American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman - Chapter 521 Schiller's daily life in hospital (middle)

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On the hospital bed, Schiller picked up an orange and threw it into his mouth, chewing and saying, "Stark and Bruce are a kind of people, don't I know what virtue they are?"

On the table, Pikachu took the short hand to open another orange with great effort, but the orange juice splashed into his eyes, he rubbed his big dark eyes, and then asked: "Then why are you staying here like this? Seriously, even if you are really mentally ill, you shouldn't be able to solve the problem by being hospitalized here, right?"

Schiller didn't answer the question, but opened the drawer of the bedside table and turned over and said, "Where's the remote control? I remember the nurse told me that this TV can look..."

There is a TV on the wall facing Schiller's bed, which is very rare. Generally speaking, in the ward of a mental hospital, there is no TV, because the TV programs are relatively mixed, and there are some pictures and sound and light. It may irritate the patient, but it may be because Stark greeted the hospital in advance. The ward that Schiller lives in is more like a convalescent ward, and it is the kind that is expensive and expensive, and all kinds of equipment are readily available.

The bed was raised, the fruit plate was taken, the TV was turned on with the remote control, and Schiller began to watch TV while eating oranges.

Just then, his cell phone rang, he picked it up and glanced at the number, then answered the call and said, "Yes... you want to come over? Well, I happen to be free now, last time you told me You're on TV, and I was going to watch it..."

While listening to Peter's helpless voice on the phone, Schiller pressed the remote control to change the channel. Just when he finally found the variety show, there was a "pop" and a dull sound came from the window balcony.

"Crash", the balcony door was opened, and Peter in the Spider-Man uniform came in, took off his hood, and threw his schoolbag on the chair next to him. When he saw the program on TV, he shook his head with a complicated expression. , and then said: "There's really nothing to see..."

Peter quickly walked around the hospital bed, gave Pikachu a high-five, who had not seen him for a long time, took the remaining half of the orange from his hand, peeled off a piece and threw it into his mouth, and his sour facial features were all wrinkled together.

Schiller handed him the bunch of grapes in the fruit bowl, and after eating two sweet ripe grapes, Peter slowed down. Seeing the hospital gown on Schiller's body, Peter pursed his lips and sat down. Bedside asks:

"Doctor, can you tell me what's going on here?"

Peter lowered his head, fiddled with his fingers and said, "Before, I heard at the Avengers base that Mr. Stark said, say you..."

"What did he say?" Schiller asked in a relaxed tone.

"He discussed with the captain about hiring a doctor for you. They said that yours seems to have some psychological problems. What's going on?"

Having said that, Peter looked up and looked around the entire ward, and then said, "So, does a psychiatrist also have psychological problems?"

"Of course, Peter." Schiller picked up another orange and said while peeling it: "The doctor can't heal himself. Many times, psychiatrists are more prone to psychological problems than normal people."

"Why?" Peter asked curiously.

"When you come into contact with all kinds of patients and listen to their stories, it often brings invisible mental pressure..."

"Psychological trauma is not the same as a real wound. When it does not accumulate to a certain level, it is not easy to be noticed, but once it erupts, the accumulated negative emotions will enlarge the wound, resulting in more serious consequences than usual..."

"Are you like this too? Doctor, did you also have psychological problems because you treated other people?"

"No, Peter, I'm not a mental problem, it's a mental problem, haven't I told you before? I have savant autism, although for some reason, it has basically healed itself, but it is still a psychiatric patient……"

Peter looked at Schiller, who was lying on the bed concentrating on peeling oranges. At this time, he didn't frown, his brows looked soft, and the mental patients in Peter's impression should be nervous and painful.

"Since you've healed yourself, why are you still here?" Peter asked, and he continued, "I haven't seen the address of the new nursing home you sent me before, but I heard from my uncle, It's a town with the most rich people, so the environment should be good, right?"

"You're welcome there anytime, but before that, let's talk about this first." Schiller pointed to the TV hanging on the wall with the remote control, and a huge swashbuckle was popping up on the TV screen. - "The Strange Man of New York".

The three-dimensional squiggles rotated for two weeks, and then gradually shrank. The lights flickered. The host in a suit stepped onto the stage and raised his hands to greet the applause. The host wearing exaggerated sunglasses held the microphone and said in a high-pitched tone:

"Welcome to New York Television's newest and best show - The Odd Man of New York!"

Countless cheers came from below the auditorium, the lights flickered, the streamers erupted, and the camera zoomed in on the host's upper body. He first read an advertisement, and then said:

"Allow me to be here and tell everyone good news, no, maybe more than one good news!"

"You should already know the first piece of good news. This show won the ratings championship within two months of its launch!"

"It all depends on the amazing people who are active in New York. They have all kinds of magical abilities, strong, powerful, handsome, cute, it's you, it's me, it's everyone!"

