Anomalous Collector - Chapter 712 kidnap the empress

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"Heaven is coming!"

With a thunderous cry of the Empress, the transparent barrier in the sky that originally separated the heaven from the reality was hit by the violent force and suddenly shattered!

In the next instant, the building complex represented by the Lingxiao Palace in the sky was crushed down like a mountain.

And the heavenly general who was wearing armor and holding a sword, standing above the cloud head, seemed to have just come back to life from the state of a clay puppet.

Gu Ze and the other gods in the heavens showed happy smiles, and they rose into the sky in an instant. The surface of their bodies already showed the battle armor belonging to the generals. The golden light was shining and the divine might was rippling. They fell into the army of the generals that day and became Army general.

In Gu Ze's body, the giant spiritual body of the giant spirit **** spread out in an instant, reaching a full hundred meters, like a hill, carrying two giant axes and slashing it towards Li Fan.

Li Fan smiled slightly, stretched his arms, and the night watchman's bright divine realm had been unfolded behind him in an instant, and he shouted:

"Where is the Great Sage Monkey King!"

As soon as the voice fell, Sun Wukong of various forms instantly transformed into the void of the Bright God Realm, all holding sticks in their hands, and greeted the Giant Spirit God.

A trace of panic flashed in the eyes of the giant spirit god, and then he fought with these Monkey Kings.

Immediately afterwards, heroes from people's spiritual fantasy appeared in the Bright God Realm, fighting against the thousands of heavenly soldiers.

The dream demon on the side was looking at the timing, transformed into clones one by one, and temporarily stopped several heavenly gods rushing towards Li Fan.

At the same time, Li Fan said loudly to the investigators below:

"Everyone remember, you are also heroes, and the heroes you believe in will also be with you! Let go of your hearts and become one with my spiritual power!"

While speaking, the white rays of light from the Temple of Light had enveloped the investigators.

In an instant, all the investigators felt a surge of power from the bottom of their hearts, which complemented their own spiritual power and multiplied their power.

At this time, Gao Yunlei suddenly discovered that a new dress made entirely of spiritual energy appeared on the surface of his body. He was wearing a sleeveless red dress with a grass skirt made of gourd leaves around his waist. He stretched out his hand. Touching his head, a gourd appeared on top of his head!

"Fuck Yunlei, your eyebrows... Your eyebrows have become so thick! You are dressed like this... Isn't this special mother a Huo baby!?" Fang Hao looked at Gao Yunlei with stunned expression.

Gao Yunlei looked at Fang Hao, who was dressed almost like him with a gourd on his head, and said with a dull expression:

"Haozi, you have also changed. Your mother' Liwa...I want to breathe fire!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he had already turned his head to look at a celestial soldier who was rushing over. He opened his mouth and spewed out a raging flame, instantly wrapping the other party!

Looking at the surrounding investigators, all of them have completely awakened in the water vapor with the fragrance of plants and trees, and the appearance of each of the thousands of awakened people has changed into a different dress.

Most of the characters they dress up are cartoon and movie characters, such as martial arts masters in strong suits, lone rangers with guns, soldiers in military uniforms, and so on, all of which are heroes that everyone believes in. !

The most important thing is that the investigators were surprised to find that they not only transformed into heroes in their own appearance, but also had a very high similarity with these heroes in their combat methods and combat effectiveness.

It can even be said that they are the heroes in their own hearts!

"This special mother's... conference..." Gao Yunlei murmured, and then excitedly said: "Brother Fan is really awesome!"

While speaking, he turned around and rushed towards those heavenly soldiers, like a spiral flamethrower, which instantly ignited a large area!

At this time, Yang Gan was wearing a green outfit, and the **** umbrella in his hand was closed again, and it has become the shape of a fishing rod, but the place that was originally a fishing hook has become a round iron pendant. Every time it is thrown out, there is a Enemies are crushed.

At this time, Daoist Gou turned into a golden Taiji gossip robe, held a money sword, and carried a celestial master seal, and murmured excitedly:

"I didn't expect Lao Dao to become a Celestial Master one day, Lao Dao will reverse the Heavenly Gang! Wu Na Evil God, accept your fate!"

Putuo monk has turned into a golden body, sitting cross-legged, and small golden spiral hairs appeared on his originally bald head. Sadly, he said:

"I am merciful! The word is so eloquent!"

While speaking, he swung out a stick and smashed a piece.

All kinds of strange Yingwei characters appeared in the space connected between Heavenly Court and the Temple of Light at this time, fighting with the surging Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals!

Seeing this scene, the Empress was neither happy nor sad, as if she was looking at a group of ants.

Her golden jade seat has already appeared in the Lingxiao Palace. At the moment when she entered the Lingxiao Palace, it seemed that the whole person showed infinite power, and the original divine power increased several times.

