A Godzilla In Konoha

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fan-Fiction , Fantasy , Xuanhuan

Chapters: 556

Last update: 2 years ago

3.7 /5

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After crossing to Naruto World, I do not know Huo Xuanyi found a terrifying Godzilla in his body.You are a tailless beast, chakra is amazing? Coincidentally, so am I.You know how to coat the beast? I don't have a tail beast coat, but I do have a Godzilla coat.Tailed beast jade is terrifying, can it destroy a mountain once it is shot? Hiss, Xuan Yi hurriedly opened up in fright."Nuclear EscapeAtomic Breath!""Red LotusNuclear EscapeFlash Atomic Breath!!"When Xuan Yi transformed into a complete Godzilla in the form of a red lotus, he pressed Nine Tails to the ground in one fell swoop."Kyuu, your power is too strong, you need to be fired"Kyuubi: "???""Who are you Zhuli?" - Description from MTLNovel

A Godzilla In Konoha