Zhanxian - Chapter 630: Immortal Peach

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Chapter 630: Immortal Peach

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The appearance of the stone tablet was very simple, and it was very majestic when it was carried on the back of the pixie. There were many patterns on it, they don’t know how long it has been placed here, but there was no vicissitudes of life on it. There were several very ancient fonts on the monument, which only Yang Chen seems to be able to recognize.

None of the girls knew what it meant, but they knew that Yang Chen would definitely know, otherwise Yang Chen would not have said that. Tao Junqi was even more aware that Yang Chen had deciphered the secret plane of the sect last time, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not hide this from their elders.

Since this was recorded on the stone tablet, it was obvious that the original owner has already made arrangements. All the girls understood the importance of good fortune on the path of cultivation, of course, this was also a test of their own eyesight, so after a pause, they all turned to Yang Chen.

“Husband, which one do you choose?” Murong Yi asked. Yang Chen has not actually called the Murong sisters by their names. In their past life, the Murong sisters made a name for themselves as sisters, but which one was named which, not many people knew, and Yang Chen was no exception. Up to now, they have not officially introduced themselves.

“If I choose, I won’t have your share.” Yang Chen smiled and gave them such an answer.

All the seven girls understood, this was Yang Chen’s confidence, let them choose first, just let them exercise their eyesight.

No one said anything, everyone walked into the peach forest, began to let go of their spiritual awareness, and probed one by one. However, it was indeed a bit difficult to choose the best one among thousands of peach trees.

Tao Junqi was a fiery person, so she rushed to the center and the highest point without saying a word, picked the largest peach tree, and plucked the huge fruit on it.

As soon as she got her hands on the Immortal peach, Tao Junqi’s figure seemed to disappear involuntarily, and they didn’t know where she went. The girls were shocked, and immediately understood why Yang Chen said that they could only choose one. It turned out that if they got it, they would be sent away, and even Tao Junqi, who had the highest cultivation base, could not resist. Legend has it that a fisherman got lost in the peach forest, and then woke up and the peach forest disappeared, it was probably the same reason.

On this, no one could help them, followed by Shi Wushuang, who rose into the air and saw the reddest peach. After picking it, she also disappeared in place.

The Murong five sisters discussed it for a while, and everyone let go of their spiritual awareness. Instead of starting from the peach, they looked at the peach tree. Finally, after some selection, they found five peach trees with the best growth, each took a peach and disappeared in place.

All the girls who disappeared were now concentrated in one place, except for Yang Chen who did not appear. Everyone looked at the peach in their hands, and didn’t know if it was the best peach. They would wait for Yang Chen to come here and let him judge.

Although Yang Chen’s cultivation base was the lowest, in terms of his understanding and knowledge, all seven fairies were willing to bow down. Not to mention that Yang Chen only used some folklore to find such a miraculous place. If it was said that Yang Chen was in the identification of medicinal materials, it was estimated that no one dares to say that he was stronger than him. A fifth-grade alchemist has such confidence. 

The girls were waiting for Yang Chen, but they had no idea that Yang Chen didn’t choose any peaches here, but walked directly to the stele and began to observe carefully. From the front to the back, Yang Chen watched it several times before a smile appeared on his face.

His spiritual awareness was completely released, and Yang Chen immediately discovered that this hill was one body at all, without the slightest layer of stone and soil. This time, Yang Chen’s judgment was further increased.

“Take it!” He simply released a technique and landed on the stone tablet. After that, the pixi stone tablet glowed for a while, and the pixie below seemed to have suddenly come to life and ran wildly.

Yang Chen didn’t care, he just stood there and waited silently. Soon, the pixie ran to a place and got into the ground with the stone tablet. Immediately afterwards, the entire hill began to shake.

Rumbling, the mountain kept shaking, and all the peach trees began to drop their leaves and dissolve into the ground. Through the branches and trunks, all the peach trees disappeared. 

The hill finally showed its true colors, a huge peach tree. For some magical reason, all the branches and leaves were held together like a solid hill. Now all the branches and leaves were beginning to stretch, facing the sun, showing a vast expanse of green.

The Immortal peach core of the Old Man of the South Pole was thrown here by the crane demon. It took thousands of years to finally grow back into a complete peach tree. Then Yang Chen pretended to find the site from the hidden folklore, and then it fell into his hands.

The huge peach tree was transplanted by Yang Chen into the medicine garden space. Although the size of the peach tree was already very terrifying, it was not a big problem for the medicine garden space.

In Yang Chen’s hand, he was holding a peach that was not too big, only the size of a human head. This is the result of this huge Immortal peach tree. It looks unremarkable, but the essence of life contained in it was directly coveted.

“Azhu, if your body can merge with this Immortal peach tree, I don’t need to say more about the benefits, work hard!” Yang Chen said to Azhu.

In the past, Abi was fused with the blood demon vine and demonized demon vine, now Abi was obviously stronger. With this peach tree, Azhu would be able to catch up, it depends on Azhu’s own efforts.

Azhu seemed to be singing and dancing happily in the medicine garden space. Even Abi looked happy for Azhu, she never suffered any grievances when she followed Yang Chen, the master. The space was constantly expanding, and all kinds of medicinal materials were filled in desperately.

Not to mention that Azhu was merging with the Immortal peach tree, Yang Chen flicked his figure holding the Immortal peach, and came to the place where the seven girls were sent. Even the entire body of the peach tree was collected by Yang Chen, so Yang Chen knew exactly where they were sent.

Seeing Yang Chen’s appearance, all the girls’ eyes invariably saw the peach in Yang Chen’s hand.

“Why is it so small?” All the girls were shocked. The peaches in their hands were all the size of a washbasin. Only this one in Yang Chen’s hand was no more than the size of a human head. Compared to everyone else’s, it was obviously a lot smaller. Is it that the smallest is the best?

“Husband, is it the best one?” It was Shi Wushuang who immediately asked for everyone.

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