Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This - Chapter 792 She really, I cried to death~

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"It turned out to be a performance, it scared me to death." The wizards who gradually returned to the hall commented with Yuji in their hearts.

"The boss is real, I thought it was a real intruder. I didn't expect it to be a sun cluster! It's really surprising! It's really flattering!"

"Today's performance was amazing! Is this the opening ceremony!"

There was a lot of discussion, and the original solemn atmosphere in the hall became a little more relaxed because of the return of this group of unknown people.

"By the way, who is the one who plays the sun god?"

"Should be the new leader of the Sun Art Troupe? But why isn't she on stage?"

Hearing everyone's discussion, the sun god's face darkened.

"Cough, in fact, you don't have to be on stage." Louis coughed carefully, then glanced at the little host behind the stage who kept beckoning to Miss Sun, and then glanced at the gorgeously dressed man in front of him. Half body armor and jewelry, **** and hot Dunhuang Valkyrie.

"Really, cough." With that said, Louis gave the sun **** a look - but the child wanted to see the dance.

Is this child yourself? 】

"Louis... I'll kill you sooner or later..."

Miss Louise walked through the crowd and walked to the stage with a blank expression. On the way, a consul certificate accidentally fell at her feet. Looking up, Victoria was standing beside him whistling, posing as if 'Oops, whose thing fell on the ground accidentally'.

The sun **** picked up the thing blankly, then slowly tore it into pieces, and threw it in Victoria's arms.

Victoria stared blankly at the shredded paper in her arms, her mind went blank, and she didn't recover for a long time. It seemed that she couldn't believe that something so important was actually treated as waste paper. But she already understood what Miss Sun meant - the old lady is not uncommon.

The anger and humiliation went straight to the top of her head. Victoria's face turned red and white, and her whole body trembled with anger.

"you you!

! "

Ignoring the voice behind him, the sun **** strode toward the stage—like a dancing swallowtail butterfly.

The whole opening ceremony ushered in a climax at this moment. It also came to an end in the climax - looking at the hard-working Miss Sun, Victoria and the others were in a daze, not knowing whether they lost or won today.

The boss said that the results of today's exercise will herald the outcome of the future.

But what will the future be like?

Nobody knows.

In the end, in the jubilant ending, the sweaty Sun Art Troupe gave a slight salute to the audience under the stage with an elegant smile. The head of the group went behind the scenes.

And behind the scenes, the little host excitedly threw the things in his hand to Nalu beside him, like a little fan girl, picked up a bouquet and gave it to the sun god.

Behind the scenes, the head of the cultural troupe took over the bouquet from the little host, wrote a signature, and walked to the gate of the abyss and left the Holy Land. And when you enter the door, you take it out. Naru took the book away from the stunned face of Naru—it can be described as a smooth flow, so neat that he couldn't even react.

Naru and everyone who looked at each other in confusion: "???"

At this time, Louis also brought Victoria and others to the backstage, just in time to see the scene where Miss Louise took the things.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally handed over the consul certificate. She is willing to take this thing away, which means that Miss Sun will come to the Holy Land every day to study how to prevent it from coming, study the sacred objects in the Holy Land, and study how to defeat herself. Instead of thinking about running away every day.

At the same time, when she has this entry ticket, she can also come to the Holy Land through another method anytime, anywhere. So she doesn't have to pay attention to the canvas of the temple - it is painted with the sun, and if she accidentally notices that the sun in the 'Canvas Super Telescope' is slowly adding a star near the sun ring...

There is no doubt that this consul certificate will make the Sun God busy with many things, which will greatly distract her attention. It will also lead her astray - the real way to prevent the Holy Land from coming is not in the Holy Land. But above the sun in Yunmeng World!

And although she will notice it eventually, but if she finds out a day later, the success rate of the Holy Land descending will be one point higher.

"Well done, Naru. Was the consul's certificate the last you stole from Victoria?"

"Consul's certificate?" Naru blinked, and then found that Lady Victoria was winking at herself.

"What Archon credentials?"

"???" Louis looked at Victoria and the others with a surprised face, but found that the six elders who were standing around him had disappeared.

