Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This - Chapter 820 Your Majesty, you are like this (finale)

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"Hello. Miss Leona." The witch said meaningfully.

"How, how do you know my name? Who are you?" the little girl said timidly.

"Me? I'm your grandmother." The witch looked at the children in the hall, with a smile like a sunflower blooming.

The children looked anxiously at the dragon maids in the hall, as if confirming the witch's identity to them. And they saw the answer from the smiling face of Longmao.

"I knew it for a long time!" Carter pointed at his grandmother and shouted after the fact: "You and mother look alike!"

The quiet hall became noisy with Carter's childish voice. When the children learned that this scary witch was their grandmother, they were no longer afraid.

It seems that they grew up listening to their grandmother's stories - the Lord of the Demon World and the East, the Tower Builder, the Cornerstone of the Sanctuary, the Lady of the Mirror... She had cleaned up one mess after another and helped her father lay the world unification The cornerstone, so that the Forbidden Saint has the opportunity to open the door.

She also once united with her friend, the whole world, and helped her father create that new world—the one that is real, one that embraces all things, one that allows gods, demons, and people to coexist, with a lot of colors. The magical fantasy new world.

She is the most legendary witch in the world and the grandmother of the children. The children were so curious about her story with her friends.

The children gathered around grandma, climbed onto her lap, and kept asking questions. The roar of noise gradually almost knocked the roof over. But Francesco, who was stroking the heads of the two children, was exceptionally quiet.

She felt that they were just two ordinary people. They were different from Luna, Alia, and the other excellent children. They had black hair and blue eyes, and there was no trace of divinity. They are the eldest of the two children, but until now they have not awakened any spirits, and they will never awaken.

They are just like their father, an ordinary mortal.

She knew why Louis had been gone for so long, and why he had traveled the world—this prudent guy was hiding from everyone, but he couldn't hide himself.

When Francesco walked into the manor castle, he always expected to have an excellent grandson. A Son of God who surpasses all children. A future patron saint who can take over the baton from himself and Louis.

But now, she no longer pays attention to it.

He stroked the tops of Leona and Carter's heads, looked at the grandson who was close at hand, and looked at the distance and the past. She no longer pays attention to the talents of her own blood, and no longer imagines their future, or ever.

Because everything doesn't seem to matter anymore. Because they are their own children.

And myself and everyone, will also be the children's mentors and guides.

Francesco suddenly understood why his good daughters had left everything behind, they had found something more fulfilling—shaping a new world with an infinite future, a world created by A new world created by mothers with their own hands.

Just like themselves back then, they will draw a beautiful blueprint on that blank page, laying a perfect foundation for the future of their 'world'.

Leona will be the guardian who guards the dawn of the new world—a guardian deity who can create a chance of victory even against an unmatched outer god.

And Carter will also become the sharpest blade and the most special 'Grand Summoner' in the shadow of the new world - even if the group of bugs who fled to the distant starry sky, develop faster than here, even if they are in Louis and the old Archons After death, come back here with a new will to take revenge, and this sharp blade is still extremely sharp!

Indeed, they are ordinary mortals, but Louis has already told the world that the most powerful people in the world are mortals.

Like their former father, they have an infinite future.

"Knowledge can create everything..."

Sitting in this large study, my grandmother held the children and told stories all afternoon.

It wasn't until the group of people who were going to come over to join in the fun and have a New Year's Eve dinner that the room became noisy again.

The old cousin, the queen of saints, the uncles and the uncles of the demon world all came. We haven't seen each other for many years, and today we finally got together during Chinese New Year.

Everyone was very happy and sighed. This flash, it was already the tenth 'exception night'—tomorrow is the day of dawn.

"Louis, this stinky boy, called us all over, but he himself disappeared with his granddaughter-in-law." The oldest old cousin shook his head and complained, "Now he doesn't bring the storybook, and he doesn't know about them. Where are you going, what are you doing?"

"It should be back soon." Francesco remembered the 'story book' that Louis mentioned in his reply, so he put down the child and said in Yun Guoyu: "Let Helen take the cubs to hang the lanterns Fireworks, let's have dinner first."

The court has been preparing for a long time at this manor for the Chinese New Year. Because the relatives come from all over the world, and the son-in-law is very 'foreign', the New Year's Eve dinner and banquet prepared today can be said to be eastern, western, southern, and northern.

Now, His Majesty said that, the whole castle is lively inside and outside.

It was at this most lively time that Louis and his wives entered the door of the dinner party.

When they crossed the dance floor, Francesco and everyone saw that these protagonists turned out to be dusty.

However, he smiled brightly.

It seems that this line of Louis and his wives should be very smooth.

Carter is very sticky to his mother, so it's no wonder that Mrs. Dai's smile is so gentle and bright. Because she will realize her ambition in this world.

When relatives met, they were very excited, and the children were even more excited when they saw their parents.

Before we chatted, Grandpa Naifa handed over the wine,

"Oh, it's been a long day of going back and forth, hurry up, and finally catch up with dinner." Louis drank a few bowls of beer, and hurriedly poured a few bowls for Mrs. O who was drinking heavily. Chilled: "moisten your throat. After shouting for a day, your throat is dry."

