Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This - Chapter 819 hello miss leona

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"Yeah, only that stinky boy, Louis, won't change." In despair, Francesco looked at the door of the study.

There, there was a figure that was very familiar to her but somewhat unfamiliar, and quietly turned in through the crack of the door - he was wearing a white robe of jinyu from the country of Yun, with a dark embroidered dragon python. His jet-black hair stood with a suet jade crown. It can be said that it is out of tune with the nobles of Sauron. It looks like a little prince from the cloud country.

This little prince can be said to be extravagant, but he also has an indescribable sense of mischief and an indescribable bookish air. Perhaps because of the noise outside, he shook his head and sighed as soon as he came in. But this little prince is not as tall as the door handle, so he has to put his feet on a little bit when closing the door. It looks very funny.

"ε=(??ο`*))) Alas. What kind of pedigree is it, it's just insulting." Xiaolu rubbed his face, looking tired: "Since the eldest sister and the eldest sister learned that something a few years ago. After Ni Maghreb's transformation, the family is like Maghreb. I really want to run away from home."

The little guy shook his head as soon as he came in, but although his face was full of contempt, he couldn't help leaning on the crack of the door and looking out.

Seeing this kid's over-the-top appearance, Francesco opened his mouth slightly, and couldn't help but mutter, "Why did Louis become so small?"

"Lu Buping! What are you mumbling over there!" Aunt Helen raised her eyebrows when she saw this kid, and she couldn't hold back her anger. I don't know where this kid got her off--maybe it was something like secretly shooting his younger brother's little brother who was hit by his aunt? Or maybe it was a nickname for the little aunt and spread to the little aunt's ears?

"Little auntie, why do you like to give people nicknames other than tugging at other people's ears... Huh? How did the big sister become so tall?"

Just halfway through the words, Mr. Xiaolu suddenly remembered the phrase 'grandmother' she just mentioned, and immediately turned a 180-degree turn, hurriedly and solemnly. Came over, grandmother and uncle gave a family salute.

When Xiaolu's classmate stood in front of Francesco, he no longer looked like he was not doing the right thing. Instead, he was handsome and handsome!

Faintly, Francesco had already guessed whose child this was.

After asking two questions, she learned that Xiaolu was called 'Lu Pillow River', and he was only seven years old this year - when he was currently pregnant with him, he slept on the mountain and river. The dream mountain and river turned into a dragon and was entered into the belly, hence the name.

It is the son of Ao Ao's true dragon.

But even though he is the son of Louis and Aosheng. But because it is the first son, or because it is too similar to Louis. Therefore, he was raised by several aunts and little mothers since he was a child—especially the little aunt who was not doing well. Before getting pregnant, he almost played with him until he grew up. So the two are very close.

From this kid, the grandmother could vaguely see Helen's mischievous and mischievous as a child, and Louis's unrighteousness. This made her feel particularly cordial, as if she had seen her own relatives. At the same time, she also felt that in the future, Xiaolu would definitely be more talented than Helen in 'being a demon'.

But after asking a few more questions, Francesco was taken aback. It's not because of the politeness of Xiaolu's classmates, nor because his knowledge far exceeds that of his peers - with Ao Ao's tutor and Xiaolu's father's teaching, it won't surprise Francesco if Xiaolu speaks amazingly.

She was surprised because this kid was quite knowledgeable.

There are many supernatural powers at the age of six or seven, but Francesco has never seen something that a little baby who is not yet waist-high can talk to the lord of a country—the first time was that The 'Little Saint' of the Moon Court. At that time, although the little saint was still not awake, she had already revealed her talent. And because of the relationship with the old cousin, Francesco felt that the little saint was very kind.

After that, the two also became a teacher, a friend, and a godmother. The little saint was able to become the crown of the church later, all because of the recommendation of Francesco's big hand.

"Who did you learn from?" Francesco asked curiously. She felt that the teacher of Xiaolu was more than one person. And although my father is the best in the world in Wenzhi and martial arts, my father is my father, and my master is my master. Not to be confused.