In her eyes, there are golden lights and lightning flashes. Above the bright yellow robes, golden dragons roared and roared, looking at the melee below, and said lightly:

"It's just a mere illusion. I have once again taken control of the heavenly court. The little new **** is not worth it."

As he spoke, he just waved his hand, and the color of the sky and the earth changed in an instant, the clouds were dense, the thunder flashed, and it slammed down!

And beside her, those heavenly gods did not dare to hesitate at all, and immediately followed these thunderbolts.

The female emperor sitting on the golden jade seat had already raised her own spiritual power to the peak, several times higher than before, and even made them feel terrified.

These heavenly gods did their best at this time, and the silhouettes transformed by the night watchman's temple of light were immediately completely shattered and disappeared, and it was difficult to gather them together for a while.

Seeing this scene, Dream Demon did not hesitate at all, and immediately released all the power of fantasy, condensed into a mountain-like incarnation in the void, and stopped these heavenly gods.

It's just that although he is a powerful supreme ruler, facing so many righteous gods in heaven, he is also a little stretched for a while, and it is only a matter of time before he loses.

At this time, the entire Temple of Light trembled, and even faint cracks appeared in the void.

Although the Night's Watch's Temple of Light is powerful, it is only a separate God's Domain after all, and it is beyond expectations to reach this level.

There was no panic on Li Fan's face, he looked up at the Empress in the Heavenly Court Yunxiao Palace, and said calmly:

"What heaven, it's just a cave in the sky... I said why it looks so familiar... As for you, the Jade Emperor, you're just a stronger god, or in other words, a so-called evolutionary person cultivated by humans. ...why, have you forgotten your human identity so quickly?"

Immediately after looking at the golden heaven, he exclaimed:

"Tsk tsk, no wonder you are able to hide yourself with annihilation. It turns out that this entire God Realm has been refined into a magic weapon by you, and you can even distract yourself from it. If so, then separate you from this heaven!"

While speaking, Li Fan was already in the air, and pieces of armor gradually appeared from the top and bottom of his body, such as sky crowns, chain mail, walking clouds, golden hoop rods, and even the surface of his body had hair growing out, turning into a monkey-like appearance. , stepping on the clouds transformed by spiritual power, rushing towards the empress on the golden throne!

The Empress sneered:

"Beyond your own strength, your divine power is still mine."

The whole body was surrounded by thunder, and he held his hand forward, and a huge palm immediately appeared in the void, grabbing Li Fan and bringing it to the Empress.

"Since you are the new **** worshipped by the mortals in this world, then I will destroy your new **** and let them understand the majesty of heaven!"

While speaking, violent forces rushed towards Li Fan.

Different from before, the Empress at this time has been able to grasp Li Fan completely after possessing the power of heaven.

Li Fan grinned and said:

"Heavenly Court, right? Who doesn't have a home court yet?"

While speaking, the ape arm stretched out, protruding from the giant palm of mental power, and directly grabbed the Empress's arm.

Beneath them, a door suddenly appeared and opened suddenly.

A chain of chains protruded from the door, bound the two, and suddenly dragged them in!

Seeing this scene, the old heavenly gods who had already shattered the dream demon couldn't help but let out bursts of wild shouts:

"Escort, escort!"

Sword Sovereign Ling Tian in the front instantly turned into a stream of light, and the divine swords became one, rushing into the portal first.

The dream demons whose incarnations had all been broken snorted coldly at this moment, and also escaped into the portal.

The giant spirit **** behind frowned and asked clairvoyant:

"What kind of trap has this evil barrier laid? Is Your Majesty safe?"

At this time, they were about to exterminate the Dream Demon. Compared to the night watchman, the Dream Demon was equally powerful. It should be the biggest support of the night watchman.

It's just that the other party suddenly took away the Jade Emperor, which is really strange.

Clairvoyant said quickly:

"It doesn't matter! I and Ling Tian Jianzun have already explored it, but it's just Sang Guo Gao Tianyuan and Wu Mysterious Realm. This thief just wants to escape. UU Kanshu I will help His Majesty to capture him, which is a great achievement. Piece!"

While speaking, many of the heavenly gods have already rushed into the portal.

Just as he was about to enter the gate, Gu Ze, who was possessed by the Giant Spirit God, stopped abruptly, looked at Zhao Yifeng, who was possessed by the Vigorous Ghost King, and said:

"Fellow Daoist Dali, since the emperor has regained his strength and is sitting in the secret realm of the heavenly court, I must wait for me to chase after him, but it will only be a passing game. Instead, it is better to take these ordinary people and wait for His Majesty's return. I must be delighted."

"What the daoist giants said is very true!"

As Zhao Yifeng said that, he waved his hand to release a dense number of ghosts, and several other old gods of the Heavenly Court possessed by the senior officials of the General Administration, killed the investigators of the Anomaly Bureau!


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