Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage - Chapter 458 balance meaning

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The news of Swain's visit to Tubtai quickly spread throughout Ionia with the Empire's deliberate propaganda.

In contrast, the Equilibrium Sect also responded.

Perhaps because the Kuzan region is the birthplace of the Cult of Equilibrium, or because of Noxus' hard-line attitude.

Equilibrium sect is no longer the same as before, but has an attitude.

"Wait and see!"

Just a simple phrase and not many fancy words.

But from this simple word, it also expresses the toughness of the balanced sect.

This was almost impossible before.

The Kuzan area, the temporary residence of the Balance Sect.

Since the original site of the Balance Sect was robbed and bloodbathed, Shen took the remaining cult members to form the Balance Sect again in the Kuzan area.

Because of its long history, in just 10 years, the Equilibrium Sect has recovered most of its former prosperity.

In the mountains and forests of the clouds and birds, people and shadows are moving.

"Irelia, the Eye of Twilight rejected your request, please go back..."

In front of the plain mountain gate, Irelia was stopped.

Irelia thought about the recent events with a look of confusion and embarrassment on her face.

She didn't understand why the Equilibrium Cult had spoken out, but they didn't want to see her...

But seeing the indifferent face of the balanced church members, she knew that she would not gain much this time.

Irelia sighed, turned and walked away.

After walking for a few kilometers, she walked into a dense forest.

After she entered the forest, the whole forest seemed to come alive, and a large amount of green energy gathered in front of Irelia, forming a woman's face in the sky:

"Irelia, Shen didn't come with you, and I don't have to keep my promise."

The woman's mouth was slightly open, and her voice was soft and soothing.

"Why...why are you unwilling to unite and fight against Noxus together!" Irelia raised her head and stared at the face.

"You, the Cult of Equilibrium, Noxus, there is no difference in my eyes..." the woman said.

"But you said that as long as the balanced sect is willing to unite, you are also willing to help us. Give me a few more days, and I will convince the balanced sect!" Irelia insisted.

"I owe the Equalization Sect once, and I will help them once, that's all. Apart from that, your human affairs have nothing to do with me." The other party's voice was still soft, but there was a ruthless meaning in the words.


Irelia wanted to say something, but was interrupted again by the other party:

"Irelia, don't you understand... No matter how many times you go to the Equilibrium Cult, they won't choose to join you."

"How could it be! The Equilibrium Cult has already had a bad relationship with Swain, and now the best choice is for us to unite." Irelia's voice was serious.

She felt that the other party was making excuses, and when she persuaded Shen, she would definitely be able to persuade the other party to take action.

Hearing her words, the other party let out a chuckle:

"Why not, I have witnessed the rise and fall of the Equilibrium sect, and I know the meaning of Equilibrium. And the new Twilight Eye-Shen is a person who abides by Equilibrium."

"Balance... In order to maintain stability in Ionia, it should be balanced without Noxus. I don't know what he's insisting on, but a lot of the people of Balance want to come out, and I can clearly feel it. "

Irelia said seriously:

"And this time, due to the strong response of the Equilibrium Sect, public opinion in the Kuzan area has been aroused. Thousands of brothers and sisters want to rise up together and kill the visiting Swain!"

"Do you think Shen meant to lure Swain and kill him in the Kuzan area?"

The other party said without emotion:

"Once that is done, whether successful or not, the entire film of Kuzan will usher in a full-scale war in Noxus. By then, the balance here will be completely disrupted."

"But if you don't do that, why would Shen express it like that?"

Irelia frowned, and the other party's words persuaded her. She understood that the balanced sect that adhered to balance was more restrained, and it was impossible to do such a desperate thing.

But if it's not for the purpose of confrontation, why do you need to express it like this.

Now that the public opinion of the entire Kuzan has been provoked, the sword can be pointed at Noxus at any time, and a leader is missing.

"Equilibrium...Equilibrium, naturally there is advance and retreat..."

After Irelia heard this, her eyes became more enlightened:

"You mean... The Equilibrium sect relies on a tough attitude to get Swain to retreat? This is simply nonsense, they are Noxus!" Irelia said seriously.

She knew Noxus better than any Ionian, and they had no concept of retreating.

"Naturally, we won't just rely on the balanced sect. Almost all the spirits of nature like me grew up in Kuzan, and you, the hero who cut off Swain's arm, are also there. If such a lineup spreads out, how can Swain come back? "

"Aren't you afraid that he will send the army to come?"

Irelia only felt absurd in her heart. She couldn't imagine that the Equilibrium Sect and the spirit of nature in front of her would pin their hopes on the retreat of the enemy.

"There is a mountain range between Kuzan and Navoli. Noxus, which the province of Navoli can't swallow whole, how can I cross the mountains to come to Kuzan?"

Hearing these indifferent words, Irelia sighed:

"Is this really the common idea of ​​you and the Equilibrium Sect? When will we start, we will pin the comfort of our on the idea of ​​​​the enemy. What a cowardly act..."

"It's not called's called wisdom..."

In a soft and gentle voice with consolation:

"Brute force can't solve everything. This time Swain and Noxus are just trying to test us. As long as we show strength, they will not and dare not attack us."

"Noxus is very strong, but if you want to go to war with us, you have to prepare for heavy casualties..."

Irelia pursed her lips slightly after hearing such dejected words, and did not plan to say anything more.

In her eyes, this method can only be regarded as clever, not wisdom at all.

Even if Swain didn't dare to go to Tubotai alone this time, so what...

Next time... next time... what are they going to do to keep the peace?

Seemingly seeing through Irelia's thoughts, the spirit of nature smiled and comforted:

"Child...don't worry too much, I can feel that the land under our feet is constantly strengthening, and the speed is extremely fast. With her increase, our strength will grow at a very fast rate."

"When we have the strength to defeat each other, that's when we counterattack..."

"Really...I see."

Irelia pursed her lips and nodded, then turned and left without saying anything.

It's not just them developing in this world, the gap between them and Noxus has been widened.

As development goes on, they can only be eaten away by more.

At that time, will they really have the courage to resist?

she does not know...

But she knows...

Now, she should do some preparations.

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