"We all love these oddballs, right? Their weird face masks, brightly colored uniforms, and all sorts of funny codenames, and what's more fun than watching them have fun at the laundry at night? ?"

"And so this brand new show is the most popular Rising Stars show ever on NYTV! Thanks to you, the weirdos, or superheroes, in NYC!"

"Okay, no need to mention the past glory, let's talk about another good news. Bob, the most famous scout since the show started, has returned me a great news!"

"Guess who he met on the scout road? You will never believe that he met the famous - Spider-Man!

! "

The host's tone was so excited that it broke. Schiller turned to look at Peter. Peter shrugged and introduced:

"This is a new variety show launched by New York TV, called New York Odds. There are a total of 12 scouts in this show. They will search all over New York to find those odd people with special abilities, and let them be interviewed and even visit their lives."

"Wonderful man, what kind of person is it?" Schiller asked.

"It's superheroes with special abilities and their mission to fight criminals, there are quite a few such people in New York recently.

Peter scratched his head and said: "There are more and more superheroes in uniforms and masks, but most of them are ordinary people, but occasionally one or two do have special abilities."

"The scouts will communicate with them, understand their stories, and show their lives to the audience..."

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"In an earlier issue, they interviewed a mutant who used special abilities to fight criminals, and it caused a lot of controversy. You know, mutants have not been very popular, and some people were surprised to learn that there are superheroes among them. , some people feel terrified..."

"But it all brought a lot of heat to the show, making it the hottest variety show right now."

Schiller touched his chin, looked at the host who kept introducing the rules and procedures, then looked at Peter and asked, "So, you participated in this show?"

"Actually I didn't do it on purpose." Peter sighed, then began to tell what happened yesterday.

After Schiller was killed by Amit, the steel demon Stark shook the seal of all gods on earth, causing many demon gods to escape, and the mysterious powers of various countries on earth urgently assembled, in Kama Taj and the earth defense network. With the cooperation, most of these demon gods were stewed.

However, this incident still has some aftermath. After the seal in the city or suburbs is broken, the surrounding residents will be affected to some extent. Some people have riotous spirits in their homes, and some people are confused.

The mages sent people to solve most of the problems, but due to the chaos that occurred for a while, the crime rate rose and the police were overwhelmed, and superheroes like Spider-Man helped fill in the gaps.

Ever since Iron Man and Spider-Man, the two superheroes who hit the ground running in New York, have been imitators, most of them just imitating appearances, but some do have special abilities.

The willingness to become a superhero, even if it is just acting, shows that this person essentially wants to do good things, and when they encounter chaos, many of them come forward to fight criminals and help the police solve their troubles.

Therefore, the group of superheroes has become more active in the public's field of vision, and New York TV has seized this hot spot very well and launched a variety show called "The Strange Man of New York".

Since confessing their identities to Gwen, the relationship between Peter and Gwen has heated up rapidly. However, Peter has to be busy with his superhero career and also take into account the research of Connors Laboratory. Gwen began to look for internships and participate in summer camps for the Preparing for their own university, both of them are very busy, they have become Cowherd and Weaver Girl, and they haven't seen each other for a week.

Just yesterday, when he finally finished his work, Peter heard that Gwen was also on vacation. The two were so happy that they were going to go to the exhibition after a long absence.

However, just because he was too excited, Peter didn't take the spider silk launcher when he left the Connors laboratory, and it was not a good idea to go down the drain before going on a date with his girlfriend, so he went straight through the streets, planning to Run to the date spot.

But just in time for the strange man scouts in this variety are looking for these superheroes all over the street.

In the past, popular fried chickens like Spider-Man and Iron Man were all high and low, either flying in the sky or swinging upstairs, but it was impossible for ordinary people to reach them. A lot of attention, but I haven't found a real red and purple superhero to interview.

The scout came across Spider-Man and was so excited that he almost had a heart attack. The way he rushed up made Peter almost think he was blocking the road.

But after that, he explained his purpose, which made Peter a little interested. After all, he grew up in New York and watched TV shows on New York Channel with his uncle and aunt since he was a child. To do a simple interview, he agreed without thinking too much.

At this time, the host on the TV screen raised a hand, the camera panned up, the screen switched, and came to a table in front of a Mexican stall, Schiller opened his eyes slightly, and Peter said helplessly:

"I don't know how that scout dared to go to hell's kitchen, but anyway, I met him at the place where we ate taco before..."

Speaking of this, Peter sighed helplessly and said, "Then reminded: "Doctor, you'd better turn down your voice a little bit. "

"Turn it down? Why? Are you talking loudly?" Schiller asked with a smile.

At this time, the rough voice of the bearded scout came from the TV screen:

"Look at our spider boy! The best superhero in NYC! I'm a huge fan of yours, and if you can't sign my T-shirt later, I'll go home and cry with my teddy bear... …”

Peter on the screen grinned back and forth, and the two touched drink glasses, and then the interview officially began.

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