Everlasting Dragon Emperor - ~ closing remarks

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I finally want to say goodbye, but I feel empty in my heart. I am used to thinking about the plot every day, and my mind is full of figures of Lu Ming, Xie Nianqing, Qiuyue and others. Now they are gone all of a sudden, and I am not used to it.

This ending, perhaps some brothers will be dissatisfied, saying that some pitfalls have not been filled.

But Xiaomu feels that leaving some blanks and some daydream endings may not necessarily be a good ending.

Lu Ming's story has come to an end here, and it can end.

keep writing...

For example, traveling in the chaotic void and encountering other heavenly caves, but with Lu Ming's current cultivation base and several supreme treasures, he is completely invincible in the chaotic void. No matter what kind of enemy he encounters, he is just a slap in the face .

Even if you meet other heavenly caves and other strong men, you can only watch Lu Ming pretend.

Also, for example, can Lu Ming break through the limit before the catastrophe of chaos, break through the third step of creation, and enter the real world.

Also, like Lu Jie, can he become an extremely strong man, hold the supreme treasure, and join hands with Lu Ming to break through the heavenly cave before the catastrophe of chaos comes.

These are no longer the story of the Dragon Emperor, but another story.

The pits in the front of this book have basically been filled. As for the pits in the real world, it is still the same sentence, which does not belong to the story of the Dragon Emperor.

Of course, there may be omissions in the previous pitfalls. Brothers can point them out. Xiaomu will write a few postscripts or extra episodes to make up for it when he has time.

The Dragon Emperor's book was uploaded on May 15, 2017. Now, after careful calculation, it has been five and a half years, with more than 12 million words. It can be said that I have racked my brains and exhausted myself.

The first five million words of this book, which is the plot of Little Thousand Worlds, Xiaomu himself is the most satisfied, and it is also the most comfortable to write, because it took the most energy and effort to conceive and design.

Because at that time, Xiaomu was not yet married and had more energy.

After arriving in the Great Thousand World, my daughter was born, which somewhat distracted a lot of energy and time, and because the writing time was too long and the inspiration was exhausted, I always wanted to write a good-looking plot, but I always felt dissatisfied, which made my mind more and more anxious. It will lead to slower and slower writing, which is very sorry brothers.

For the next new book, my daughter is going to go to kindergarten, and Xiaomu has energy and time again, so he will definitely devote himself to the new book to ensure it is wonderful.

Speaking of the new book, let’s talk about the release time of the new book here, about half a year later.

The reason why it is so long is mainly because Xiao Mu is physically and mentally exhausted from the book Dragon Emperor, and needs time to take a good rest, let go of his mind, and then look for inspiration to prepare for the new book.

Drawing on experience, before the release of the new book, I will definitely make sufficient preparations to design the structure and plot of the entire book to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to keep up with later updates.

Therefore, once the new book is released, it is guaranteed to be exciting and sufficiently updated. When the time comes, brothers and sisters are welcome to support it.

By the way, the new book should be published on Qidian Chinese Network (Qiandian Reading), and the time is tentatively scheduled for July 1st. When the time comes, we will see you in Jianghu.

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