Dimensional Eroders - Chapter 1199 This is my big salted fish, not your six hundred and sixty...

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Around mid-December, Lang and his best friend group completely ended their part-time job at the resort.

At the same time, the authenticity of Lang's [Laliyah Seafood City] soared to an unprecedented 41%. Of course, there was such a small side effect, the whole 'Raliyah' went completely insane, and fell into an endless frenzied fight.

After a large amount of second-hand pollution source energy from the [Abyss] flowed into the [Seafood City], it brought a large amount of demon blood, abyss worms, and the unique "dragon gene" of the "Monster Abuse World".

All of these are extremely corrosive and polluting, causing the originally "docile" Void Fel Gu parasitic dragon species to become completely chaotic and violent, turning into demons and dragons one after another, losing their minds to attack and devour each other.

In addition, a large number of abyssal worms are also like invasive species, feeding on the remains of the "void evil seafood" that were killed in battle, quickly hatching and evolving into deep-sea restraining seafood demons with "La'lye characteristics".

In the end, even [Seafood City] itself was superimposed with a weak layer of "bloody battle rules".

This is a species war between 'Magic Void Seafood (Gu Parasite) vs Ocean-type Mutant Dragon Beast (Invasive Species) vs Ke-type Seafood Demon (Abyss Species) vs Demonized Dragon Vein Hailabang (Gu Parasite)'.

If Bailang didn't take action to clean it up, then this temporary superimposed 'rule of **** battle' would last for about half a year, and it would be exhausted due to insufficient 'pollution energy', and the self would collapse and disintegrate.

As for the [Seafood City] being polluted by the 'stimulating abyss', it will also be completely self-cleaned after the 'one year' of the internal time of the treasure.

After all, this is a high-end product that incorporates [World Fragments], and has been deeply blessed by [Pollution Source. Void]. However, those secondary polluting energies from the "Monster Abuse World" have no roots, and will be cleaned up by the self-purification mechanism of [Seafood City] sooner or later.

However, for the species (AllBlue) inside [Raliyah], this is undoubtedly a world-killing catastrophe. In traditional fantasy, it is "the abyss has invaded the world in an all-round way", so the mermaid girls emigrated to [Gate World] to seek refuge.

After the self-purification of Seafood City is completed, the seafood world inside will inevitably undergo a round of species cleansing, and then usher in a new era.

The 'fish (parasitic dragon species of Gu)' who can live to the new era are all carefully selected and successful chicken eaters. A body of blood must gather the essence advantages of 'Abyss, Demon, Void, Dragon Seed', both restraining and demonic, it must be the best among fishes!

It is even expected to be promoted to [Resonance Ingredients] (Lao Bai's family has a good fortune)

Therefore, Bailang supports the 'Cambrian Seafood Extinction' that is going on in [Seafood City]. It looks like a mass extinction, but it actually exploded. Use the cruelest method to select the strongest 'fish species' and rebirth from Nirvana.

[Laliyah] Do not raise waste wood, only the top-level "Suppressing Void Gu Parasitic Demon Gyarados" are eligible to enter the [Unlimited Fish System] and achieve the supreme [Fairy Fish Sword]!

As for the [Seafood City] in the future, what if the 'Abyssal Species' remain? Then be a scavenger and keep a group of competitors for the 'Void Demonized Seafood' so as not to die in peace.

(Devil: This seafood city is more complicated than the bottomless abyss of Nima, let us out, I want to go back to my hometown!)

Although he condoned the 'Abyss Invasion', Bailang did not ignore [Seafood City], but put all his energy into it, trying to permanently fix the temporarily superimposed 'bloody battle effect' inside [Seafood City].

'Abyss **** battle' is a good thing, like a Shura field, where endless fights are staged all the time. The winner can permanently plunder a part of the power from the dead.

Although the effect of this layer of [Crippled Edition. Bloody Battle Law] is very weak, it is also a rare 'breeding artifact'.

Two strong 'void demonization Gu parasitic storm carp species' started to fight each other, and the strong one took away a part of the origin from the dead body, just like a thoroughbred horse before breeding, the quality of the stallion suddenly 1, so the taste of the offspring is obviously better .

Over time, the flying swords produced by [Unlimited Fish System] will gradually accumulate from ordinary magic weapons to magic weapons, divine weapons, and spiritual treasures.

Just when Bailang was tossing [Seafood City] with fascination, using the genes of dragons, beasts and demons to involve AllBlue to enhance the taste.

