Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess - Chapter 1220 Crush the Daxia traitor with one fist and sweep away everything!

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  Chapter 1220 Crush the traitors of Daxia with fists and sweep away everything!

  Luo Tiance's expression was extremely complicated.

  There is anger, there is pain, there is incomprehension, and of course the most is hatred.

   "You actually betrayed your family and your country!!"

   "Zhao Yingtian, I really didn't expect that the traitor would be you."


  The heads of the five major forces, as well as the sneak attacking trio, all had successful trickery smiles on their faces.

   Zhao Yingtian stood there with a spear in his hand, his expression indifferent.

  "I did not betray my country, let alone my family."

   "You fart."

  Luo Tiance cursed loudly, no matter how despicable the enemy's tricks were, he would not be so angry.

  What he couldn't accept was the betrayal from within.

  Zhao Yingtian said: "Luo Tiance, do you think our Great Xia can hold on?"

   "If you hold your head and resist stubbornly, all the blood of Daxia will be destroyed in the end."

   "If we choose to cooperate with these foreign forces, our blood and status can be preserved."

   "For the power of faith, they will not harm the people of my Great Xia."

   "To rule so many people, they alone are not enough, we need our help."

  After Luo Tiance heard the words, his eyes were full of disbelief.

   It is unbelievable that this old comrade-in-arms who has known each other for many years would say such incredible words.

   These are all fallacies.

   "I, a Daxia person, would rather die standing up than live on my knees. I live on the breath of others. What is the difference between that and being dead?"

  Zhao Yingtian shook his head: "I think it's more important to be alive, and those who know the current affairs are the best."

   "Only if I do this, can the Great Summer continue."

   "Let the blood of the family continue."

   "I will definitely not let the family that has lasted for thousands of years be destroyed like this."

  Luo Tiance shouted: "You are crazy!"

   "What do you know?" Zhao Yingtian said angrily, "Luo Tiance, you are not suitable to control Daxia."

   "It's too rigid, and I don't know how to be flexible."

  The leaders of other big forces watched this scene with great interest, feeling refreshed.

   "Zhao Yingtian, you still have a chance to turn back now, if you don't turn back, it will be too late."

  Luo Tiance tried to awaken Zhao Yingtian's patriotic conscience with words.

   But obviously, he couldn't shake the belief of a super-grade warrior at all.

  Zhao Yingtian shook his head: "Lao Luo, vote, so that you and your grandson can survive."

   "In this way, your Luo family and Daxia can avoid the loss of life."

   "Cao Nima's!"

  Luo Tiance couldn't take it anymore, and yelled at him regardless of his image.

   "You are shameless, and you want to bring other people with you?"

"You will regret this!"


  Zhao Yingtian shook his head again and again: "I think this is the most correct thing I have done in my life."

   "Let me tell you another secret."

   "Your son was crippled by the siege, and I leaked information about his actions."

   "How about it, are you surprised or not?"

  Zhao Yingtian said: "The position of Director Daxia should be changed even today."

   "It should belong to me."

   "Damn you."

  Luo Tiance gritted his teeth, and his whole body surged with spiritual power, trying to break free from the rope that bound him.

   "Don't waste your efforts."

   "This bundle of fairy ropes is genuine. Did you just rely on brute force to break free?"

  Luo Tiance's complexion was extremely ugly.

   "How did you become like this?"

   "My son is your son-in-law, and Xiao Yu is your grandson, so you betrayed like this?"

  Luo Tiance investigated and guessed many people who betrayed.

   Only I never thought that that person would be Zhao Yingtian, he is not only the master of the Eight Great Families, but also the grandfather of the Son of God.

  Zhao Yingtian said: "Luo Tiance, you are too confused."

   "If we really confront so many foreign forces, how can we win?"

   "What's more, our Great Xia has never had any signs of the gods' recovery."

   "Compared with these foreign forces, the gap is too big."

   "Instead of waiting for death, it is better to be more sensible and avoid **** sacrifices in vain."

   "Fuck you!"

  Luo Tiance shrank in size, and as a result, the bundle of immortal ropes also shrank.

   This Daxia legendary magic weapon was actually used on him, binding his body tightly.

  A total of nine people joined forces at the same time, the main body was tied up, and only two clones could resist.

  Luo Tiance suddenly fell into a dangerous situation.

  Dangers abound.

   "At this time, your grandson should be dead, and my world coalition forces must have won a big victory."

  The Lord of the Dark Council smiled proudly.

  They displayed their housekeeping skills at the same time, trying to annihilate Luo Yu in one fell swoop.

   Just when Luo Tiance was struggling alone.

  The space was torn apart, and a powerful and staring terrifying aura came out.

  The pupils of all present shrank, because the aura was too terrifying, and a tall and straight young figure walked out of it.

  By raising his hand, he helped Luo Tiance block the terrorist attack of everyone.

  (end of this chapter)

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