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In the eyes of Ireland, Chijiang Ori is also a fresh and warm object worthy of provocation because he is a gin apprentice.

... This brother's brain is not stupid compared to most people, his skills are basically excellent, but he has a arrogant personality, a fledgling, and he speaks with thorns.

Pisk didn't dare to behave so arrogantly in front of gin.

But Rum seems to like Ireland.

Rum loves everything that gin doesn't.

Jiang Yizhi didn't reply, the corridor was ventilated, he found a place to sit on the floor, took off his jacket, put it on him casually, then lowered his head and fiddled with his phone.

After a while, the door of the ward was suddenly opened, Jinjiu came out again, and his expression returned to his original state. He changed into a new black coat, his left hand injured by the gun was in his pocket, and his tone was reluctantly suppressed. The gentleness of the anger: "What news did you learn?"

"Vodka is at Rum's." Jiang Yizhi put away the phone, stood up, and said without blinking, "It's okay for now, but I'm in a coma because of excessive blood loss... I was just sending him a text message of condolences to express A friendly and harmonious colleague, I hope he can get through this difficult time and recover quickly."

He paused: "The three nurses who just passed by in the corridor are all spies and have no extra value, and no one is using the surveillance cameras, but if you stay here for a while, you may get some extra surprises."

"Besides, how are you?"

Gin automatically filtered out the redundant and redundant parts of Chijiang Zhi's words, and after getting the information he wanted, he said, "You don't need to worry about vodka now, he won't die for the time being."

As early as in the laboratory, he probably guessed that vodka would also be attacked.

Robin wants to cut off his back way, and will not fail to consider this hidden danger.

He was ready for vodka to die.

But now it seems...

Most of the experimenters were only knocked unconscious, the explosion was delayed, and the vodka was only packaged for bloodletting. He even had time to untie the rope and escape when Ben was completely slaughtered.

Obviously, this explosion is more symbolic of insult than total destruction.

Gin suddenly remembered the French Robin image of the romantic "Knight of Justice" in Belmod's mouth.

A knight of justice?

A righteous knight who will use a cigarette **** as an emblem?

While thinking, he handed an extra pistol to Jiang Yizhi: "Detour to the safe house, get a sniper rifle, and then we'll go to Pisk's place... And next time we go out, if you forget to bring your weapon with you. , I will shoot you down."

What people who have been shot need most is sleep and recuperation.

But he needs to give the gentleman an explanation. Rum has now gotten involved in the situation. If he doesn't act again, he doesn't know what charges he will face.

It's not just dirty water.

Jiang Yizhi took the gun, he faltered the gin and asked, "Is it just the two of us?"

"Do you need anyone else?" Gin turned his head and glanced at him calmly, "Perhaps you want to rest in the hospital for a night? Do I need to make up my hospital bed for you?"

Jiang Yizhi, who was suddenly enraged by Yin and Yang, said, "..."

He literally paused for a second.

He was wrong.

...from certain angles, gin seems to see people, and it's quite accurate.


in the hotel.

Chijiang Yezo cut out the golden rose in the vase, and was still playing the last sentence that Robin left when he left.

"How did you and Chijiangzhi meet?" he asked at the time.

"In France." Robin pressed the old-fashioned doorknob and said without looking back, "It could also be said to be in Japan."

……What's the meaning?

Chijiang Yesan took off the golden-red petals one by one, spread them out, sandwiched a page of paper, folded the paper in half, and sealed it in a sealed bag.

He wanted to call Chi Jiangzhi, but restrained himself.

He doesn't know where Koori is currently.

If he is not in the villa, is being monitored, and is in a dangerous environment, then this phone call is not a concern, but a reminder of his son's life.

Robin just asked him to call Chi Jiangzhi to confirm... How could he call to confirm.

Chijiang Yesan collected the petals smoothly, while he was thinking about what kind of poem these petals could be combined into after drying them with glue, whether it was Whitman or Goethe, then he would be able to take a beautiful photo and send it to him. Yuzi, let's talk about our thoughts... and the reunion gift of Xiaozhi has not yet been recorded. While pushing open the door, he said to the innkeeper who has no sense of existence: "There are some temporary situations."

His profile was extremely indifferent: "Please collect the fingerprints of the stranger in my room."

Hearing this, the chubby and short innkeeper struggled to raise his body from the pile of scattered magic props on the table, and nodded: "Okay, I will give you one million yen."

"Thank you for your care these days~www.novelbuddy.com~ I will call you the money in a while." Chijiang Yesan said, holding the book, "The fingerprints are in the old place."

The innkeeper smiled kindly: "Of course, don't you believe me?"

Chijiang Yesan walked out of the hotel: "I'm leaving."

"Bon Voyage."


The next morning.

The morning light was faint, and half of the sky was a fiery red Qixia. Jiang Yizhi leaned against the railing of the glass wall, basking in the sunlight, and pinching out various data about the body on the whiteboard.

Compared with using disguise materials to make Robin's face, [Chen Zhi] pinched it more carefully.

The system actively offered opinions from the side: [To model a face! Don't worry, I'll find a reference picture for you on the Internet. 】

[...Your mouth is crooked! ! ! 】

[The Dragon King of the Crooked Mouth Daba! 】

Jiang Yizhi pinched and seriously asked the system for advice: "What color do you like for your eyes...why can't they be colorful pupils."

He insisted implicitly in his tone: "I just like colorful pupils, and it's better for my hair to be colorful. It looks festive."


Why don't you sneak out a little white horse with sunshine and rainbow and surprise everyone :-D

Seeing that the system didn't speak, Jiang Yizhi enthusiastically poked the other person in the dialog box: "Teacher System, would you think about it?"

[You'd better die this heart. ] After a while, the system responded. At the same time, it threw a virtual potato to Jiang Yi, and said very angrily, "If you want to pinch, take this pinch, and don't harm my whiteboard." 】

Jiang Yizhi looked inexplicably at the rotating change-changing plasticine of the suspended potato in his hand for a second: "..."

He blinked.

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