His [Xiaonei.com] account received a message of special concern, and the school received another batch of high-quality house elves, and now the total has reached 666.

Looking at the news, Lang sighed, "Hey, is this the only way to go?"

Because he had too strict requirements on the quality of house-elves, the school worked hard and finally got 666 house-elves, which was still a huge gap from the 1,000 that had been agreed at the beginning.

However, with the complete end of the "Window Opening" project, and the escalating conflict between the school and the hostile forces (contractors), Bailang's support and attention have shrunk significantly.

In addition to the diminishing 'efficiency', the reduction in Lang's treatment is also related to his usual death behavior.

The reason why the school supported the [Promotion of Hard Education in the Virtual Academy] was because it could effectively spread the belief of harvesting. After Bailang left, the school could replicate it to create gods.

But now, the whole system is becoming more and more perfect, the school no longer needs Bailang to continue occupying a hole, it's our turn to enjoy the fun of squatting in the hole.

In addition, during the period when Lang continued to occupy the pits, he even used radical means (spring cry mode) to overdraft the [Virtual Academy], developing users quickly and violently, and extracting value.

[Baotou Township] The "faith and coolies" received are soaring. While the school is jealous, it is also angry at the means of fishing.

The current Bailang no longer created value for the school, but took up a lot of resources, insisted on not leaving, and kept encouraging Snape to interfere with their conspiracy plan against "Harry".

Such an annoying guy, still want to ask for 1000 high-quality house elves? In the end, after several rounds of negotiations, the number of high-quality elves was reduced to 666, which was an auspicious number.

However, as compensation for breach of contract, Bailang blackmailed 2,000 ordinary house elves, as well as the corpses of all the "Hogwarts" house elves in the past three years.

Lang is confident, with the [Rule of Hard Learning] [Teaching Hard], he can't turn these ordinary elves into elites who can endure hardships and stand hard work?

The little fungus is the basic board of [Fushen]. These intelligent, loyal and reliable house elves are high-quality batteries of faith. As for the "elf corpses" that died in various experiments in recent years, don't throw them away, wrap them in bread crumbs... Wrong, once a dead body is deboned, they will all enter the "gutter oil hell" in [Mist City] Refined into a low-end Taoist soldier.

Good news, Little Jack, who is jealous of his elder sister [Baotou Township], has been fully upgraded (introduced the virtual hope elementary school hard education), and after some coquettishness, he asked his father to upgrade his [Fog City].

Although the inherent enchantment [Fog City] itself has the functions of cleaning, pickling, shabu-shabu, keeping fresh...etc. on the enemy. But Little Jack never distinguished the quality of the ingredients, and he was dissatisfied with the behavior of throwing everything into the huge "Red Soup and Blood Moon".

The top-level ingredients are often boiled with the matching 'soup'. The extra low-grade ingredients often pollute the pot of soup.

Therefore, Lang upgraded the industry of [Le Shi Wu Du], and graded the soup base against the standard [Eighteen Food Hell]. At the same time, concepts such as "Jiugongge Hot Pot" were introduced.

Therefore, the huge 'Red Soup and Blood Moon' was divided into 18 floors like terraced waterfalls, 36 chaotic headless rabbit demons, and 18 rainbow sonic boom goats were eligible to soak in the top 'hot springs'.

Other mythical beasts, ingredients from Yunmeng Dragon Clan, and Jimo Mountain, enter the second and third floors in turn...

In addition to the "Red Soup Blood Moon", the "Fog City Human World" also opened up different "Red Soup Pools" according to the business model of hot springs, which are used to rinse different ingredients (enemies). As there are many and miscellaneous grades of ingredients, nine-square grids and ninety-nine-square grids are used for differentiated management.

Therefore, the industrially optimized [Fog City] can perfectly absorb even the "little domesticated corpses" that have died for many years. It will not pollute the normal edible 'soup pot (hot spring)', but soak in the lowest-end 'gutter oil hell', refine it into a spicy skeleton soldier, and continue to enhance the foundation of the treasure.

Of course, no matter how excellent the structural upgrade of [Spicy Wudu Hot Spring Township] is, it can’t compare to [Baotou Township] with the ‘law of hard study’. The former is just an 'inherent enchantment' while the latter is heading towards the 'Kingdom of God'.

So little Jack is extremely eager to comprehend his own 'private law'. In terms of background, she is much worse than her sister...

