Dawn of the Grey Tower - Chapter 113 Golden Dragon Falls

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Migo was deliberately slowing down the speed. This can be regarded as a kind of tacit understanding. After the cheese raised the circling signal, the red dragon realized what the mage wanted to do. Of course he knew how difficult it was to use magic to intercept two high-speed golden dragons. As giant dragons, he didn't need anyone to explain the effectiveness of mortal spells on him.

However, Migo didn't think Cheese's plan was naive in any way. When he first met the mage, he never thought that the human who had not lived as long as he slept for a long time could complete the trial and signed the contract. The contract with the dragon, the cheese is completed.

Since then, whenever Migo felt that the gray robe was dead, or that he was brave and foolish, the final result would be unexpected. It's not that he looks down on his mage friend, but that the speed of progress of short-lived creatures is unbelievably fast in the eyes of the dragon.

Giant dragons are very stable creatures. They are strong and determined, and neither time nor wind and rain can pass through the dragon scales to touch them. The mortals in Longan are different, with fragile skin, bodies that can be fatal to cold and heat, and intense emotional changes. All the factors that make them short-lived are real stimuli, which pour into people's hearts all the time.

People have no way not to respond to the world, and no way not to follow the emotions of external objects, because the heart and the brain are the product of the combination of matter, and they can never stop resonating.

The real stimulation hurts people, but it also makes them good. People will change suddenly at a certain moment, and they will continue to change under the influence of the external environment. Progress cannot be separated from changes, and degradation cannot be separated from changes. So compared to humans, the most important character trait of a dragon is actually stubbornness.

Migo is also stubborn, he stubbornly believes in the cheese, and believes that the mage will once again exceed his expectations in the change, thus achieving the impossible task. Sometimes the red dragon is very envious of human beings. Compared with human beings, although his life is long and stable, he always feels separated from the world by a thin film, as if he is experiencing everything from the perspective of a spectator.

In fact, the dragon was not like this at the beginning. In the years called the mythical age by Cheese, the abundance of magic allowed the dragons to experience life vividly. Their life perception at that time is similar to that of human beings today. There will be no difference.

But the giant dragon who adapted to that era had no time to transform, and the world was already different. For Migo, who had never experienced that era, the life of a dragon seemed to be like this all along, and it was no wonder that he felt faint envy for human beings.

"Roar!" The angry roar behind him recalled Migo's thoughts, and the red dragon lowered his head slightly, confirming the distance between himself and his pursuer through the shadows on the trees. There was a disdainful smile on the corner of his mouth. If it hadn't been for flying for too long before, the two golden dragons would never have gotten so close.

Forget it, if possible, I don't want to become enemies with Jinlong, and I hope that spells such as cheese can solve the problem. Thinking of this, Migo adjusted his direction again and made a sharp turn close to the tree crown.

The difference in flying level was obvious at a glance, the younger golden dragon just wanted to keep up with Migo, and almost lost his balance and fell from the air. The older golden dragon found out in time, and used its wings to create a cloud of airflow to support its companion.

But the result of this is that the distance they had finally shortened was further widened, and the anger in their hearts became stronger. The behavior of Migo's low-altitude flight was somewhat threatening. He was using the restraint of the Golden Dragon to see that they would not destroy the forest at will.

lap. Because of Migo's sharp turn, the trajectory of the first lap was actually not stable enough. Cheese couldn't help feeling a little dissatisfied with Red Dragon's self-expression behavior. Things were already difficult enough, but he was still increasing the difficulty.

Fortunately, the golden dragons seem to be more focused on chasing Migo because of being teased, which makes cheese can't help but start to suspect that if the red dragons didn't stimulate the chasers from time to time along the way, they might have let go of this rude man. Of course, this is also part of Migo's stubborn nature. It is a luxury to expect him to be reasonable.

two laps. The golden dragon shortened the distance and kept circling in the same orbit, which is inevitable. The pilots behind can shorten the flight distance through the inside, so as to make up for the disadvantage in speed. According to this trend, if Migo doesn't climb or make any changes, he will be chased to the back by the opponent on the fourth lap, which is the position where it is difficult to completely avoid the dragon's breath.

Perhaps aware of this, the roar of the smaller golden dragon had a faint hint of mockery, as if mocking the red dragon's suicide.

However, what made Cheese more concerned was that the bigger golden dragon seemed to glance at him vaguely, did he notice that there was a human being here? Jinlong should be able to feel the magic power of cheese, but most of them don't care about spellcasters among mortals.

three laps. It doesn't matter if you care about it. After three laps of adjustments, the flight trajectories of the three dragons have become regular, which is enough.

Blue water drops fell from the corners of Cheese's eyes. They were not tears, but dewdrops formed temporarily by the high condensation of magic power. As soon as the dewdrops flowed out of the eye sockets, they quickly evaporated and turned into blue light mist lingering around the eyes. .

The gray robe was rattling, and many mysterious geometric figures emerged on the surface without patterns, and they were nested with each other to form an even more incomprehensible complex pattern.

Cheese opened his arms, his hands were in the shape of claws, and the veins on the back of his hands burst out. He grabbed the air on both sides! Then one hand went up and the other hand went down. The river surface on the side of his upward hand suddenly rolled into waves, and the muddy ground on the side of his downward hand suddenly sank downward.

The golden dragons immediately realized the surging magic power, but it was too late, the gray robe's spell was already prepared, and this action was his last trigger. Now that the trigger has been pulled, the spell is like a flying arrow, and it is unstoppable!

"Huh!" The two golden dragons only felt the wind blowing loudly in their ears, suddenly, the boundary between heaven and earth was reversed, up seemed to be down, and the forest was supposed to be above their heads.

Of course, this spell is not just as simple as creating an illusion. If it is an ordinary creature, it would have been torn apart by magic in the sense of dislocation, but for a powerful dragon, the magic of the gray robe can cause an instant trance is already good Playing, also achieved the desired effect of the cheese.


The smaller golden dragon let out a mournful cry, and instinctively wanted to turn its body around. As a result, it naturally lost its flying lift and fell headlong from the air. Although the larger end quickly regained its senses, it saw its companion fall, and could only fly to the ground helplessly, apparently trying to reduce the damage.

At the same time, Migo was turning around, apparently preparing to launch a counterattack against the two pursuers, and the flame of the dragon's breath had faintly glowed through his throat.

"Migo, stop!"

The gray-robed mage let out a roar, and the magical roar sounded like thunder, and the substantial sound waves shook the water surface, causing chain vibrations in the branches.

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