Celestial Immortal - Chapter 774 Filial disciples and grandsons

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  Speaking of which, Chu Chen has been away from Yuqin County for two years.

  In the past two years, the Yuqin Mountains have undergone earth-shaking changes.

Because the "Five Elements Rare Treasures" were born here at the beginning, legends about someone who got a copy of the "Five Elements Rare Treasures" by chance, became rich overnight, and reached the peak of life, made Yuqin Mountain, where ghosts, snakes and gods gather, more and more popular. confusion.

  In addition to the casual cultivators pouring into Yuqin Mountain one after another with dreams of getting rich overnight, many forces from the eight states in the southwest are also constantly infiltrating. The entire Yuqin Mountain is no longer peaceful as before, and the situation is extremely chaotic.

  When Chu Chen entered the mountain with his master, his spiritual sense detected several waves of masters of five or six ranks of Taoism along the way.

   "Master, there are five elements of rare treasures produced in Yuqin Mountain?"

  Chu Chen was curious. Under normal circumstances, the treasure-rich land formed by chance and chance cannot last for too long. It can range from a day or two to a year or a half. It is very rare that it lasts for two or three years.

"and also."

Daoist Xu Ping's tone was quite firm: "In the past two years, there have been fewer rare treasures of the Five Elements than at the beginning, but from time to time, someone still got a chance. Just a month ago, a casual cultivator got the rare treasures of the Five Elements, causing a lot of trouble. movement."

   "This Yuqin Mountain is a blessed place."

  Chu Chen couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

  In fact, it is also the imperial capital of Zhongzhou, where the Taizu of Dachang ruled Kyushu, suppressing the luck of the world and converging in one place.

  The imperial capital of Zhongzhou relies on "sucking blood" from other states and counties, so that the fortunes will continue. This Yuqin Mountain is a good fortune, with such a deep fortune.

"It is indeed a blessed place. In addition to the birth of the rare treasures of the five elements, the output of other spiritual treasures has also become extremely rich. A few days ago, an expert deduced that the chance of this place is at least two or three years away, which makes Yuqin Mountain more and more prosperous. Attractive, it has become a sweet pastry, and everyone wants to take a bite, and the situation has become more and more chaotic in recent days."

  Chu Chen: "The Yuqin Demon Emperor doesn't care?"

"Yuqin Demon Emperor always adheres to the principle of neutrality. Even if the one-acre-three-point land designated by his family is fierce, he will not intervene. Even the monks with great supernatural powers outside have been stationed in Yuqin Mountain for a long time. Close your eyes."

   After finishing speaking, Daoist Xu Ping shook his head:

   "It's going to be hard for Ning Yi to take care of it. Every day, he sends rescue soldiers to the fairy court and asks the monks with great supernatural powers to help him. The pressure is extremely high."

  Ning Daoist is no one else, he is the high-level Taoist cultivator who took over from Chuchen Yuqin.

  Chu Chen smiled: "Doesn't this mean that I avoided a troublesome matter?"

   "That's not it."

  While the master and apprentice were talking, they unknowingly entered the territory under Taoist Fu Hua's command.

  As soon as they entered this place, two young Taoists immediately stopped them, with a bad tone, and scolded them not to trespass on the territory of Yuqin Shrine, and told them to leave as soon as possible, otherwise they would be rude to them.

  Daoist Xu Ping remained unmoved, the jade pendant on his waist was shining brightly, and the powerful [Hunyuan Xuan Gong] magic power in his body was undoubtedly revealed.

  The two young Taoists were taken aback for a moment. Although they couldn't see through the concealment and evasion method, they could get a glimpse of the real aura, but they still knew Xu Ping's origin, and said respectfully:

   "The disciple pays homage to the master, and this senior (Chu Chen)."

  Daoist Xu Ping looked stern, and nodded lightly:

   "Lead the way, go back to the valley and meet your master."


  The two old Lingshan sect disciples were very respectful to Taoist Master Xu Ping, and when they heard the order, they led the way without saying a word.

