Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This - Chapter 818 forever princess

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The entire Dawning Royal Castle Manor is full of noisy cubs!

Main hall, stairs up and down, corridor, living room...

That group of rambunctious little things, like the bear children who got off the reins in the summer camp, fought and made trouble, crawling all over the room. Francesco was dumbfounded.

"Anthony's beard... Philip." Standing dazedly in the corridor, Francesco looked at the magic flying around in mid-air and asked his son, "How to move the entrance magic test for this year's freshmen to Holy Oak? here?"

"Mummy..." Philip was also dumbfounded by the scene in front of him, so he called out "Mummy": "Brother-in-law and sisters seem to have said in the letter that they will bring the children back."

Francesco's eyes darkened. There are more than 100 children in total. If they are all his grandsons, then the sons-in-law and daughters are too serious!

She couldn't help but looked at the naughty cubs, and found that their age really matched the time when the daughters left!

Francesco was extremely excited. Bloodline inheritance has always been a pain point for wizards. The more powerful the wizard, the more difficult it is to give birth to offspring. Especially those wizards with special bloodlines.

For thousands of years, the Isolda family has always been a single lineage. In the generation of 'Ige' (Xiao Ao's father), Iger's father sowed so many seeds, but he was still almost dead. If he hadn't discovered the illegitimate son of 'Ige' later, the crown of Sorrendo would have been lost. Dynasty changed.

The same is true of the Aishwarya family. The eldest daughter of the Aishwarya family, 'Franchesco', is not to be mentioned. In her rich life experience of more than 300 years, it can be said that she has left countless The debt of love is a female sea king who doesn't let go of the deer. Compared with Louis, it is not too conceited.

Although she had the idea of ​​giving birth to the crystallization of love after falling in love with Iger, the couple have worked hard for decades and tried every means, but they only gave birth to two children. And the two children are more than 20 years apart!

Even more so with her cousin Oren. As the lord of a country, the family and ministers valued the inheritance of the grand duke's blood, so before he ascended the throne, Oren's father had already chosen countless prince concubines for him.

But in the end, it was after he had a love affair with the princess of the enemy country that could not be recognized by the old king, and he gave birth to Helen decades after the death of the old king. At this time, he and Oren were born. The 'gray gloves' who made trouble with husband and wife have become people of the old times!

Now that the world is at peace, Francesco's biggest wish now is that his daughters and sons-in-law can save themselves some snacks and earn some gas - both in career and life.

Especially 'life', her family and her husband's family have always been in the same line, and it is impossible to say one day. But looking at it now... Francesco couldn't help but glared at his son - look at my wonderful son-in-law! Can you get some gas! People in their thirties, they don't even have a target! You're going to give your 300-year-old mother to death!

The son-in-law is obviously good-natured. Francesco really treats Louis as half a son. In addition, everyone has gone through so many things. In the process of getting along day and night to overcome adversity, Francesco has already brought Louis and Aishwarya and others are regarded as their relatives, so the wives of the son-in-law are also regarded as half daughters by the mother-in-law - especially those silly children with flaws or eccentricities in character.

Of course, if your own daughter can give birth to a litter of grandchildren... Whether it's a biological daughter or an adopted daughter, anyone can do it! Just give birth to one! They are both their own good daughters, there is no difference!

With such a mood in mind, the mother-in-law took her son to hide her breath and continued to walk in the kindergarten.

She looked left and right, the naughty little brats in front of her gradually became more and more cute and liked in her eyes.

The only thing that makes her complain a bit is that there are too many fox cubs and dragon cubs... it's like a litter!

In terms of family inheritance, Sakurabell and Annabelle do have natural racial advantages, but just like elves and humans, Francesco has never heard of a kid who married Fox or Galak. The Dragon Queen can have so many healthy offspring. Thank goodness for not suffering from congenital diseases, otherwise half-fox wouldn't be so rare, and there wouldn't be so many half-dragonborn who couldn't transform.

But these children in front of me are not only incomparably healthy, but also seem to be born 'Animas'! Just pick out a new magic test placed in the Holy Oak, and it will be a sensation!

