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Although this kind of slime-like mob is very troublesome. But there is no fatal effect on them, at most it makes them shed a layer of skin. And it's a physical peeling off. For them, the physical restoration of the body is actually the easiest.

None of these powers of law directly interfere with themselves. In fact, as they were attacked by these forces again and again, they also roughly understood what was going on.

The king of Zhongzhou also took the lead in saying: "It's not that the other party doesn't want to directly exert the power of law on our bodies, but that his control over the world lies in the world itself, not us.

He controls this world, but we do not belong to this world and are not within his control. Otherwise, it is obviously impossible for him to kill us with a single thought.

In the same way, it is definitely very difficult, or even impossible, for him to directly manipulate the laws in our body.

This is an opportunity for us. If his laws only act on the existence of this world, it can only cause us this kind of pure physical damage. Conversely, we should think that destroying the laws of this world is actually practical. It should be the law, our own law.

Although it seems that our power has been sealed, we can't use the ability of the law level, we can only use our own physical ability, but it must be that the power of the law that seals us is definitely not without consumption, and when we don't use it The effect of sealing it should be different from the effect of sealing it when we use it.

I even think that if it is some of the powers we are best at, there is no way for him to completely seal it. You can try it. To him, the attack in front of him should be just a tentative attack. This kind of innocuous attack should end in a short time. "

Although they said that this was a harmless attack, these strong men had already exploded with annoyed mentality.

There are constantly strong people being stuck together, or their bodies being stuck in strange postures, in order to peel off as little layer of material as possible on their body surface. Most of the time, they can only choose to endure. If they choose to leave, they will lose several layers of skin on their body surface.

Even if their ability to control power is relatively strong, a layer of atoms will be glued off their body surface, which is very troublesome for this world where they cannot restore their own bodies.

It's not that one's body can't heal itself after being hurt, but that one can't absorb substances in this world to repair itself.

It is not accurate to say that, they can indeed absorb the substances in this world in this world, but these substances are false to them.

Those who have already suffered a loss once, they know very well what is going on, it seems that they have come to this special space, where they can gain strength, eat the food here, use everything here, everything Seems to be real.

However, all of this is false after reaching the outside world. After living here for a long time, the substance of the body is replaced by the existence here, so when you leave, the whole person will be turned into nothingness in an instant.

The situation in front of me is actually similar, and the nature of this small world is also the same. Every atom here is real, but if you use the atoms here to repair your body, it is equivalent to giving your life to The owner here.

If all the matter in the body is replaced with the matter in this world, then the other party can really completely control the laws used by these strong men, and even a single thought can make these strong men disappear in place.

This is absolutely unacceptable to them, and it is impossible for Chengying to step on such an obvious trap. But this also means that even if their bodies are only separated from a layer of atoms, it will be an irreparable consumption for themselves.

It seems to be okay now, but if time continues to pass, after hundreds of years, tens of thousands of years, how much material can be left on them, and they will still not be able to cause much damage at that time. Not even the substance of a fingernail was lost.

But they have seen Chengying's power in time before. When making this equipment, time acceleration was used, and I don't know how many yuanhuis were accelerated. In such time acceleration, he can maintain the world's Stable and not collapsing, in such a space controlled by him, I am afraid that super fast time acceleration can also be achieved. It doesn't take long outside, and tens of millions of years may have passed inside, hundreds of millions of years. Even a longer time.

If you don't cherish the material of your body now, then after a long time, there may not be much material that can be used. Although the material of their body is no longer the most critical thing for life after their level, power is not enough. It must rely on matter to exist, but if it completely loses its body and becomes something like a lonely ghost, it will be greatly weakened at that time, and it will be much less difficult to deal with them. In fact, it is not much different from being replaced by the other party.

Before Chengying showed her true abilities, they already felt quite troublesome.

However, these slimes are invincible, and the special effects are not absolute. Using that kind of attack beyond the limit can break the defense and eliminate them. Moreover, due to the individual strength factor, the defense of individual slimes is stronger than that of the Ender Dragon. much lower. Many powerful people unite to use range attacks, which can be eliminated in batches.

I don’t know if it’s really impossible to make more slimes or Chengying has no interest in this kind of creature after completing his weapon test. The number of slimes is really within their range. There are fewer and fewer down, but it does not mean the end of the battle for them.

From the previous scene, one can roughly guess that after a thing is tested, a new monster will appear immediately.

Sure enough, this time it was only an octopus, and the octopus was not quite sure. To be precise, it should be a jellyfish. They have incredible growths, and each tentacle is also incredibly long.

It is hundreds of kilometers long at every turn, and they are wandering in this sky, spreading their savings, and immediately there are accidental saints who are entangled with such silk threads, and then they discover this Threads have the same properties as previous slimes.

It also sticks to whatever it touches, and it also has the characteristics of absolute stickiness. More importantly, these jellyfish are also invincible. Their deposits look extremely slender and fragile, but sparrow food cannot be broken. of.