   Chu Chen was surprised when he saw this scene.

  Speaking of which, this is the first time Master Xu Ping Daochang personally brought him into contact with the old Lingshan sect. Before that, he was very curious about the real relationship between the new and old Lingshan sect.

  However, seeing this scene now, he has a faint realization.

  The relationship between old and new Lingshan is very complicated.

  It is true that the family has been separated on the surface, but in essence, it has not been completely delivered.

  There is no other reason. The master did not sever the master-student relationship with the ancestor Fu Hua.

  Essentially, the master-student relationship has not been broken, and the Dharma line still exists.

  For the old Lingshan people, Daoist Xu Ping is still the head teacher of Lingshan in name, the respect of a school.

  This is why Master Xu Pingdao said that "past, present, and future" should be cut.

  A group of people followed two old Lingshan disciples to a secret valley in the mountains. As soon as they entered the old Lingshan camp, the voice of master Fu Hua Taoist floated from the valley.

   "Teacher, why are you here today? Could it be that you have encountered difficulties."

   In the first half of the sentence, Taoist Fu Hua's tone was quite joyful. His apprentice was willing to get close to him, and he was very happy. However, he soon seemed very surprised, and then faintly displeased:

   "Why did you bring your apprentice and grandson?"

  Daoist Xu Ping looked as usual: "Why not see the master and grandson."


  The old Lingshan disciples who led the way saw their master angry, submissive and trembling. Xu Ping and Chu Chen, master and apprentice, looked calm and stood on the flower stone path in the valley without saying a word.

   After a long silence, a sigh came from the depths of the valley:

   "Oh, why bother to come here! You two can come into my cave."

   "Disciple pays homage to (Master) Grandfather!"

  In the spacious stone hall of the cave, Taoist Fu Hua sat cross-legged on the futon, raised his eyes to look at Xu Ping, and then glanced at the handsome young monk with a strong aura. His heart was complicated, but his face was full of kindness.

  In fact, the two were clear about their respective identities, but they didn't puncture the window paper face to face.

   This time, apprentice Xu Ping brought his apprentice grandson Chuchen to the old Lingshan resident, and the window paper was torn in an instant, and both sides had a tacit understanding.

   "Zhenyi, you don't blame Master, do you?"

  Chu Chen shook his head: "The master took care of me all the way, and the disciple is very grateful, so there is no complaint."

   What he said was not polite. The fetters and entanglements between the old and new Lingshan sects were a matter of his master's generation. Ever since he came to Yunzhou, his master Fu Hua had been taking care of him in secret, and he was clear in his heart.

   "Great kindness!"

   Taoist Fu Hua smiled a little more on his serious face:

"Master, I thought you would have to work hard for a few years before you could break through. I never expected that you would break through in a year or two. Tsk tsk tsk, stepping into the ranks of great supernatural powers at the age of thirty is really a good fortune, and the way of immortality can be expected .”

   "Thanks to the guidance of the master, I taught the superior method."

   "You have high comprehension and a solid foundation. You are not a master, I teach well."

  For Chu Chen, Taoist Fu Hua was full of praise and liked him very much.

  In fact, there is no elder who does not like such a talented apprentice and grandson.

Taoist Xu Ping on the side kept silent and did not disturb the conversation between the grandparents and grandchildren. It was not until Taoist Fu Hua asked whether Chu Chen was transferred back to Yunzhou to take charge of the deputy governor of the state this time, so he took a step ahead of Chu Chen and answered the question road:

"Master, Zhenyi was not only transferred back to Yunzhou to serve as the deputy governor of the state, but also served as the left deputy supervisor of Yunzhou. He has been added as an alternate elder of the Elders' Home in the Xianting Central Center, and he is listed among the Xianting Central Center, manifesting his holiness in the Taoist sects of the world, and he is the one who has achieved the highest achievement since the establishment of our Lingshan Sect, and the immortal journey is bright!"


