Zhanxian - Chapter 628: Cutting The Peach Tree

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Chapter 628: Cutting The Peach Tree

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All the fairies didn’t understand what Yang Chen meant, didn’t they come to look for the Immortal peach? How come he wants to eat peaches? But they wouldn’t be disobedient to Yang Chen’s good intentions, so they could only choose a peach that looked pleasing to the eye and held it in their hands.

Yang Chen himself took one out of the basket, and with a slight flash of fire on his hand, the girls saw that the tiny hairs on the peach’s surface disappeared immediately. Afterwards, Yang Chen didn’t care whether he looked elegant or not, he took a big mouthful of the peach, and the juice was dripping.

“Well, it tastes good, give it a try!” Yang Chen persuaded the seven fairies while eating.

Everyone looked at each other, as if they had to eat. Although the peaches in the wild are not necessarily so delicious, the advantage was that they are not too dirty. Everyone imitated Yang Chen and started to clean the hairs on the surface of the peaches by each means.

Shi Wushuang was of the wood attribute, and the peach happens to be too. As soon as she activated her spiritual power, the hairs were concentrated in one place, and then Fairy Shi stretched out her slender fingers, gently grabbed the tuft of hairs, and then opened her cherry mouth and bit it up.

Tao Junqi and the Murong sisters, the fire-attribute ones, all used the same technique, just like Yang Chen’s. However, it seemed simple at first, but after using it, they realized that it was not that easy.

Although the flame was also very small, it was only along the surface of the peach, and the small ravines were not spared. It was not so easy to burn off the hair without hurting the peach. The two women were casual on the surface, but in fact they carefully controlled the flames, and only burned the fur little by little, but the time was much slower than Yang Chen.

They must have spent at least five times the effort that Yang Chen had just finished with a flick of his hand. Although in the eyes of everyone, this hand was already the ultimate performance of fire control, it was clear that the gap between them and Yang Chen was not small.

The other Murong sisters also used their own methods, and everyone completed the cleaning with ease. They were all masters of the Dacheng stage, and such trivial matters were completely out of the question.

Everyone elegantly and beautifully took the first bite and carefully chewed it twice in their mouths, and the seven pairs of beautiful eyes couldn’t help but burst into a unique brilliance.

Everyone saw the light in each other’s eyes, and couldn’t help but take another bite, chewing several times to confirm whether they felt wrong just now.

That’s right, this peach was really delicious, sweet, soft, and juicy. It’s a rare good peach, but this was not enough to surprise a Yuanying stage master and six Dacheng stage masters. They were surprised that there was a unique power in this peach, which belongs to the category of spiritual power, but it was very weak, at their level, they could find it.

More importantly, this spiritual power seems to be able to supplement their essence. Although it was only faint to the extreme, it can indeed be supplemented.

“The old woman just now, was ninety-six, carrying a basket of peaches of several dozen catties, walking on this mountain road like walking on the ground, what does that mean?” When he tasted two bites, he had already eaten the one just now, and took another one from the basket, as if he hadn’t eaten enough.

“Husband, I’ll help you!” Shi Wushuang was the closest and she was quick-witted, grabbed the peach from Yang Chen’s hand, and quickly washed the hair away. He didn’t know where she got a jade plate, and quickly used a jade knife to cut the peach into beautiful pieces, and put it on the table beside Yang Chen.

A set of exquisite small jade forks for picking fruits and another delicate jade plate were placed in Yang Chen’s hand, then Shi Wushuang picked up the jade fork, forked a piece, and personally delivered it to Yang Chen’s mouth, coquettishly said “Husband please eat!”

Yang Chen swallowed the peach in one gulp, chewed it slowly, and then asked with a smile, “Was how I just ate unsightly?”

“It is husband’s true nature, don’t worry about it.” Shi Wushuang said with a smile “I just heard from elder sister that husband likes the best of everything, especially when he eats it. He never tires of eating fines and delicacies, so of course his concubine must give him the best. Of course, as long as husband is willing, you can eat whatever you want.”

While saying this, she has already prepared Yang Chen like this. Obviously, Shi Wushuang really thought the same thing as Yang Chen. It must be unsightly to grab it with such a big hand and eat it dripping with juice.

However, Shi Wushuang was a smart person, she would not criticize Yang Chen face to face. Instead, she used another method to serve him personally. She helped Yang Chen cut the peaches, put the tableware, and even delivered them to his mouth. Yang Chen couldn’t defy her good intentions, he will only conform to her intentions. Isn’t it comforting to chew the bite just now?

In addition to the last paragraph, and Gao Yue’s meaning, then Yang Chen will definitely accept her arrangement willingly. This happened many times, and in a subtle way, Yang Chen would get used to following Shi Wushuang’s arrangement.

“It tastes good, but Sister Wushuang, using the jade knife will still contaminate the peach with a bit of metal qi. Why not cut it with your flying sword, wouldn’t it be more delicious?” Yang Chen seemed to be very picky and directly put forward higher requirements.

“Life source flying sword?” Shi Wushuang did not expect that Yang Chen would make such a request, that he would be so disrespectful to her that he wanted to use her life source flying sword to cut fruit for him, what kind of weirdo would come up with such a method? Could it be that in Yang Chen’s eyes, she was so lowly?

Shi Wushuang suddenly began to feel self-pity here, while Yang Chen stared at Shi Wushuang with all his spare time. The other fairies beside him obviously didn’t think of Yang Chen’s statement, but for a while, no one knew what to say, and the atmosphere suddenly fell silent.

“No matter how good the flying sword is, isn’t it also for use?” Yang Chen suddenly said with a smile “You don’t want to use it to cut this delicious fruit, but are you willing to cut the disgusting flesh and blood of those enemies? Maybe it’s still stained with highly toxic filth or something, so you don’t feel bad?”

As soon as these words came out, Shi Wushuang suddenly thought of something in her mind. There was something shining in front of her, but it was always in a place that she couldn’t reach, but it seemed that the illusion was already within reach.

“A thing is a thing, although it is part of your life, it is not your own life.” Yang Chen continued, “You don’t use it when it should be used, but you always temper it blindly, what’s the use? You always sharpen the sword edge but don’t use it.”

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