Catastrophe - Chapter 1573 tiger swallows the sky

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After the defending troops left the market town, they began to demarcate the area and began to camp.

The officer in charge of leading Ning Zhe and the others to this place found him while they were camping, and said in a low voice, "Your camp is placed at the very edge. After the night falls, I will arrange for your people to be on duty, and then you will be on duty. You can leave."

Hearing the officer's response, Ning Zhe took out a gold bar and stuffed it into the opponent's hand: "Thank you."

"You're welcome." The officer accepted Ning Zhe's money, and his attitude became ambiguous: "It is not easy for you to survive here in the great disaster of the Northern Famine. I will give you a note in a while and go to the cafeteria to get some food by yourself. Let's go."

In the empty space that was cleared, tents soon rose from the ground.

In the tent with the brazier, Ning Zhe sat by the fire to keep warm, and said to Hu Yihan and Zhang Fang: "Today is night, we can leave the team. Before, we and the rebels were traveling in separate vehicles. No one pays attention to anyone, and once we live together, it's different, so we have to get out of this place as soon as possible before anyone else notices.

Entering the No. 82 fortress this time is not our mission. I just want to enter the city to confirm some things, so it is not appropriate to have too many personnel. My opinion is that you stay outside the city and lead the troops. I will bring Zhang Fang and Fan. Ke and Ren Jiao enter the fortress. "

Hu Yihan thought for a while: "Is it too risky for only four people to enter?"

"If we want to enter the fortress, the only way is to climb over the city wall. You know the danger of crossing the fortress. The more people there are, the more difficult it will be." Ning Zhe explained: "I will take Zhang Fang and Ren Jiao with me. Going in is because their demon abilities are useful to me, Ren Jiao can perform assassinations, and Zhang Fang's manipulation ability can also allow us to sneak into some places. As for Fan Ke, it's because her abilities allow us to climb the city wall more smoothly. ."

Hu Yihan nodded and said, "Yes, but when you enter the city, you must pay attention to safety. You must not act on your will. Even if you give up the affairs here, you must not take risks."

Ning Zhe nodded and reassured: "Don't worry, I know it in my heart. We came to No. 82 not to cause damage. As long as we can enter the city, the probability of exposure is not high."

At night, there are few pedestrians in the market town. Except for the refugees who travel to and from the outer city like machines, it is difficult to see other figures.

Ning Zhe circled around the city, and finally stopped at a corner, and said to Fan Ke who was beside him: "We need to climb to the top from this city wall, and we need you to make a climbing foothold along the way, can you do it? ?"

Fan Ke looked up at the city wall more than 50 meters high, and said uncertainly: "If it is in Jinqinhuan, I can drop a vine directly, but the temperature and terrain here will greatly affect my ability. Influence, I can try to summon vines on the wall, every time we crawl a distance, we will remove the vines behind and re-summon on it.

This may be a try, but I can't say what the result will be, but I can guarantee that even if my ability is not enough for us to reach the top, we can ensure that everyone can withdraw safely. "

Ning Zhe waved his hand: "This is enough, we must enter the fortress at night, let's do it."

Seeing Ning Zhe speak, Fan Ke aimed his hands at the wall of the fortress, and then a piece of vines grew from the wall, and several people began to climb up the city wall along the stairs made by Fan Ke.

Before departure, Ning Zhe had directed Fan Ke to use an exoskeleton, and she was also a very smart girl. With the power of the exoskeleton, the four of them began to climb up quickly.

After reaching the height of fifteen meters, the howling cold wind began to blow on several people like knives. Even though they all wore cotton gloves, they still did not have much effect on keeping out the cold.

Fan Ke climbed for a while, and felt that her hands were no longer conscious, and said to Ning Zhe, "The temperature here is too low, I can wrap everyone's bodies with vines and let everyone rest."

Ning Zhe did not stop, and continued to climb up: "We can't stop, resting in a low temperature environment will only make our body more numb, the higher we climb, the lower the temperature above, we must keep it up. Only by exercising can provide heat to the body, and everyone must climb up in one go, and once we stop, our efforts will be forfeited.”

When everyone heard Ning Zhe's words, they all gritted their teeth and continued to climb up.

Climbing under low temperature conditions is a huge challenge for willpower and physical strength. After reaching more than 30 meters, the low temperature has already made Fan Ke unable to concentrate, and the speed of releasing his abilities has become extremely slow. It takes several attempts. In order to successfully summon a vine out.

At a distance of tens of meters, it took everyone half an hour to successfully reach the top.

When Ning Zhe climbed to the top of the city wall, he raised his head and glanced up, and frowned immediately.

He thought that the fortress's wall was so high that as long as they could reach the top, they could look for opportunities to sneak into the fortress, but he didn't expect that the defenses above would be so strict.

On the city walls of the outer city, there are densely packed artillery pieces, and a large number of troops are dormant, reaching the level of one post at three steps and one post at five steps.

The top of the city wall in the main city behind is even more exaggerated. At the top of the brightly lit inner city wall, there are rows of artillery. It is also full of monitoring probes, and it is completely in a defensive state without dead ends, even tighter than the frontier positions.

Seeing the scene on the city wall, Zhang Fang couldn't help scolding: "Though these guys from the chaebols shouted that they wanted to live and die together with the frontline soldiers, but now it seems that they are more afraid of death than anyone else. From the analysis of weapons and equipment, I am afraid that Pei's most elite troops and equipment are all placed on the city wall. If we want to enter the fortress from here, I am afraid that the difficulty is comparable to leading 30 people to penetrate their positions."

"I don't know if it's because of the war, or the security of the chaebols has always been like this. The defense here has indeed exceeded my expectations." Ning Zhe has never climbed the city wall of the fortress. Seeing the scene above, he gritted his teeth slightly: "The temperature here is too low. It will be dangerous for us to stay for a long time, and there is also the risk of exposure. Everyone withdraw and discuss a feasible plan."

An hour later, Ning Zhe withdrew their stronghold in the refugee area, and Hu Yihan hurriedly greeted them: "Why did you guys come back so soon? The plan didn't go well?"

Ren Jiao sighed: "It's not just that it's not going well, No. 82 is simply an iron king. If you want to sneak into this fortress, it's simply a tiger swallowing the sky, and there's no way to tell."

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