With a thud, Louis felt vaguely that something was wrong. He gritted his teeth and grabbed the air, and then there was a torn pink "bad omen" in his hand, and a bunch of waste paper. .

[“Boss, you are too much!



! "Looking at the piece of waste paper in his hand, Louis almost fainted out of breath. He got up and went to find them to settle accounts. But then he suddenly realized something and looked at Helen subconsciously—she was hugging excitedly. A signed photo, packing his small suitcase.

"Then what did they take?" Louie's voice trembled a little. He looked at the time-space channel that was gradually closing, and in the door, two figures who entered the 'Black Domain Vision' were following the passage. The closure slowly dissipated - what they were holding was obviously not a scroll, but a familiar book.

["Your **** pictures are here"] Helen's azure blue "Wizard Armor" sounded Helmadis' voice: ["It's the one who saved the world."]

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Louis suddenly understood the difficulty of Miss Sun - his teammates were all sent by monkeys!

Said that it was his full-level gold medalist, and that it was his gold-fingered teammates left by the teacher, but all of them were held back!

This is how to take yourself to fly - I can't take you to fly!

But there is one thing, Louis is luckier than the sun **** - the enemy of the sun **** is far more terrifying than the enemy of Louis. 】

It's just that I lost something, I stretched out my hand to take it back - of course I have to 'come back' after taking it. After all, in the plan, I have to go back to the cloud country to get the crown, and then go to the devil world as an old cousin.

In addition, since the sun **** didn't get the admission ticket now, this made the Twelve Crowns even more important to get the real one.

'Fortunately, I can still wipe this ass. ’

Shaking his head and sighing, Louis raised his leg and stepped into the 'Black Domain Vision'.

Seeing this scene, everyone around couldn't help but stunned, because according to reason, even if the boss entered the 'black domain vision' now, it would be too late, because in this black domain vision, there is almost no concept of time. So The two figures seem to have just started, but in fact it is impossible to catch up with them forever.

So the person chasing them should be the moment when they enter the field of vision, the back slowly paused. And the distance between the two sides is so close that they will never be able to get closer.

But the figure of the magician paused for a short time, and then continued to move forward. As if the magician was not affected by time and space at all, he grabbed the book at an extremely fast speed. 】

Looking at the incredible figure of the boss of the Great Demon King, the angels of the Holy Land blinked their eyes fiercely, and they all dropped their jaws in shock, wondering if they were dreaming—they had never seen anyone before, so they could not Faster than a Ferrari with a 'Dimensional Phase Engine' while sailing!

Moreover, it is estimated that he can not only easily grab the target, but also easily walk back before the gate closes!

A person's legs alone are stronger than the ship's "horsepower". Obviously, the boss has the kind of "one person can bring the group of them behind to fly"!

Except for one...]

"It's over, UU reading Sister Helmadis! Lu Yan is about to arrive at the Sun God Palace to get the book back!" Seeing that she couldn't catch the car, Helen, who was carrying a small suitcase, was so anxious that she was about to cry.

["No way."] The dimensional phase engine on "Wizard Armor" suddenly started with full power: ["Isn't there still a drag on you?"]

As soon as the voice fell, Helen turned into an afterimage with a cute face, and then rushed into the 'horizon' and threw herself on Louis's thigh.

Immediately afterwards, Louis felt a weight on his leg.

The figure of the magician in the door slowly turned his head, and knocked out a string of 'question marks' on the top of his head]

"I beg you, I'm tired! Helen wants to travel with you, take Helen with you!"]

"Sister, I beg you too! I'm not going on a trip! I want to come back! Release it!

! "]

After a long time, the door gradually closed. In many holy places, the angels saw that the figure who was forcibly hugged by Helen's thigh failed to catch the target and was unable to run back. But with the complete closure of the door, I was lost in the plane of the demon world...

Holy Land Angels on the spot: "..."

The many consuls who came back after hearing the excitement: "..."

Obviously, this one who is holding back is heavier than the weight of everyone combined...]

The enemy of the sun **** is far more terrifying than the enemy of Louis. But what Louis never expected was that the people who were holding back the Sun God together were far less powerful than those who were holding him back...]

A close duel is about to begin in the Demon World...]


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