It was Yingling's children that were a little strange - they had no furry ears and no tail, and they looked just like ordinary people. But once transformed, the fox's tail was exposed. And there are several tails!

This strange 'Animas' seems to possess amazing magic and resilience! Especially those with nine tails, they are more terrifying than the black dragons, and they are almost regarded as demon bosses by the 'Xiao Naifeitian' who fought with them!

When was the bloodline of the Fox clan better than that of Isolda and Aishwarya? It is almost comparable to the Son of God!

While stroking the heads of the two little silver-haired girls, Francesco, who already had sourness in his heart, felt even more sour. She recognized that the older one was the child of 'Alia', and the little one with pointy ears was the child of 'Aishwarya'.

Even the two of them, who are the most difficult to have children, have children...

It should be their child, because all the children in the room have black hair!

Black hair is a dominant gene, everything else is a recessive gene. Only after the children of God awaken, can some changes occur, because they are gradually manifesting the blood of the gods—the demigods!

The two children didn't participate in the noise. They were like twins. They got together and sat at the table quietly reading a book. Oh, and there was a red-haired little guy under the table. Shyly holding a doll, her personality is completely opposite to her weird mother.

Even vampires were made babies by Louis...

She is equally excellent, and even more sour - Demon God.

She was only three or four years old, and she had already awakened.

'This is what Louie called the 'Nephalem'...'

From the eyes of this little red-haired girl, Francesco could see that this little girl was looking at him curiously—she actually found herself!

'Perhaps, this is the little devil? And those two children are the gods of dawn? '

These three children may be the most gifted among all the children.

My mother-in-law suddenly felt a little tired.

"The daughters are fine..." she said to herself. As for whether there are grandchildren, and whether they can inherit everything from Irelinda and Isolda, it is not so important...

After all, these children were all born to their mother-in-law by their son-in-law, right?

【Cause trouble +1】

Putting away her hands, the tired mother-in-law walked to the quiet study not far away. The door at the entrance of the study was half-closed, and gentle songs came from the cracks in the door.

Hearing this song, Francesco's heart suddenly cheered. She quietly approached the crack of the door and saw the back of a dignified woman in the quiet study. She seemed to be flipping through a book while coaxing the baby to sleep soundly.

From the back view, this lady is dignified and generous, gentle and demure. The mature temperament revealed a bit of a bookish air, just like the self who had not yet stepped out of the tower back then—the self at that time also seemed to dislike the excitement, and only liked to read books alone, in a world that belonged to him alone. ,enjoy the silence.

'Osicris? My little phoenix...' With tears in his eyes, Francesco quietly opened the door and approached slowly, feeling both disappointed and relieved.

After not seeing her for ten years, her good daughter has changed so much. She is no longer the stubborn and willful little princess she used to be! Now she has grown up completely and has become a mother. My mother almost didn't recognize her!

If it weren't for her back, you could vaguely see what she looked like back then, if it weren't for her long blue hair... Wait?

"O...Osicris, how is your hair..." Francesco approached the woman and stroked her gentle long hair.

The quiet girl seemed to realize that someone was approaching only now, but from those familiar and unfamiliar hands, she felt that long-lost warmth—when she was a girl, it was these hands that combed her hair.

Quietly wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, the woman turned around gently, nodded slightly to Francesco, and showed a demure smile.

"It's been a long and your father's eyes already have faint wrinkles." Even so excited, the woman still abides by the subtlety that a princess should have. She smiles like a simple and elegant smile. Orchid: "Only the road is greasy, it hasn't changed at all..."

Francesco opened his mouth wide.

In front of her is her daughter. She has seen her third daughter since she was a child.

[Her father is Archduke Oren, her own cousin. And she is the most famous princess in the world. 】

[She is still a princess, forever princess. 】

[Her name is Helen. 】

"Yeah, only that stinky boy, Louis, won't change." Francesco stroked his daughter's hair and looked at the child in her arms tenderly - he finally had a grandson.


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