Of course, in addition to being curious, Francesco also has a certain idea of ​​accepting apprentices - we can't count on the grandsons of Xiao Ao and Xiao Dai, but we went back to the son-in-law's kindergarten and hugged the 'grandson'. You can also talk a little for comfort. After all, our 'grandmother' is nowhere near as far away as my grandmother.

Lu Zhenhe didn't know that because his father and aunt didn't work hard enough, the 'grandmother' had already paid attention to stealing children. Still politely answering the inquiries of the grandmother.

"The boy hasn't learned a teacher yet. But maybe there is a teacher..." Lu Zhenhe frowned and thought.

"Oh?" My grandmother was even more curious.

"My father once said that a child is taught by God. What does it mean for a child not to learn from God? But after that, my father took me to read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles—perhaps, the mountains and rivers and dust along the way are the The child's teacher."

"Good, good! Good!"

Francesco said three good things in a row, and he was overjoyed with his disciple. Uncle Philip couldn't help but his eyes brightened and he nodded and sighed. Even the little aunt, who always felt that "Lu Buping needs repairs", smiled and blushed, and the word pride was almost written on her face.

But the little kids who peeked at the place from the crack of the door rolled their eyes fiercely—Lu Buping started to pretend again! I don't know who complained to the eldest sister yesterday because the second sister stole the lucky money.

At this time, the door was getting more and more noisy, and many little brats even got into the study and started making noise.

But this did not prevent Francesco's "entry defense" to his disciples and grandchildren. And the more we talked, the stronger my grandmother and master's intention to steal the child, the happier and pleasing to the eye the more he looked at the child.

But although she said that she felt comforted because of this disciple, she also felt a bit of disappointment in her heart. If the two daughters can give birth to grandchildren early and travel through the mountains and rivers with their father and mother, how good would it be?

At this moment, the noisy door suddenly became quiet - those who were lying on the crack of the door, those who were making troubles in the distance, and the 'Demon King's Army' and the 'Dawning Army' fighting in the distance, and even the servants and guards who were watching the fun. , all quieted down.

For a while, needles could be heard inside and outside the hall.

Faintly, Francesco felt as if he saw Xiao Ao's figure, and couldn't help but looked out the door, and the words and deeds of the figure were so similar to Miss Ao, the only thing that made Francie Scoo was surprised that she had brown hair.

"What a formality! This is at my grandmother's house! When my grandmother and father come back, I'll ask the dragon mammys to slap your boards!" The figure's eyes were shining like stars, and his brows were heroic.

Obviously, Xiaolu's catchphrase was originally learned from this person's mouth. Obviously, the father usually tells the children stories about the mother's previous beatings - and sure enough, at this mention, everyone immediately became honest.

But the other one who just came over didn't seem too serious - that cold voice made Miss Dai's figure appear in Francesco's heart immediately.

"Oh? It seems that my sister suddenly became sensible overnight - as expected, the person who won the first prize in the Holy Oak's Freshman Cup is different."

"Number one (grinding teeth)... You're a hindrance! If you didn't suddenly make such a big moth! Can I take the last one?! Carter! I hate you for the rest of my life!"

In the quarrel between two naive speakers, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Francesco couldn't help blinking - not only was it childish, but it seemed to be torn together.

Outside the door, the Demon King's Army and the God of Dawn were joking and laughing, and this time, it was these two naive little brats who were shouting slogans—everyone was joking, but the two of them seemed to have real grudges. And judging from the various middle and second lines of the two, they are the most naive of them all, because the Dawn God and the little devil were not given to them by others, but by their own "Jianghu nicknames".

It's a pity that today's Dawning God and the little devil are bound to perish - within two minutes, the two little cubs and other cubs were carried in by a few dragon mammas.

"Lyanna, it seems that today, we are about to encounter the Ragnarok of the Gods." Little Carter looked desperate.

"Um (sobs with fright with the cubs)."

What the two of them didn't realize was that after Mama Long brought them in, she turned her head and walked away, standing by the door of the study without moving.

While looking around nervously, Leona heard a voice coming from the center of the study. She raised her head and saw an unfamiliar middle-aged woman with her smiling face blooming like a sunflower.

"Hello. Miss Leona."


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