Even if these threads themselves are not sticky, it is easy to get entangled on them while moving forward under the cover of these threads, not to mention the threads that will stick to whatever they see.

There was almost no room for dodging, but all the holy seats were entangled on it in an instant, and no matter how they struggled, the entangled bodies could not break free from it.

This immediately made many strong people feel desperate. They didn't eliminate those slimes, but the creators here found that the slime's form is not the most suitable. This jellyfish-like form is suspended in the atmosphere. It is the most suitable for pasting them.

You just need to move slowly and let your tentacles stand on them.

After many strong men have cultivated to this strength, they will fight in human form, and after winding these silk threads, their hands and feet are entangled one by one, and the whole person is almost wrapped into a ball.

And when they want to struggle, it is even more difficult, the entire space is filled with such silk threads, it is impossible to break free, and they have no way to tear these threads, because they are invincible, this absolutely strong thread It must use the combined power of all the strong to be able to destroy it.

These countless silk threads can be destroyed at one time, which is really too little. Not even enough to fight for a space enough to settle down.

As for destroying the body of the jellyfish, it is also possible, but even if the body of the jellyfish is eliminated, the tentacles left behind also have the property of absolute toughness, and there is no way to be torn off and stuck anywhere of.

It’s okay if your own body is stuck and entangled, but it’s even more embarrassing if you are entangled with others. If they want to get rid of it, they must use the power of collective fusion. Bomb the contact position, or choose to shed a layer of skin.

And often when two people stick together, they are always disconnected. It will be even more troublesome if you move out instantly.

Because there are such silk threads everywhere, there is no space at all. If you move out in an instant, these silk threads will directly overlap and appear in the body. In that case, the contact area will be larger. Imagine being firmly stuck in the body, and facing in all directions. What is the effect of the moving silk thread starting to pull continuously in the body?

If the lines that got rid of the body surface before are just a layer of skin, then if these lines appear in the body, the internal organs will be pulled out, and a layer of skin must be pulled out from the inside.

Many strong people simply chose to give up at this time, letting the cicadas entangle themselves on their bodies, waiting for the number of cicadas to be enough, and then breaking free again, so as to ensure that they would not miss any chance of escape.

At this time, the powerhouses didn't care about the previous unity and the like, and all chose to protect themselves, but soon their operations could not continue, because the real killer move appeared in this space .

Humanoid creatures with green fluorescence appeared here one after another. The existence that appeared this time, just showed its own existence, and brought a huge sense of oppression to many strong people present.

In a world where this rule is controlled by others, what the other party can create must be extremely powerful.

The sky and the earth are like a small world, and these manufactured things are equivalent to the guides of the will of this world.

In fact, just like the saints and saints on the Great Desolate Continent, they have signed a contract with the heavens, so they have infinite energy and immortality. These green figures are the existence of the contract with this world, the world is immortal, They are immortal, the energy of the world will not be exhausted, and their energy will not be exhausted.

For this world, energy is just a string of data, which can be modified as much as you want, so in this world, each of these illusory green human figures has infinite energy.

In fact, it is equivalent to the existence of holy places in the outside world, but the number of them appearing here is too much, not costing thousands, but millions.

In this small world, they can all display strengths that are almost equivalent to the Holy Throne.

It seems that if you don't want to face this desperate situation, you can only choose not to be captured by this special force.

"Impossible, it is impossible for someone to be so strong, even if it is the innate holy position or even the emperor, it is impossible to be so ridiculously strong. There must be something wrong, there must be something wrong.

It's just a dream! Wake me up quickly, as long as you wake up, you can know that all this is false, don't try to deceive me with false illusions, what you did is too lame. How could there be an Acquired Spirit Treasure so powerful? "

Some strong men have already started shouting hysterically. After all, they are not like the saints outside. They have enough experience to hone a calm mind. When they encounter major setbacks, they will directly appear in a state of collapse.

But many others are awake. The voice of the king of Zhongzhou came out, reminding everyone: "Don't try to leave here by suicide or other means, according to my speculation, this is indeed a virtual world similar to a dream.

But all of this is no different from reality. The damage we receive here has a great probability that it will be directly fed back to our body. If we die here, there is a high probability that we will actually die.

The most powerful thing about this Houtian Lingbao is that it has almost unlimited computing power and can calculate the secrets of heaven, unless we can directly see through it and find out the difference between it and the real world. Only then will it be possible to break the blockade here and return to our own body, otherwise, even our souls will not think that this place is a No matter how self-hypnotized, no matter how It is useless to choose not to believe.

This is just an acquired spirit treasure, it cannot be invincible, try to resist the attacks of these existences as much as possible, when the opponent launches the strongest attack, it is also the time to show your own weakness, now try to mobilize our laws I think it should be able to sense it to a certain extent. "

【To be continued】

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