Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth - Chapter 1691 high ground

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  Chapter 1691 High-rise Building

  1724, high house

Obsessed with Liu Hao's arrival of the Wutang Empire, he has already deduced it, but in just one thought, he no longer needs to make decisions and layouts from it. Wu Zhao and Li Zhi also need to respect him when they see him' Teacher', that's enough.

   If there are more actions, it will make many prehistoric forces taboo again and again, so why make yourself uncomfortable?

  He also believed that after the contact between the Yanhuang Alliance and the Wutang Empire, both Wu Zhao and Li Zhi knew how to choose.

  Any emperor is afraid that the empire he controls is not big enough, not strong enough, and he has the dream of expanding the territory.

  But these dreams are all based on pros and cons.

  No real emperor is happy to see the empire precarious due to militarism; and no real emperor will release Ma Nanshan, causing the people of his empire to be bullied by others.

  When Wu Zhao and Li Zhi came, they knew exactly what kind of heavy responsibility they were shouldering.

  What they want is not unrestrained expansion of territory. What they want is nothing more than more land to support more people.

  They have a lot of space in Luzhou, the prehistoric North Juzhou, and the Wutang Empire in the southern Zhanbuzhou is even more huge.

  The reason they stepped into the heavens was to raise the banner of their Wutang Empire high, to let the heavens and the world know that there is such an incomparably powerful human empire, an existence that must not be provoked.

   Therefore, in the deduction of obsessed with Liu Hao, after the Wutang Empire has consolidated its basic base, it will still think more about setting up bases outside;

  For example, near the Australian base of Longguo, imitating the Three Kingdoms.

  For example, in the Longguo Vancouver base, they also have to win a piece of their own territory.

Their arrival is itself the front of Honghuang to shoulder the great battle of the heavens and the world. Facing the abyss, they will never back down. They need to be able to stand at the forefront sometimes, to lay down the prestige belonging to the Wutang Empire, and let the heavens disintegrate clearly The grandeur of the prehistoric world.

  They have never been able to become enemies of the Dragon Kingdom and the Yanhuang Civilization.

   At most, it is nothing more than fighting for more and greater discourse power in it.

   This kind of competition, even if the Wutang Empire did not come, wouldn't the members still exist?

   Isn't this an internal competition?

   It's like a group of brothers are together, why don't they fight for a boss?

  Of course, such internal competition is more about the overall strength. For example, a master like Liu Hao will not participate in it.

  The great powers who followed the Wutang Empire would also not bring their own strength to the Yanhuang Alliance to exert pressure.

  Because once this happens, the entire Yanhuang Alliance will think that your structure is too small, and even if there is resistance to you in their hearts, it will be a huge blow to this participant.

  Because of this resistance, it is likely that this participant will lose its communication within the entire Yanhuang Alliance, that is, even the establishment of a temple cannot cease to exist.

   To use an analogy, among all the members of the Yanhuang Alliance, which one does not know that there is a Heavenly Court in their own civilization?

  How many immortal gods are there in the heavenly court, and who can really see through them?

  For example, the Antarctic Changsheng Emperor and the common people in the Yanhuang Alliance may be able to understand that there is such a great **** in the Four Royals of Heaven, but who is this great god, what kind of achievements and abilities does the common people know?

   Such a 'blockade', which member of the Yanhuang Alliance can't do it?

  As long as you ignore it, it is enough to make it stay in the corner for a long time or even forever, and it makes no sense for you to struggle no matter what.

Conversely, for any true 'great god', what they want is not just the speed of communication in the prehistoric world. When their reputation and orthodoxy have considerable influence within the entire Yanhuang Alliance, they Isn't his luck slowly improving?

  Therefore, among the many forces that Honghuang came to follow the Geophysical Exploration Empire, the truly powerful people among these forces never really stand on the stage. Their support is mostly for their own monks, and it is also fair and aboveboard.

  But if you participate in it yourself, you are a fool.

   Isn’t that what Liu Hao is like?

  He has never paid any attention to what is going on among the major members of the Yanhuang Alliance, and he has never thought of participating in it.