   Taoist Fu Hua stood up suddenly, his face was full of shock:

   "How is this possible! Zhenyi is just a newcomer to the realm of great supernatural powers. How could Xianting add him as an alternate elder? This is obviously against the rules. Boy Yunshui, are you playing as a teacher for fun?"

   Taoist Xu Ping was taken aback when he heard the words. He was too excited to see the big apprentice coming back this morning, and he didn't think about it carefully after hearing the news. Now, when he heard the master talk about it, he also reacted.

  Yes, how did the apprentices be selected?

Although Emperor Lingwei led a group of Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian monks with great supernatural powers to ascend to the upper realm, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the Dachang Heavenly Dynasty did not lack great supernatural power monks who were able to reach the heavens in Taoism and law. Realm, the apprentice Chu Chen who was dismissed for a year and waited for his recovery.

   Chu Chen smiled when he heard the words, and said:

   "Master Ancestor, Master, the two of you should have heard of the demonic disaster a few days ago, right?"

Fu Hua and Xu Ping nodded slightly. The news was extremely sensational. They knew about it tens of thousands of miles away. They heard that it was extremely dangerous at that time. The society is in turmoil.

   "Have you done meritorious service?"

"That's right. This time, the little ghost and I helped the chief elder of the Xianting Central Elder's Home, and the alternate celestial master Yulou real person to find the key clues, so as to solve the evil disaster case in one fell swoop, and successfully assisted Mr. Mingjing to hand over the artifact of the country. Manpower overcame all opinions and pushed the disciple into the list of candidates in the Central Elders' House."

   From the Dragon's work!

   Taoist Fu Hua and Taoist Xu Ping came up with these four words in their hearts at the same time, and their hearts couldn't help beating.

  With this credit, the future is bright.

  With Chu Chen's talent for cultivating Taoism, his Taoism cultivation base has steadily improved. In this Celestial Court, as long as he does not make a big mistake, let alone ascend to the position of Celestial Master in the Celestial Court in the future, an important official of Zuoguo will not be able to escape.

  Fu Hua, Xu Ping, master and apprentice, were inexplicably excited, and they kept chanting the words "Important Minister of Zuo Guo" in their hearts.

Throughout the millennium history of the Celestial Court of the Celestial Dynasty, those who can be included in the list of important ministers of the Zuo Kingdom are either from the family of princes for many generations, or they are from the three prominent schools of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and they are the leaders of the three schools. Climb to a high position.

The few important ministers of Zuoguo who came from a humble background are all famous people in the Celestial Court, and the sects and families behind them have all made a leap, and they have risen to a higher level, or become a great sect of immortals, or It has become a family.

  After thinking up to this point, Taoist Master Xu Ping's belief became more and more firm. He didn't speak, but sent a voice from his spiritual sense:

   "Master, our Lingshan faction has ushered in the best period. Are you still indifferent, unwilling to step out of this comfortable place, stick to your old ways, and bring about your own destruction?"

  Xu Ping's words were calm and a little passionate at the beginning, but the more he said later, the momentum became stronger, and in the end he was even more aggressive and extremely powerful.

  This move is undoubtedly a big treason, how can there be any reason for an apprentice to behave like this in front of the master.

   Taoist Fu Hua was not happy when he heard the words, but he couldn't get stronger, and explained:

"Disciple, Zhenyi's breakthrough is that Zhenyi has a solid foundation and high comprehension. It absorbs the strengths of many families and integrates it into [Hunyuan Xuangong], forming a school of its own. Much more profound and mysterious, comparable to immortal kungfu, the breakthrough of your disciples does not mean that you have successfully deduced the perfect [Hunyuan Xuangong], at least you have to be among the ranks of great supernatural powers before the Lingshan School can be considered to have completely passed the path."

   "Master, what you said is indeed the truth, [Hunyuan Xuan Gong] has indeed not been completely mastered."

