nan's direction, and quickly returned to her body.

Luo Xian's already pale face was filled with despair at this moment, she opened her eyes and looked at Li Yi in disbelief.

It's like trying to get a final answer from the executioner before a death row prisoner is executed.

"You are as much trash as your sins."

Li Yi looked at her calmly, his fingers contracted, causing her to breathe quickly, and at the same time losing all her patience, she was about to strangle.

"and many more!"

Just as Luo Xian was about to die, Gu Xingjian took out a pocket watch from his pocket, and all the ferocious needle girls around him paused at the same time.

Gu Xingjian's expression was slightly anxious, as if he could not accept Luo Xian's death here.

He had made great preparations for this fourth store manager mission a long time ago, and Luo Xian was a key part of his plan.

It can be said that without Luo Xian, this fourth store manager mission is meaningless to him.

Luo Xian should never die here, at least not for such a ridiculous reason!

Forced to do so, Gu Xingjian even took out the only time-related crime on his body at this time, and spoke eagerly:

"Manager Li gave Gu Mou a thin noodle and let her go once, this woman has it on the next three floors..."


Unfortunately, before Gu Xingjian's words were finished, an extraordinarily crisp bone-breaking sound interrupted them.

Li Yi casually threw Luo Xian's corpse on the ground, letting the bone spurs at his neck be exposed to the air.

The extremely cruel killing method made Hong Yin a pool of blood. He silently turned his head and asked:

"I'll give you thin noodles?"

"Luoxian is dead. It seems that she died for no reason, but it seems quite strange."

Ji Li, who was hiding in the bronze ancient coffin, sat at the bottom of the coffin, thinking silently.

No one knows whether Luo Xian has really found the caesarean point, but whether it is true or not, this woman must be procrastinating.

At first, Ji Li thought that Luo Xian's purpose was to consume the time and frequency of the other store managers' use of sins, but gradually he felt that if that was the case, Luo Xian's methods were too low-level.

So what else could Luo Xian have other than that?

Ji Li couldn't guess, and Li Yi's actions also made him have a little doubt.

It was unreasonable for Li Yi to kill Luo Xian, and he even said that he did it casually, just to express his dissatisfaction. From the side, it could mean that the person was overconfident or conceited.

So from Gu Xingjian's approach, it seems that something can be reversed...

Gu Xingjian's unfinished words should mean that he had a plan on Luo Xian's body for the purpose of targeting the lower three floors.

Then push back on Luo Xian's move...

Ji Li came to a very subversive conclusion: Did this woman deliberately want to die and leave the fourth store manager task as soon as possible?

This idea is wild, but it is more in line with Luo Xian's character.

Ji Li was silent in the dark, although he didn't speak, he was already beating drums in his heart.

Luo Xian begged for death wholeheartedly, in order to get rid of Gu Xingjian's calculations and pay such a huge price, would she be afraid of Gu Xingjian for this sake?

"Manager Li, you have already killed the person. There are no female shop managers here. How can this spherical space be cracked?"

Gu Xingjian, who had always kept his face in the city, was no longer false at this moment, and he asked with a gloomy expression.

The screams sounded, and the strange babies around Chen Hansheng and others were already out of ten, and the remaining three costs should not be a big burden to these people.

But the long-term struggle had already brought everyone to the end of the battle.

A black light lit up, and the remaining monster babies were restrained by hundreds of monster babies, and five figures slowly walked out of them.

Li Guanqi was carrying the chessboard on his back, but his steps were firm but he was already staggering. He walked at the forefront, opening the way with black stones.

Su Chenghe was covered in sweat, and his body was covered with copybooks with white flowers. He supported Chen Hansheng, who was bleeding from half of his body, and moved forward together.

Chen Hansheng clutched his left shoulder tightly, and every step was extremely difficult. The white lips indicated that he had lost too much blood, and he was seriously injured.

Xue Tinghai and Zhu Xiaoning walked side by side at the end. The two seemed to be harmless and their steps were brisk, but it could be seen that the blood vessels on their skin had turned black.

This is the sequelae of a store manager who has died once, that is, after using too many sinful objects and contacting too many ghosts, the physique of recruiting ghosts is in an explosive state.

If they continue to delay, I am afraid that when these two face the powerful ghosts, they will die again, or they will be completely transformed into ghosts.

The monster baby ghost tide is about to be killed by hundreds of monster babies, and the needle girl ghost tide created a corresponding safe area due to the crow feather thrown by Li Yi.

All the surviving store managers gathered in one place. When Ji Li emerged from the bronze coffin, he saw that everyone was squeezed into this palm-sized area.

Destroying the spherical space was futile, Luo Xian's corpse was thrown out of the safe area early, and was now stepping on the feet of the needle girls.

Ji Li turned his head silently, knowing that he had no guilt at the moment, and everyone was counting on Li Yi, even Gu Xingjian.

In the face of absolute power, the solution to the problem can only be given to those who possess absolute power.

Li Yi didn't just rely on Luo Xian, he had his own way to get rid of it, but he just didn't want to use it.

Leaving the spherical space, you will inevitably be descended to the unknown floor, facing the unknown ghost of the town building, and once this thing is used, it will attract another unique town building ghost.

In this way, when they go out, they will face two ghosts at the same time.

Even Li Yi, he had to be cautious.

Li Yi slowly took off the glove of his left hand, clasped his index and middle fingers, and wrote complicated words in the air in front of his chest, then bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.

This is like a gesture done by a Taoist priest in some movies, which makes the rest of the people puzzled.

The mouth of blood should have fallen to the ground, but it disappeared in the air, and at the same time, a cloudy wind suddenly rose from nowhere.

Li Yi's hair was messy, and his spine that never trembled had a hint of bowing at this moment, but he was relying on his own will to fight the horror in the dark.

Forcibly maintaining a straight standing posture, at the same time, he took out a pile of yellow paper with his right hand, and slammed it into the sky.

Ji Li squinted his eyes in the wind. He raised his head to look at the falling yellow paper. His eyes were slightly illusory, and a very real voice of chanting echoed in his ears.

The strange chanting sound was not a familiar word, it was like a Sanskrit sound, the tone was unfamiliar but familiar to him, and his heart was stunned.

Ji Li instantly remembered where the sound came from. He suddenly looked up at the corner of the spherical space wall, where it suddenly broke open.

A stone bridge appeared illusory, the water vapor and mist rose up, the ancient and gloomy Sanskrit sound, mixed with the rhythm of the prayer wheel and the pipa.

Two tall and thin figures in tattered clothes, one hand turning a wheel and one hand pipa, stepped on the stone bridge side by side, as if from a ghostly source.

Li Yi's method of cracking is as follows: The ghosts of Huangquan are sent to pass through people.

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