  He has even supported the rise of so many empires, from Yingzheng to Liu Bang, from Zhu Yuanzhang to Zhu Di, from Cao Mengde within the Three Kingdoms, to now that the entire Three Kingdoms have been released and stepped into the heavens, or the Wutang Empire that has just arrived.

  Here, which one does not have Liu Hao?

   But when they really stepped into their own earth, Liu Hao let go as soon as he said he would let go, never procrastinating.

   On the contrary, Liu Hao's actions made him have an unparalleled reputation within the Yanhuang Alliance;

  In the entire Yanhuang Alliance, who is Emperor Ziwei, not to mention all the people know, but there are definitely many people who know.

   This is the real mutual support, and it is also the most desired result of all powerful beings.

  They can be called the small group that is really superior, and they must also have their own reserve.

What they want more is to have a high-level view, such as Haotian sending Emperor Zhenwu to bring millions of heavenly soldiers and generals to come and start a mighty battle. As long as such a huge scene is seen by others, it is the most ideal for them reward.

  In the Pacific Ocean, monsters from the world of Xuanwu Dazun are still pouring in.

  The population gathered here is also increasing, especially the army from the world of One Piece, which emerges in endlessly.

   Where have these people seen such vast power before?

   Anyone who comes, as long as they see the battle mode of heavenly soldiers and generals, which one is not shocked?

  At this time, which one of them would not inquire about the origins of these heavenly soldiers and generals?

  Once you know it, this imprint has been engraved deep in your heart, even if you have not contributed your own beliefs, the respect in your heart has already covered your whole body.

   If they get a copy of exercises, skills, and treasures from the Primordial Heaven by chance, which one of these people will not regard them as treasures?

  If they are given the opportunity to switch to it, the probability is not 100%, 70% or 80% is definitely underestimated.

  Stepping into Liu Hao's earth from the world of fighting spirit and transforming horses, isn't it also one of the army that comes to slay monsters now?

   Not everyone can become Xiao Huohuo, such a "protagonist" can only be a very small number of people forever.

  Most people can only be called mortal beings, and their hearts have never thought that climbing to the sky one step at a time, climbing up one step after another is the way they most want and think they are the most stable.

  They don't say that they have been smoothed by life, but they never lack self-knowledge.

  If they have the opportunity to form a group, and if they have the opportunity to cling to a truly powerful team, most of them will do it without hesitation.

   It's like fighting spirit into the world of horses. When Xiao Huohuo became the supreme in the mortal world, weren't there countless people who followed him?

   It's true that these people don't know that their following doesn't mean much to Xiao Huohuo?

   Really, they think Xiao Huohuo can clearly remember every subordinate who followed him?

  How is that possible?

  The reason why they still choose to follow is because they know that even if they cannot get the greatest benefit, they can still ensure their own safety by joining this team.

that is it.

  Now, haven't they already got what they want?

  Stepping into the heavens and worlds had never happened in their previous concepts, but now it has happened to them.

   They stepped into Liu Hao's Earth, and immediately discovered that in the world of battle qi and horse transformation, those high-level exercises, skills and elixirs became everywhere;

  Those masters who were in awe of them, as if they didn't want money, they threw it to them to study at will, as if they were afraid that they would not be able to keep up with the progress, which would cause the masters to lose face in the heavens and myriad worlds.

They have just adapted to the heavens and the world, they have just improved a lot of cultivation, and they are once again led by the masters. They came here with great awe. They thought they were prepared in their hearts. nothing will shock;

But in fact, when they saw the power of the vast "heavenly network formation" that they don't know how to describe in words, the only thing they could give was to open their mouths wide and empty their minds in a daze. Leave a blank.

  The vast scene in front of them has already broken through the limit of their imagination, and the millions of heavenly soldiers and generals, the one with the lowest cultivation level, in their eyes also surpassed the Emperor Dou by a lot;

  They seemed to understand what the truly powerful heavens should look like, and they realized that even if they became soldiers among them, they were not even qualified enough.

  They were extremely envious, and even wondered whether they had the opportunity to be a part of it.

  Although they didn't understand it very well, they knew the meaning of 'array' from the mouth of the master who brought them here.

   Isn’t this the group I most want to join in my mind?