  Daoist Xu Ping echoed, but then changed the subject and said:

"However, the fundamental method of my apprentice's [Hunyuan Tianxin Xuangong] comes from [Hunyuan Xuangong], from our Lingshan [Gathering Qi Refining Shape], and he cultivates the way of yin and yang. It is enough to prove that the fundamental method of the master's school is the method of enlightenment, and there is no problem with the fundamental method."

  Speaking, Taoist Xu Ping said again:

   "Master, back then, you let the ignorant and ignorant Taoist priest take over the burden of Lingshan, and let me open the way. Now that the way has just emerged, don't you still refuse to step out of your comfortable place, and you are not willing to take any risks?"


   Taoist Fu Hua was told by his apprentice to the general, and wanted to explain one or two things, but he felt that no explanation seemed powerless.

  Back then, it was true that he did not fulfill his duties as the head of Lingshan and passed the burden on to his disciples.

   Feeling guilty, knowing he was wrong, he had no choice but to keep silent, pretending he didn't hear.

   Daoist Xu Ping saw that the master was silent, and felt irritable. His heart turned hard, and he said in a deep voice:

   "Master, you have also seen that your grandson's journey to immortality is bright. Whether you stick to your old ways or turn around in a shipwreck, disciples can't stop you, but you can't be a stumbling block for your grandson to reach the highest level of the fairy court."

"If you are not willing to deduce and perfect the skill [Hunyuan Xuan Gong], please forgive me for your treason. As the current head of the Lingshan School, I will expel you all from the Lingshan pedigree, remove your name forever, and cut off your current status in Lingshan. , the past, the future!"

   "Presumptuous! A rebellious bastard, dare you, it really turned against you."

Taoist Fu Hua, who was sitting on the futon, was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. Although he is not in the Lingshan sect, his name is still there, and he is in the Lingshan pedigree. If he is really expelled, he is the real one. The nameless abandoned son of Lingshan.

  At this moment, Taoist Fu Hua became anxious, full of evil spirits:

   "How dare you remove this old man from the Lingshan pedigree? If you say he will be removed, you will be removed?"

   Upon seeing this, Daoist Xu Ping remained unmoved, held his head high, and said calmly:

   "Master, I am the current head of Lingshan, if I say get rid of it, I will get rid of it!"

   Taoist Fu Hua was taken aback when he heard the words, and wanted to refute, but he couldn't find anything to say.

  He handed over the Lingshan Dharma lineage to his apprentice. Right now, he is just a "dead man" on the lineage of Lingshan inheritance.

   "Good boy, the old man beat you less in those days, you really went against the sky."

   Taoist Fu Hua was furious, unable to reason, so he rolled up the sleeves of his Taoist robe on the spot, wanting to teach this unfilial man a good lesson.

Chu Chen on the side didn't know what the master and the master were discussing, and suddenly his sword was on the verge of breaking out. However, seeing that the master was furious and wanted to hit the master, Chu Chen didn't seem to be pretending, so he stepped up and blocked the master without thinking. forward:

   "Master, please speak up if you have something to say."


  The Immortal Sword [Qinglong Sword] is full of spirituality, smelling the evil spirit, protecting the master by himself, flying the sword out of its sheath on the spot, the sword's sound resounded through the cave, and the evil spirit soared into the sky.

   Taoist Fu Hua almost had a cerebral hemorrhage when he saw this.

   What a filial disciple and grandson!

   "You, you two, master and apprentice"

  Chu Chen saw that the patriarch Fu Hua was so angry that he was speechless, and just wanted to make peace and persuade the patriarch and the master.

   However, he hasn't spoken yet.

  Outside the cave, there were bursts of loud noises, and faintly, there were sound transmission symbols flying over in a hurry.

   Taoist Fu Hua looked unhappy, he glanced at Xu Ping, ignored it, stretched out his hand to capture it, and crushed the sound transmission talisman without even thinking about it.

  The next moment, a delicate female voice came from the Sound Transmission Talisman.

   "Patriarch, it's not good, the master and uncle became demons and turned me and my junior brother into daughters, please save us quickly"

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