World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5202 Cosmos superstar

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"How did the Temple of Heaven and Man run so far? It just left the Flame Domain!" Chen Xiang couldn't understand this.

"It's normal. The Temple of Heaven and Man originally came from other time and space. They should have this kind of power. It may be because they have controlled the profound meaning of time, so they can affect space through time and carry out long-distance space travel."

Sister Xiaojing is also studying this aspect. She has a good grasp of space, but her understanding of the mysteries of time is not enough, so the two cannot combine to produce the most powerful force.

"Will they run back?" Chen Xiang looked at the place where the Temple of Heaven and Man disappeared, and asked.

"Yes, they will definitely come back. If there are no other problems with Tianguxing, they will definitely keep their eyes on Tianguxing." Sister Xiaojing said.

When the Temple of Heaven and Man returns, it will definitely be stronger.

Sister Xiaojing said: "Brother, let's look for the Temple of Time, those guys must have taken action."

"Can you find it? You don't seem to have marked them!" Chen Xiang said.

Sister Xiaojing really didn't mark it, so she wasn't sure.

Now she can only release the space wave to cover the entire flame domain, and then see if there are a large number of palaces floating in the void of the flame domain.

In this way, a lot of energy is consumed, and the energy comes from those star cores.

Although they have tens of thousands of star cores, if they continue to use them, they will gradually run out.

"Sister Jing, can we collect stars to supplement our consumption like the Temple of Heaven and Man?" Chen Xiang asked: "I always feel that our star cores are not enough!"

"It's enough for us to use for a long time. After all, it's just for our use. Although the Temple of Heaven and Man also has a lot of that kind of star core, but they are used by the entire Temple of Heaven and Man, which consumes a lot of money, so they have to charge devouring stars."

Sister Xiaojing is trying to find the Temple of Time.

"Then do we want to collect the stars?" Chen Xiang recalled that the Temple of Heaven and Man seemed to take away the stars easily, and he was also eager to try.

"Brother, don't offend the stars here! The current stars are not the ancient stars of the Six Paths, even if they are the ancient stars of the Six Paths, they have a relationship with us, so we take them away." Sister Xiaojing seriously warned.

Chen Xiang understood what little sister Xiaojing meant, so he could only stifle this idea.

"The current stars in Tiangu Purgatory can be regarded as a whole, an ethnic group. If you collect these stars, you will definitely offend them. Naturally, they don't care about the Temple of Heaven and Man, but we have to consider this point." Sister Xiaojing was afraid that Chen Xiang would not understand, Continue to explain.

"I understand! The stars in the Ancient Purgatory are all going through the Great Tribulation. After the Tribulation, they are at their weakest period, and they are connected with each other, so they must know something." Chen Xiang nodded.

Lingxu said before that the stars in the ancient purgatory communicate with each other.

"In the next era of star change, the stars in Tiangu Purgatory will be the overlords of this era. Let's try not to offend them." Sister Xiaojing said.

After searching for a long time, little sister Xiaojing gave up, and the area of ​​flames was getting bigger and bigger, it was very difficult to find the Temple of Time.

"Sister Jing, is Tiangu Purgatory still expanding?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's still expanding, and the speed is accelerating, becoming bigger and bigger..." Sister Xiaojing sighed: "In some places, there are even time forces mixed in, accelerating the birth of stars, which is really amazing."

It's been such a long time, even if the ancient time and space merged in, it should have ended long ago.

But now not only is it not over, it is even accelerating to become larger, indicating that a huge space-time has been integrated into it.

Just after Chen Xiang and sister Xiaojing gave up looking for the Temple of Time, they were about to return to Tiangu Planet, but they suddenly received a message from Lingxu.

"Master, there is a big star approaching, colliding with Tiangu star." Lingxu said anxiously: "I am in retreat to practice, to understand the way of star transformation in Tiangu is very important, I don't want to stop it."

"Okay, I'll go back and have a look!"

Chen Xiang was somewhat happy, because Lingxu had already entered the Tao, which meant that ancient stars could also change, but he didn't know what would happen in the end.

At that time, Tiangu Xing should experience the Tiangu Great Tribulation, then the Tiangu Star Alliance will have to leave Tiangu Xing.

After Chen Xiang came near Tianguxing, sister Xiaojing also found the star that was flying over quickly.

"Let's go over and have a look!" Chen Xiang said.

After they passed by, they saw that the star was huge, glowing with fire, hundreds of times bigger than Tiangu Star.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang was shocked, if such a huge star hit Tianguxing, Tianguxing would definitely be finished.

As for Chen Xiang and little sister Xiaojing, they don't know if they can block this star.

"Hahaha... Chen Xiang, you are here, do you still remember me?"

A voice suddenly came from Chen Xiang's mind, someone locked him with soul consciousness.

"You are... the lord of the universe?" Chen Xiang was shocked and said, "You made this star?"

"My Wanzhou Mountain entered the core space of a star by mistake, and then we took control of this star and survived the ancient calamity, hahaha..." The Lord of Wanzhou laughed and said, "I'm going to do it now." Die your Celestial Ancient Star!"

This lord of the universe, after running to the ancient purgatory, can be said to be very lucky, and now he has such great luck again.

"Lord of the universe, I am not your enemy! In the ancient purgatory, the Temple of Time, the Temple of Heaven and Man, and the Star Spirit Race are the ones you should be most vigilant about. After you destroy my ancient star, in the future No one can restrict them." Chen Xiang said.

"I annexed your Tianguxing, and when the time comes, the temples, the heavenly and the human temples will be floating clouds, hahaha... just wait and see the Tianguxing die." The Lord of the universe was very proud, laughing maniacally.

Chen Xiang didn't know how Wanzhou Mountain controlled such a huge star, he absolutely couldn't wait like this, otherwise the ancient star would be wiped out.

At this time, sister Xiaojing said: "Brother, let's use the ancient star of the Six Paths! The ancient star of the Six Paths needs to absorb a lot of energy now to completely complete the star transformation. Let's enter the interior of this star and release the ancient star of the Six Paths..."

"Okay, you arrange it!" Chen Xiang also agreed to give it a try.

This star is so huge, it is still very easy to get in.

The Mirror of Six Paths flew over with Chen Xiang, and did not perform a space jump, because the inner space would definitely be strictly guarded, and it would be difficult to jump into it.

Chen Xiang rode the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, quickly passed through the outermost layer of flames, and then landed on the surface like flames below.

There is a lot of hot liquid coming out here, and I don't know what it is.

Even if Chen Xiang couldn't stand the heat here, he could only rely on the shield released by the Divine Mirror of Six Paths to resist.

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