Seeing the jealous little expression of Little Jack's project, Bailang smiled and rubbed the dog's head, encouraging him: "Don't be sad, if you are envious, just try your best! Dad supports you, if you fail in starting a business, come back and inherit [Laliya Seafood City] And 【Eighteen floors of gourmet hell】."

Jack regained his confidence: "Yeah!"

At this time, Lang received another message from the [Big Salted Fish] that the deputy captain, Jia Zhi, had already begun to urge the boss to upgrade the submarine as soon as possible.

Now the lakeside of Hogwarts is already full of the scientific research equipment he ordered. These precision instruments need to be stored in the best environment, but now they are left on the shore like garbage and exposed to the wind and sun, which makes him go crazy.

"Boss, I heard that the elite house elves have collected 666? This is my lucky number! Give them to me quickly, I will let [Germa 666] shine again in this alien world today , shocked the whole world!"

After all, Jiaji prepared the [Surprise! Germa 666 Project] sent to Bailang.

At the beginning, he raised to Bailang the problem that [Salted Fish] had insufficient internal space and urgently needed to expand its capacity. Then it gave a solution to buy a large number of top-quality house elves and bundle them on the ship as pendants (pets) to permanently expand the capacity of the submarine.

In the end, with the full support of Bailang, he negotiated with the school and began to frantically acquire top elves.

After receiving Lang's affirmation, Jia Zhi was encouraged in his heart, and continued to optimize and perfect the plan in private, vowing to never let down the boss's regard!

Because he was in charge of everything from asking questions to solutions, Lang just participated in the discussion and made a decision. So he took it for granted that Boss would acquiesce him as the chief engineer, so Gaji devoted a lot of effort to this project.

And after that conversation, Lang fell into a state of frequent part-time jobs. In addition, he developed the "school outside the school network" to expand the influence of [Kujiao], and worked on [Seafood City, Baotou Township, Hongtang Hot Spring], and also worked part-time. Snape's therapist...

Jiazhi felt that the Boss had handled so many big things single-handedly, and the upgrade of the interior decoration of the mere [Big Salted Fish] must be his own!

So this [Surprise! Germa 666] was regarded by him as the most important and serious job after he boarded the ship. Not only do you have to prove yourself to your boss, but also a manifestation of your talents, ideals, and ambitions!

It's a pity that Bailang only took a glance, and then ruthlessly passed!

Because of lack of communication, Gaji's **** [Germa 666] was decisively ignored by Lang. What reproduces the demeanor of the Germa Legion in the North Sea? Using his family's brainwashing technique to imprint the elf with a 'thought seal' and turn it into a biological weapon without emotion? What implanted the "armed carp factor" to create strong superpowers and cultivate super fighters? Why order 666 high-end Germa battle suits and make up the "666 Pirates" that makes the world tremble?

Jia Zhi's [Germa 666] is completely his private product. After this guy and Bailang decided to use the "elf expansion", he never communicated with Lang Lang again.

Instead, I took the next [Germa House Elf 666] as a surprise, and at the same time, it was a purely self-indulgent dream come true.

Although there is nothing wrong with this plan, if it is carried out, Gage will collectively brainwash the elves, delete their emotions and thoughts, and turn them into top-level shipborne biological weapons.

Because of absolute loyalty and no need to think, the empty brain can go all out to cast magic, constantly consolidating and expanding the space in the ship. At the same time, Gilma's battle elf 666, who is wearing a battle suit, is loaded with a series of his achievements, and can regain the happiness of the Emperor of the North Sea.

But... this is not the way Bailang needs to decorate at all!

He [The Undertaker. Outlander], UU reading www.uukanshu. com This time, 666 house elves are to be used as boat materials, and buried in the [Big Salted Fish] in a serious manner, completely integrated into one body, and the interior upgrade is completed!

What [Germa 666], this plan seems quite 6. But what if Paradise treats these "shipborne biological weapons" that gave up thinking as independent living entities and deletes them when they return?

Even without these, in the future this [Germa Combat House Elf No. 666] submarine sailed out and was seen by others. So is it your Gaji number 666? Or my big salted fish in Bailang?

Therefore, the safest way is to sacrifice all of them to the heavens, and permanently integrate them into the Great Salted Fish, turning them into ship materials and becoming a part of the hull.

Even his life is gone, how can he be a crew member? It is clearly an ornament, a material, and an enchantment!

Remember, this is my big salted fish! Not your 666.

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