   It took a long time before they woke up from the shock, and turned their attention to other regions, and saw the camp that Gao Shun was carrying, which made their eyes sparkle with gold.

   Above the void, Xiao Huohuo stood respectfully beside Liu Hao.

   "Emperor, can you let my people join Gao Shun's camp for Lilian?"

  Obviously, Xiao Huohuo is also a sensible person, knowing how to get the most benefits for his account.

  Heavenly soldiers and generals, the height is indeed more coveted, but if you want to get what you need, you must pay more. Xiao Huohuo quickly gave up on it and chose to continue to wait and see.

   Can be trapped in the camp. At that time, the soldiers who were visible to the naked eye raised their cultivation levels from time to time, but it was difficult for him to resist this temptation.

In the world of battle qi transforming horses, Xiao Huohuo's basic disk is more of his original mortal world. Even if the aura is more intense now, the progress of improving his cultivation base is still not in a hurry. If there is no comparison, it can be recognized, but look Who can ignore the rapid arrival of soldiers in the camp?

   "It's nothing more than a transaction, so Lu Fengxian, don't you know? He loves money very much!"

Obsessed Liu Hao replied Xiao Huohuo's words indifferently, causing Xiao Huohuo's eyes to brighten up. At that moment, he didn't say much anymore, he bowed again to the obsessed Liu Hao, and then turned and rushed down .

  Before he came, he had inquired about it a long time ago. The value of the monster's meat was also extraordinary. When it arrived, it was not to be missed.

  In fact, Xiao Huohuo did not go to the front line of the abyss, and Liu Hao was a little surprised by his obsession.

   After thinking about it, I think this is reasonable.

  Xiao Huohuo is no better than others, but this guy has a part of the world's population that needs to be resettled. To a certain extent, he is no different from some emperors of the heavens.

During this period of time, there is a high probability that this guy is relocating the population in his own world, accommodating followers who migrated to the planet under his feet, making various rules, communicating with many known forces, etc., and so on. Very busy one.

  The reason why the Douqi Huama group waited until now to appear on the monster battlefield must be more than half of the factors.

  Their arrival also shows that this group of people who have stepped into the world of fighting spirits and horses have more or less stood on their feet.

   "It's not too far away from the Amazon rainforest. During this period of time, they probably have played a few times with the Amazon monsters, right?"

   Obsessive Liu Haoke never thought that some things could be solved by talking about numbers.

  More often, equal strength is needed, and only in this way can you prove that you have the qualifications to talk to the other party.

   Obsessed with Liu Haocong's respect from Xiao Huohuo just now, I can feel that this guy probably really wants to join the Yanhuang Alliance, but after thinking about it, I also know that the difficulty is very great.

   This fellow chooses to lie dormant, and the choice to wait for the opportunity is correct.

   On the contrary, it was Xiao Huohuo who was firm in the method of killing the three corpses, which surprised Liu Hao who was obsessed.

   It's not that this road is not suitable for Xiao Huohuo, but that this guy made up his mind so quickly.

   But thinking about it carefully, it seems reasonable that such a decision happened to Xiao Huohuo. After all, this guy is also a traveler from the Dragon Kingdom civilization, so it is nothing to have such a degree of recognition.

   "Is it more difficult to know the collection of flames?"

   "No, this guy was aware of it when he was proving Daluo Daoguo!"

   "That's right, the elemental system has never lacked competitors, and it is even less geometric than the ancient ones. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as countless in the heavens and myriad worlds."

   "Perhaps Xiao Huohuo's heart is not because of fear, but because he doesn't want to devote more energy to fighting against these countless competitors?"

   Obsessed with Liu Hao, many speculations flashed in his mind, but in the end he just shook his head;

  He also knew that it must be because Xiao Huohuo assumed the role of the ruler of the heavens;

  This guy must have thought that he must step into the quasi-sage realm as soon as possible. Only in this way can he really have some right to speak, and can ensure that he will not be called around by others in the future when he steps into the account of the heavens.

  There is no right or wrong here, it can only be said that it is their own choice.

   But obsessive Liu Hao appreciates Xiao Huohuo's ability to bear this pressure.

  (end of this chapter)

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