Mrs. O's face turned red and she didn't say a word. Mrs. Dai coughed and said nothing. He turned his head to look at his 'Vision of the New World'.

Francesco blinked his eyes and looked at him with a strange expression. He always felt that his son-in-law and daughters had nothing serious to do.

"So, Louis, why is this 'book' so strange? Have you found a solution?" Francesco took out his pocket and handed the 'book' to Louis.

"Because it's something new, my dear mother, it's natural for you not to use it - bring it to me and see." Louis reached out and took the 'book', clicked on it, and muttered, He lifted it up, looked for the signal, and then slid.

After a while, the good son came to his mother-in-law's side, pointed to the screen and explained: "After installing my app, all your problems will be solved - you see, this is a signal, and it can only be updated when there is a signal. Come on. I'll teach you how to play when you're bored... this way... this way..."

"The operation is quite simple...I can learn it." Francesco rubbed his eyes and pointed at the screen of his mobile phone...Oh no, the book page said: "However, Louis, although I know the shape of a storybook It is ever-changing, but it has never changed for so many years, why did it suddenly become like this, and what is an APP?"

" another dimension of the world." Louie said: "As for why it became like this...because, our story has ended successfully. It is about to start the next journey, start the next journey. It's a story."

Hearing this, Francesco's face became solemn.

"Louis, you know, storybooks can change the fate of the world. We were fine while we were there, but one day in the future, if this book falls into the wrong hands, the world will be turned upside down."

"Don't worry, I've taken this into consideration. And this time back to the Sanctuary is to solve this matter - as I just said, I have separated the storybook from the fate of this world, and Binding it to the 'Seventh Hell World' of the Holy Land—just like I had to clear the Holy Land test in the storybook before I fully joined this world, the future holder also needs to clear the level.' Seven Degrees of Hell World' will do."

"What is imprisoned in the world of **** is the ancient **** that even the wizards of the Holy Land have a headache. If the book holder is a heinous person, then he will never pass the test, because this test is the same as the one that the Holy Land set for me back then' Equally outrageous is the 'ready book' condition—the redemption of the twisted and evil old gods in the Hell."

"Ancient God...?" Francesco's face was a little strange. She understood—these ancient gods should all be the kind of wicked, hopeless sun god-level things.

"That's right, there will always be a few who can be redeemed." The Creator stroked his daughter's head and said, "In every world, there will always be some hopeless and indestructible twisted guys, and the Demon Prison is the Holy Land. Where wizards imprison them—where they can do whatever they want, but they can't affect the outside world."

"The last time I went to the devil's prison, I found that it was already overcrowded - if someone can really rescue a few, then taking them to another world can definitely do some serious things..."

"So, Louis... if he redeems those twisted ancient gods, he will bring them to another world?"

"That's true in theory, but redeem them? There won't be such an outrageous thing..."

Just like when Anthony picked the one who could save the Holy Land, Louis had no hope for this matter. After all, this is outrageous.

"For the time being, let the storybook act as the remote control of this prison." Louis said with a smile: "The APP can be operated at will and will not affect the outside world. In addition, people in our world will not be affected by the devil. The guys in prison, please go to help - Lu Zhenhe, what about you! That journey is not something that a normal neurosis can go through..."

[Professor son-in-law played games with mother-in-law. Happy people stayed in the dark until dawn the next day. 】

[After dawn, the happy life continued. The father and mother continued to teach the children. The mother-in-law and relatives occasionally complained about the daughter and son-in-law in the child, and took care of the trivial business. 】

[The new life continues... but everything has nothing to do with us...]

[Until...our king, gave us real redemption...]


After a while, at his son's request, Louis took him to the library.

"Father, I'm really curious about that new story!" Lu Zhenhe said.

"What's the story?" Louis shook his head and took out a book from the bookshelf. After opening it, there was a groove cut by him with a knife. UU read the book and hid his mobile phone. Inside: "Well, we agreed, let's play with you for an hour."

"So cunning to hide the game console here..."

Taking the phone, Lu Zhenhe hurriedly clicked on the game on the phone, and followed his father to play the game.

But this time, the game begins with a new narration.

【Everyone has been redeemed...】

[Only himself...]

[The wandering king has left the country he created (the devil's prison), looking for the answer to save the world, and also embarked on a road of self-redemption in this wandering journey...]

[And we, will follow in the footsteps of the king, twist that world, spread despair and fear...]

[Wait... Your Majesty? ? ? 】

["My name is Li Pu, very Li Pu Li Pu, you can call me Ni Pu, this is my name in this world."]

[“I was summoned by this world, and I brought a group of golden fingers—Goldfinger teammates, which are necessary for traversers.”]

["We, we are going to defeat the Demon King."]


The story of "His Royal Highness" finally came to an end, and Louis finally had a complete family portrait during his journey.

There are many emotions... Let's talk about it in the new story.

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